Best WordPress Hosting Convesio
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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio
9 Reasons Why We Suggest It - It’s Benefits And Disadvantages

Convesio is one of the best hosting services we have ever used. We always wanted to find the best host who provides good support as well as cheap, but Convesio has been better than we expected.
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Here are some of the 9 reasons why we recommend Convesio to you.

  1. Speed– Convesio offers fast and reliable web hosting. Their servers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure high performance. 
  2. Money-back guarantee– If you are not satisfied with the service you can get a refund.
  3. Free Domain– Convesio gives you a free domain and a 250 MB space with each hosting plan. 
  4. Free Website Builder– Are you a beginner? Do not worry, Convesio has you covered. With an easy website builder, you can create a website without any hassle. 
  5. Free One-click WordPress Install– If you are using a WordPress platform, then you can easily install it with one click of a button. 
  6. Free Website Migration– Are you shifting to Convesio? No worries, they will assist you with the website migration. 
  7. 24*7 support– You can contact them anytime you have a query. 
  8. Free Site Migration– You can move to Convesio by simply uploading your files and databases. 
  9. Free Migration to Cloud Hosting– You can move to cloud hosting by uploading your files and databases.

9 Reasons To Suggest Convesio Hosting

Convesio may not be the most affordable WordPress hosting in the industry, but that’s because it isn’t cheap. It is packed with a lot of great benefits that are worth every dollar you spend on it. You can check out my top 9 reasons why I recommend Convesio below:

  1. Is Convesio a secure web host?

Convesio is a web hosting company that offers shared, reseller and VPS hosting service. It offers best value hosting packages in the industry. Convesio offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, free website migration, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and 24x7x365 support services.

Convesio is one of the most secure web hosting companies today. It offers the following four layers of protection to keep your site safe and secure.  Layer 1 – An initial security filter prevents attacks against your website at the lowest level: the server.  Layer 2 – A second level of protection monitors every file and database request against a set of rules that block suspicious activity.  Layer 3 – Web application firewall (WAF) identifies potential threats and performs a dynamic analysis of each page request to determine whether it’s malicious and should be blocked.  Layer 4 – A physical firewall protects your web application from the outside world; blocking 24/7, multilayer attacks and giving you full control over your server.

The site is protected against malware, hacking and spamming. The web hosting is provided by a ‘white-listed’ and ‘black-listed’ facility. The site is always protected against malicious software with the software Convesio uses to protect its servers and customers.

  1. Is Convesio a good choice for Magento or WordPress?

The first step to creating an e-commerce site is to choose the shopping cart platform. Convesio is a good choice for WordPress or Magento, because it is fully compatible with both. The design appears the same on both platforms and the backend is the same too. This allows you to focus on growing your business, instead of trying to learn how to use two different platforms. The integration is so seamless that you can switch between the two platforms in less than five minutes.

Both Magento and WordPress are on the same popularity level. Both are widely used by the ecommerce industry. Convesio was specially designed to integrate with Magento and WordPress. Both Magento and WordPress are open source, so the code is visible to everyone. This is the reason why Convesio supports both of them. Magento is more popular than WordPress. Their code base is developed in a more professional way. However, WordPress is more popular around the world. There are more WordPress sites and more WordPress themes.

  1. Why are you a fan of Convesio?

We are big fans of Convesio hosting because they’re really affordable and still one of the best hosting services around. In addition to their unmatched quality, they offer great customer service, with almost instant responses to your questions and requests. Their server uptime is amazing and their data centers are top-notch. One of the things we appreciate most about Convesio hosting is that they have no hidden fees. We’ve tried another hosting company, and got charged a $100 fee for canceling our hosting service early. Convesio hosting doesn’t do that. They have a 30-day money back guarantee which we used for one of our blog posts and we were refunded within a week.

Hosting is one of the most important part of doing business. People can’t see your product but they can see your website. If the website is fast, has a good design and it’s stable, they’ll have a good impression and they’ll like your brand. Convesio hosting is the best hosting platform in the market. They have a great uptime and they don’t freeze your account just because you had one or two bad days. Their customer support team is fast, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of hosting experience, it’s that good hosting makes your business look more professional and helps you grow. I would highly recommend Convesio hosting to any serious business.

  1. How Is Convesio different from other WordPress hosting providers?

Convesio hosting follows a set of principles when compared to other wordpress hosting providers:

1)WordPress-optimized hosting, 

2) Secure hosting, 

3) Expert customer support, 

4) Top tier hardware and network, 

5) A managed hosting environment, 

6) A technology-driven company.

  1. What are the benefits of Convesio Hosting? 

Convesio compares themselves to something that’s more or less like a live help desk for you. They can even do daily backups for you for free! You can schedule backups to run at certain times (great for those of you who work medium-large sized websites offline and want to make sure your files are up to date after hours) and we also take daily backups of your website and store them in one of our servers. If you decide to change your site’s theme, convesio also take a backup of your database and update your database so that the changes are reflected on the site. This means that you won’t lose any data when you’re changing your theme.

