5 Best Link Building Companies You Can Hire for Your Traffic Growth

Link-Building is one of the crucial SEO practices that help businesses to generate fresh leads and build brand authority. Here, we will review 5 leading link-building companies of the present day. 

We have reviewed over 20 link-building companies operating globally. From them, these 5 companies stood out from their competitors:

  1. MonsterClaw
  3. Page One Power
  4. RhinoRank
  5. The Upper Ranks

Let’s review their portfolio and where they excel.


MonsterClaw is one of the best link-building companies of recent time. Their proven SEO strategies have grown businesses by over 5400% within 12 months only.

MonsterClaw has over 10+ years of experience in SEO and more than 15 Google Certified experts. They have generated over 17 million in revenue and 1 million in traffic for clients.

MonsterClaw not only focuses on search engine backlinks and organic backlinks but also on generating values for the potential leads you can make. SEO experts of MonsterClaw connect your website with well-respected and high-quality sites through sophisticated backlink campaigns.

Rather than focusing on clicks and impressions, MonsterClaw’s professional SEO service is focused on revenue and reputation. The in-depth targeted strategies have made MonsterClaw one of the leading link-building companies.

Page One Power

Page One Power excels at getting backlinks from higher domain websites.  On average, this company acquires 15,000 strategic backlinks from high-domain websites for their client. They have 982 active partners and 10 years of experience in link-building.

Many renowned websites like Healthline, BOSTITCH, and QuickBooks are included in the client portfolio of this company. However, Page One Power does not provide productized service.

If you are ready to spend a measurable amount of money to get high-authority backlinks, Page One Power is the company to choose.


If you want to build links from existing content relevant to your ones, RhinoRanks is one of the smart choices. Based on reviews and client testimonials, RhinoRank Excels in curated link building. 

This company reaches out to webmasters to secure backlinks in existing content for their clients. Additionally, they make sure that these links are naturally built with appropriate anchor text. 

RhinoRank has over 200 clients in its portfolio, and its service is quite affordable.

The Upper Ranks

The Upper Ranks help other agencies to build links for their clients. Rather than working directly with businesses, they tend to work with other agencies. 

This company covers manual outreach, broken link-building, even replacing competitors’ links to give you the best backlinks. From small businesses to SEO agencies can hire The Upper Ranks for link-building practice.

This company charges you based on performance fee. They will bear the outreach expenses if the links don’t work. If the outreach succeeds, you may need to pay $300 – $1500 depending on the site. 


It is quite likely that you will have linkable forms of content on your website. It will be a great loss for all involved if the visitors to your website are not aware of these assets that you have. It becomes very unlikely that someone will actually link to this. 

That is a major problem. In order to make sure that other people, and especially bloggers, know that your content exists, you need to engage in what is known as blogger outreach. 

FATJOE is extremely good at doing just that. In fact, their blogger outreach service has been so successful that a lot of other agencies also rely on their services for creating backlinks. 

FATJOE was found by the SEO guru, Joe Taylor. They have been operating since 2012. They have also helped over 5,000 clients throughout the world get proper backlink placements. An impressive 97% of these 5,000+ customers rank the company a 4.5 out of 5. 

Things to Check Before Hiring a Link Building Company

There are numerous companies offering link-building services to agencies. Among them, you may also find several fraudulent companies practicing all sorts of gray-area strategies. 

Then how do you choose a company that will give you the best link-building facilities?

According to our research, we have found some metrics that every good link-building company practices. Check out the following factors before hiring any link-building company for your business:

Comprehensive SEO Implementation Process

Although link building is one of the crucial components of SEO, it cannot drive traffic and help in generating leads on its own. Therefore, you will need to hire a company that has a good knowledge of SEO as well.

Several factors like domain authority, anchor text, content relevance, etc., influence the success of the link-building process. Hoisting links randomly won’t bring your website any benefits. Search engines will not acknowledge links or content where links were attached without any good reasons. 

Hiring an agency proficient in SEO practices will help you build high-quality links that search engines prefer. So, while link building, hire a company that practices a comprehensive SEO implementation process along with content creation, link acquisition, and promotion.

Excellent Client Portfolio

Client portfolios are a great way to judge a company before hiring. If a company has impressive client portfolios, you can understand its process and expertise.

Check out the previous clients of the prospective company that you are considering hiring. Most proficient companies with link-building experience display the previous clients to demonstrate their expertise.

Check out the client profiles to get ideas about what you may get from your potential link-building company.

Thought Leadership

When you are considering hiring a link-building company, check out if they are sharing their learnings. Almost all best companies share their knowledge to help themselves and other companies to generate high-authority backlinks.

You want to hire the very best company, aware of the right tactics and strategies working today. In-depth guides and content are the perfect way for companies to demonstrate their expatriates and knowledge.

You can find out if the company has comprehensive guides or not with a simple search in your search engine.


Take a look at the testimonials from previous clients of your potential link-building company. These testimonials can give you a clear idea of what you are going to get from the company you are hiring.

Most good link-building companies highlight what their clients are saying about them. Also, there are websites like Glassdoor where you can see testimonials of the company in question.

Diverse Team

When building links, you want to hire a company that has a diverse team of experts in different subject matters. This will allow you to generate an extensive and more strategic link-building campaign.

If the team is not diverse, you will only generate links of one specific kind. On the other hand, you will get links from diversified sources and generate new and better leads. Therefore, inquire about the company’s team you want to hire beforehand.

Bottom Line

For any company that wants to build a better brand image and generate fresh leads, proper link-building can give them the best chances. When link-building is done properly, within months, these backlinks will be able to pay by themselves.

Any of the companies mentioned above can build you excellent backlinks. However, considering the expertise, SEO implementation process, client portfolio, and testimonials, we are partial to MonsterClaw’s link-building efforts.

MonsterClaw has a diverse SEO expert team and comprehensive guides and content about the best practices. Make sure to check them out before hiring them.