20 Surprising Twitch Statistics to Blow Your Mind in 2022

20 Surprising Twitch Statistics to Blow Your Mind in 2022

20 Surprising Twitch Statistics to Blow Your Mind in 2022

You might be in for a surprise if you’ve never given Twitch metrics like income and viewing time any thought. Video games are the main focus of the livestreaming website Twitch. As a branch off of Justin.tv, it was started by Justin Kan in 2011.

Although it wasn’t the original plan, Twitch.tv evolved from Justin.tv’s gaming section once it became clear that many users wanted to utilise the platform for streaming games.

Read on to learn more as we’ve scoured the globe for the most fascinating and educational numbers and statistics.

Top 10 Twitch Statistics and Statistics


  • Over 11 million streaming channels are available on Twitch.
  • In September 2022, there were 7,115,865 streamers on Twitch.
  • The pandemic saw a 129.82% increase in traffic to Twitch.tv’s website.
  • The By 2027, the gaming industry is expected to be worth $339.95 billion.
  • 99% of the top 100 Twitch and YouTube streamers in Q2 2022 were men, and 49.7% of Twitch users globally in May 2022 were in the 25-to-34 age bracket.
  • Ninja, a Twitch streamer, is the most popular channel on the website.
  • The most watched Twitch content in the US in 2021 was gaming streams.
  • Over 2 billion hours were spent on Twitch in January 2021.
  • In 2021, Twitch made more than $2.6 billion in revenue.

Twitch statistics in general

The most well-known interactive livestreaming platform for video games, music, sports, entertainment, and other genres is Twitch. On Twitch, there is something for everyone!

Discover additional statistics and information about the livestreaming service by reading on.

1.Twitch in 2021 had 51,500 partners globally.

(Source: Twitch Partners Statista)

The network created a Twitch Partner programme to boost revenue, giving users access to extra features including exclusive promos and channel customization options.

According to Twitch statistics, there were 13,500 Twitch Partners in 2015, at which point the number began growing considerably more quickly.

2. The US accounts for around 20.5% of all desktop online traffic, making it the largest Twitch market.

(Supplied by SimilarWeb)

The majority of the traffic from desktops coming to Twitch comes from the US. Germany (6.78%), Korea (5.27%), and Russia (4.42%) are the next-highest viewership countries. With 4.27%, France is also in the top five.

3. In September 2022, there were 7,115,865 streamers on Twitch.

(Source: TwitchTracker, Twitch Total Streamers)

There are roughly 1,138,341 streamers who are active every day, though this figure is always changing.

4. Between January 2020 and March 2021, Twitch.tv’s website traffic increased by 129.82%.

(Refer to Semrush)

According to Twitch statistics, when more individuals stayed at home due to the pandemic, the website gained popularity as a form of entertainment.

Additionally among the top five websites with the greatest visitor gains were DuckDuckGo.com and Instructure.com. With an over 2,000% growth in internet traffic during that time, Zoom.us secured the top spot.

5. According to statistics on Twitch channels, there are more than 11 million streaming channels.

(Source:Naturally, not all channels draw the same kind of attention. Backlinko) 

The largest channels have millions of users, while many streamers struggle to hit milestones like 100 followers.

6. Twitch made more than $2.6 billion in revenue in 2021.

(Referring to Business of Apps)

The livestreaming platform made over $1.8 billion in revenue in 2020, thus the 2021 figures indicate a 41% year-over-year growth, and over $1.2 billion in revenue in 2019.

7. Globally, 6 million Android users downloaded Twitch in the second quarter of 2022.

(Source: Twitch Downloads Statista)

Brazilian Android users generated 660,305 downloads throughout the same time frame. The programme was downloaded 658,960 times in the US and 632,665 times in Russia, according to Twitch user statistics.

The Mexico had 301,613 downloads, and Egypt had 320,107. These two nations were both in the top five.

It goes without saying that it will be one of the 184 billion apps that will be downloaded in 2024.

8. By 2027, the gaming market is anticipated to grow to $339.95 billion.

(Mordor Intelligence as source)

It was worth $198.4 billion in 2021, and more than 3.2 billion people worldwide played video games that year. Additionally, between 2022 and 2027, the gaming industry is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 8.94%. Without a question, Twitch will be one among the beneficiaries.

Despite the constantly rising demand, there is fierce competition on the market, particularly for consoles. For instance, the PlayStation 5 is preferred by 84% of nations over the Xbox Series.

Twitch User Statistics

Twitch expanded quickly after its 2011 debut. You can discover some fascinating statistics and information about its users in this part.

9. Ninja, a Twitch streamer, is the most popular channel on the service.

(Refer to Dexerto)

According to stats for Twitch channels, Richard Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja to his fans, is the most popular Twitch streamer with around 18.4 million subscribers to his channel.

He broke off his affiliation with Twitch when he switched to the platform Mixer, but once Mixer was shut down, he rejoined it. Ninja’s monthly earnings from gaming range from $500,000 to $1 million, and his yearly earnings are reported to reach $25 million.

