Benefits of Using Google Docs in Education

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Have you ever heard about Google Docs? Maybe your professor assigned you homework where you must utilize the platform to write down the answers. Others use it to collaborate on a project, especially if multiple individuals need to participate. Regardless of your aim, there is no doubt that Google Docs presents an incredible advantage for students and teachers.

It has become increasingly popular due to the overall reliance on the internet and technology. While many argue that social media and the web deteriorate our social communication skills, others say it brings people closer together. But how does this platform factor into the whole equation? Only so many institutes left do not incorporate the internet into their schoolwork. Google Docs is one of the many examples, but it is also significant. Find out below the diverse benefits of using it for education.

Role of Technology in Education

Schools that use technology aim to facilitate a straightforward and seamless process for teachers and students. You rarely find an individual with no access to the internet. That is why technological advancement is in all college-related aspects. One of the most prominent examples is the percent plagiarism checker, a helpful tool for checking your quality writing. After completing an assignment, you can run it through the application to ensure 100% originality. Teachers often use this tool to ensure students are avoiding cheating behavior and by students to prevent any severe sanctions.

Another example is Google Docs. But you might be wondering how beneficial the platform is. Well, it depends on the assignments and shared documents that are present. One significant benefit is that an instructor can share the same document with various individuals. This saves the time and effort of sending it as an email. Moreover, providing a link to the paper allows multiple individuals to edit and elaborate on the material during group projects, such as a research paper that requires a team effort. Below, you can find out the various added benefits of the tool.

5 Benefits of Google Docs for Education

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The benefits mentioned below are not limited to college students. Instead, it applies to anyone who can access the platform, including professors.

1. Real-Time Collaboration

Do you want to work harmoniously and study with your peers? Utilizing this tool is one means of doing so. For example, instead of having to meet up to work on a group assignment, you can share the link to a document and keep track of each other progress. Moreover, this allows teachers to provide instantaneous feedback instead of having to contact you through email. Such a feature is present, referred to as comments, where someone can leave remarks on specific document parts.

2. Dividing Workload

One spectacular detail about using Google Docs for education is the number of individuals you can share it with. For instance, a professor can provide a link to an excel sheet that portrays individual assignments, the course syllabus, or general information. Up to 100 people can instantly access a document online, enabling a whole classroom to open the file simultaneously.

3. Refer to Version History

As a professor, you could supervise the google slides classroom students are working on. By clicking on “version history” and then “see version history,” you can access the overall progress, individual participation, and general contributions. On the rare occasion that an unfortunate incident occurs that deletes the resources, you can restore the older version through the same process.

4. Helps Translate Documents

Let us assume you want to learn about the general history and have a typed-out document on Google Docs. You can find a feature through the platform if you have it in French but need a rough translation to English or any other language. You go to “tools” and click “translate a document.” While it is not as accurate as a native person translating it, it is close enough. According to research conducted in 2017, the tool is approximately 85% accurate.

5. Easy Modification & Accessibility

Let us assume you have a presentation due at 9 am. You rush out in the morning, forgetting to upload your presentation or document onto a USB. You can eliminate the risk when you use Google Docs. You can open Google Docs in the classroom using the unique link provided on the document. Moreover, you can modify any books or resources more quickly if uploaded on the web. That means you can access it on any device that has access to the internet if you have the supporting link.


So, should you be using Google Docs? We highly recommend this platform if you are a student, regardless of whether you are in school or college. It enables you to utilize incredible features. Some of those include collaborating with others in real time, translating documents instantaneously, and sharing resources through a mere link.

That said, there are various means of using the platform. You can use the slides, excel sheets, google drive, or documents. All these accessibility features enable you to work on assignments, share books, and study more efficiently for your exams.