Best SSL Certificate Providers To Consider in 2023 for Your Website

The growing World Wide Web (www) market has compelled organizations to take a step ahead and prove their legitimacy. Proper cyber-security measures should be taken by every organization and the installation of an SSL certificate on your website is foremost requirement. Installing SSL certificate for a website is a way to build confidence among potential customers to scroll through your website. 

SSL certificates are a means to authenticate a business and encrypt the data that travels to and from the website. To add to the benefits, it also boosts the search engine ranking of a website. 

In this article, we have suggested Best SSL certificate providers in 2023 year. 


SSL2BUY is a reputed reseller and platinum partner of different certificate authorities. All certificates are designed as per different needs of an organisation. Their certificates are specifically created for people and businesses to create a safe environment across a single domain, subdomains, and multiple domains. Their main line of business is SSL, which gives websites the utmost level of security and increases client confidence when using HTTPS.

SSL2BUY thoroughly comprehend the needs of their clients and make every effort to make their websites reliable and safe. This reseller offers affordable SSL certificates to outperform the competition and have extensive experience in the SSL sector.

Let us look at some of the top-selling products from SSL2BUY.

Domain validation certificate:

Domain Validation (DV) certificate are cheaper and fast in issuance. The certificate authority checks only domain ownership and issues a certificate. However, SSL2BUY offers such certificate starting at $8/yr. Domain Validation certificate include single domain, wildcard SSL, multi domain SSL certificate. All DV SSL offer 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA encryption. Some of DV SSL certs are- the COMODO PositiveSSL certificate, Sectigo PositiveSSL certificate, COMODO multi domain SSL, etc.

Wildcard SSL certificate:

Wildcard SSL certificate is available at lowest price and comes with domain validation and organization validation level. Wildcard SSL secures primary domain and its first level of subdomains easily. For example, * can secure,, A few wildcard SSL certificates are- AlphaSSL wildcard certificate, COMODO PositiveSSL wildcard certificate etc.

EV SSL certificate:

EV SSL certificate carries the highest validation certificate and it shows verified company name under a padlock. The certificate is available at just $61.60/yr. you will get this certificate along with modern encryption standards, renewal policies, warranty, money back guarantee. Here, the certificate authority checks for business registration details along with physical, operational, and legal status of a business.

Multi-domain SSL:

Multi Domain SSL can secure up to 250 domains/subdomains. There is no need to purchase separate certificate for each domain or subdomain. The certificate is available at $15 per year. Multi domain SSL certificate comes with domain validation and can be issued within few minutes.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is regarded as one of the top web hosting companies available, but it is also a significant supplier of SSL services.

Instead of charging different prices for DV, OV, and EV certification, they all have comparably cheap pricing. Instead, the pricing scheme is based on a single site, several sites, or a domain with complete subdomain coverage.

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One oddity with GoDaddy’s service is that while new installations are often inexpensive, renewals sometimes cost more. You can save some money by performing fresh installs each year rather than just renewing if you can manage to be organized enough.

3. DigiCert 

After operating independently for a while, DigiCert acquired Norton’s website security and associated PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) products in 2017. This buyout was possible because Norton persuaded 90% of Fortune 500 corporations to pay for the Norton Secured Seal.

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These people are now DigiCert clients, and the business has established a plan to switch those customers over to DigiCert when it makes sense.

An SSL Certificate costs $268 per year, while a longer-term arrangement can allow you to pay less. Pricing for adding Wildcard SANs starts at $788 per SAN.

4. RapidSSL 

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Smaller companies with higher cost sensitivity are the focus of RapidSSL. RapidSSL offers a single domain certificate with 128/256-bit encryption and greater than 99% browser recognition for just $17.95 per year. The annual cost of a wildcard certificate with unlimited subdomain coverage is $149; it also comes with a $10,000 warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Installation tools are included in the package at no additional cost, and free help is available around the clock by web and email.

5. GeoTrust 

The three primary facets of GeoTrust operations are SSL certificates, Signing Services, and SSL for corporate services. GeoTrust provides a wide range of options for those seeking SSL certification, starting at the domain level and working their way up to its True Business ID with EV level certification.

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Those who only need a single site certificate may wish to avoid GeoTrust because of the more affordable pricing at the higher end, but those who want EV or OV level products should take a look.

The GeoTrust portfolio includes enterprise solutions designed primarily for governmental agencies, healthcare companies, and financial institutions. Although the depth of these checks has improved GeoTrust’s standing, be prepared for them to take longer than other identity checks.

The bottom line

The key takeaway is that all these SSL certificate providers deal with all types of SSL certificates; namely, Domain validated (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV). Nevertheless, if we look into the pricing methods and services offered, SSL2BUY tops the list. With the best pocket-friendly rates, you will get the best security features. So, do not let your brand lose its trustworthiness by not investing in this small authentication and security feature.