With 14 million followers, Auronplay comes in second. Next with 12.8 million, 

11.7 million, and 11.2 million followers, respectively, are Rubius, ibai, and xQc.

10. 140 million people utilise Twitch each month.

(Backlinko, source)

Twitch, a livestreaming service that focuses on gaming and eSports, had 3.2 million monthly users within its first year of operation. There are about 30 million daily active unique users.

Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million. This should come as no surprise given Amazon’s success. After all, in 2018, Amazon’s net sales totaled $112.48 billion.

11. Around the world, 79.8% of Twitch users as of July 2022 were men.

(Source: Backlinko / Statista Twitch User Gender)

Thus, just 20.2% of the population were women. Although these figures have changed over time, the changes haven’t been very significant. In this case, Twitch According to 2017 demographic data, 81.5% of the platform’s users were men at the time.

12. In Q2 2022, 99% of the top 100 Twitch and YouTube streamers were men, which is astounding.

(Refer to Gamerant)

The sole female among the top Twitch streamers, Amouranth, was placed 56th. Approximately the same amount of time was spent streaming by Amouranth and xQc. Amouranth received 8.2 million hours of viewing compared to 70.6 million hours for xQc.

You should be aware that 8GB of RAM is required for Twitch streaming as well as the majority of games if you’re interested in gaming and streaming. Therefore, 16GB of RAM should generally be sufficient for streaming and gaming.

13. According to Twitch data, 49.7% of its users are male globe are between the ages of 25 and 34 as of May 2022.

(Source: Twitch User Age, Statista)

Users of this age bracket made up the majority of Twitch users. In addition, 22.3% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24, while only 7.4% of users are between the ages of 45 and 54.

Twitch Statistics for Viewers

The global average for screen time spent engaging in internet-related activities is 6 hours, 55 minutes. You may find other intriguing statistics and facts about Twitch users in this section, along with information on how much time viewers have spent on the platform.

14. In May 2021, there were more than 2.3 billion watched hours each month.

(Supplied by TwitchTracker) Watch Time on Twitch)

Twitch stream statistics show that monthly watch time continually rises each year, with here and there are few peaks. For instance, the amount of hours per month didn’t go beyond 2 billion until roughly 2.2 billion in January 2021.

Due to the epidemic after February 2020, individuals stayed at home much more often, which facilitated the platform’s expansion.

15. Twitch was seen for 5.64 billion hours in the second quarter of 2022.

(Source: Twitch Hours Watched on Statista)

This amount represented an 8% drop from the 6.13 billion hours in the previous quarter. The amount of hours watched on Twitch peaked in Q2 2021 at 6.51 billion, but since then, the trend has largely been downward.

Naturally, you shouldn’t see this as a sign of broader trends as the gaming business isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – there are estimates that by the end of 2022, there will be 2.95 billion video gamers globally. 

16. 2021 saw xQc record the most watch hours

(Reference: NME)

An estimated 25 million hours were spent viewing the Canadian streamer. Second place went to AuronPlays with 15 million hours.

17. In the US, gaming streams on Twitch were the most watched content in 2021.

(Source: Top Twitch Streams Statista)

In the US, 82% of Twitch viewers viewed streaming of gaming sessions. League of Legends, Fortnite, and Minecraft, the best-selling video game with 238 million copies sold, are the most played games.

With 49%, music came in second. Live sports came in second with 21%, followed by eSports with 38%.

18. People spent more than 2 billion in January 2021 on Twitch for hours.

(Reference: NME)

Comparatively, Facebook Gaming, one of Twitch’s main rivals, had 439 million hours of time watched. This rise in watchers helped numerous games become more popular, including Rust, which witnessed a 1,226% increase in monthly total viewing hours.

19. In January 2021, TheGrefg has over 2.4 million active users.

(Desktop TV Europe as a source)

According to Twitch streaming data, Spanish gamer David Martinez set a new viewing high in January 2021. Popular video game Fortnite worked with the Spanish streamer to develop a unique game skin.

Viewers anticipated the streamer’s introduction of his personalised Fortnite skin on January 11 during the show. Only eight players have received the honor, and TheGrefg’s reveal is spectacular in the world of gaming.

When Martinez attracted 660,000 live viewers in 2020, she also broke the previous record for concurrent watchers. Ninja held the record before him.

20. The most watched streaming channel in August 2022 was Fextralife.

(Source: Twitch Channels Statista)

Fans of video games and eSports may watch their favourite players compete in a variety of video games thanks to the video streaming service. According to statistics from Twitch viewer counts, Fextralife had 2.15 billion lifetime views in August 2021.


20 Surprising Twitch Statistics to Blow Your Mind in 2022 The most widely used gaming streaming service is Twitch, and its popularity is growing steadily. It currently dominates a sizeable piece of the market and is expected to expand further.

So, whether you’re new to streaming or trying to find ways to attract more viewers, we hope you’ve found this information helpful I liked discovering more about Twitch streamers and their viewers.