  1. What are the limitations of Convesio Hosting?

The limitations are mainly in the number of disk space, bandwidth and number of websites that you can have on the hosting account. Disk space is not a concern nowadays because even a small business site that is growing rapidly need not worry about it as there are plenty of ways to store and backup your data securely at no extra cost. Bandwidth is not a concern if you choose an unlimited bandwidth plan for your hosting account, as this feature is not very expensive. Finally, the number of sites you can have on one hosting plan are unlimited as well, so it’s not a problem.

Convesio Hosting has a lot of limitations. For example, you can’t create an unlimited number of accounts. Moreover, you can’t set different limits for different users. The system also does not support POP3 and IMAP servers.

  1. Our experience with Convesio hosting

We use Convesio for our hosting. The customer service has always been top notch. The owner of Convesio has always been very responsive to my questions. One particularly strange error that our site was having was quickly fixed by the team at Convesio. We recommend them.

Convesio hosting offers the best of both worlds: managed and unmanaged. I have used both them. With managed hosting, you have a panel and a support team to help you with any issue you have. It’s very easy to get started with they have a 1-click installer for WordPress and many other services. The speeds are good and it’s very easy to use. They have servers in the US, Europe and Asia. 

Here’s more info:

The best hosting service can bring your business a great deal of agility. For example, if you are a web designer and your client has a last minute modification to the site, you won’t have to wait for the client to up their hosting package. Instead, you can simply create an account with a hosting service that offers unmetered resources and then install your website on that server. This way you are utilizing your time efficiently, you are able to satisfy the client’s needs and you are able to move onto other things. In addition to this, you can accomplish all of this without incurring any added financial cost to yourself.

  1. So should you sign up for Convesio?

Convesio is a startup that offers a next generation technology for retail and wholesale customers. By using this software, you can easily streamline your business processes, increase revenue and reduce costs. The best part about this technology is that it is user-friendly and affordable. So should you sign up for Convesio? Yes, you should.

It’s cheaper than your cable bill! You’ll have access to our 100+ live channels with a 200+ channels on demand. We think $99/month is a fair price considering that’s how much you’ll save by canceling cable and switching to us.

You should sign up for Convesio if you want to build a large email list of the customers who are likely to buy the products you are promoting. Convesio is 100% free for you to use and doesn’t require you to make any investment. You can import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aweber, GetResponse etc. Apart from this, you can also import contacts from LinkedIn and Facebook. If you have a list of customers you can import them without any problem. To find out more about Convesio, click here!

9: Hosting Plans With Convesio

There are four types of hosting plans: shared, cloud, virtual private server, and dedicated server. This article provides an overview of the four types of hosting plans and helps you decide which one is best for your website.

There are four main types of hosting plans in COnvesio: – Starting at €15 per month. – Starting at €80 per month. – Starting at €120 per month. – Starting at €150 per month. The cheapest hosting plan is designed for personal blogs, small e-commerce websites, portfolios, simple business websites and more. The second option is the most popular one and is great for advanced WordPress websites, Magento and Joomla e-commerce stores, small agencies and more. The third option is for big and complex websites, such as high-traffic corporate and business websites, e-commerce stores with a lot of features, social networks, communities and more. The most expensive hosting plan is suitable for fast-growing websites that need to handle a large number of purchases and other transactions on the site. It is also better for sites with a high number of daily visitors.

Shared hosting: This kind of hosting is the cheapest, but also has its issues. You share a server with a lot of other people and sometimes your website may get slow due to a lot of people using that server. You will also have to share a lot of settings with other people, like your MySQL database, PHP configuration etc. Once your website grows in popularity and starts to get a lot of visitors, shared hosting becomes a real problem!

Recent Reviews For Convesio:

Hi Li Creative, 

I would like to suggest Convesio for your hosting. I have been working with them for almost a year now, and I must say that the experience has been phenomenal! One of the things that I’m particularly pleased about is their customer service. They have only one support team that works 24×7 and they never ever skip any calls! I know that because I’ve called them several times in the past. And they have always been very patient and helpful too! That’s exactly what you expect from a premium hosting like Convesio. But this hosting also have some drawbacks. I would have appreciated some additional features to make the experience even better. I thought it would be okay to suggest this hosting to you because I must have used everything there is to use on that platform. There’s no other hosting that’s better than Convesio in my opinion. So, I would be happy if you could give it a try. Good luck!

Final Verdict

We love Convesio hosting and would recommend giving it a try. It's one of the cheapest hosting packages out there, and it offers a lot for the price.

Convesio is a really good choice for both Magento and WordPress hosting.

We hope this post helps you to learn about the host, which provides reliable and secure WordPress hosting.