Crypto Casinos Cheat You? Is it True That the Gambling Sites Always Wins?

We think a lot of people have noticed how popular crypto casinos and betting services have become. Perhaps this is not so much due to the growing popularity of crypto in general. But rather due to the fact that these games and betting offerings are somehow different from traditional ones? As more and more people turn to these platforms for entertainment and investment opportunities – many also have questions about the integrity of online gambling, especially at crypto casinos. Not everyone understands how it works and moreover, some people even claim that these casinos cheat players. The reasoning is always that the house always wins. Let’s see whether there is some truth in these claims.

Firstly, let’s discuss how online casinos work. Online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG). It’s to ensure that the outcome of each game is completely random and fair. This means that the results of each game are not predetermined and cannot be manipulated by the casino or the player. However, some players have claimed that the results are not truly random and that the casinos cheat them.

One of the most common ways that players believe they are cheated is through rigged games. This involves casinos manipulating the RNG to ensure that players lose more often than they should. However, it is important to note that reputable online casinos are regulated by independent organizations that ensure that the RNG is truly random and that the games are fair. These organizations also regularly audit the casinos to ensure that they are operating honestly and ethically.

Another way that some players believe they are cheated is through the use of unfair terms and conditions. Some casinos may have terms and conditions. That makes it difficult for players to withdraw their winnings. They may also have unrealistic wagering requirements that make it nearly impossible for players to win. 

However, reputable casinos will have fair and transparent terms and conditions that are easy to understand and comply with.

It is also worth noting that casinos, both online and offline, have a mathematical advantage over players. This is known as the house edge, and it is designed to ensure that the casino makes a profit over the long run. While players can and do win, the casino will always make a profit in the long run due to this mathematical advantage. However, this does not mean that the casinos cheat players. The house edge is a well-known and accepted fact in the bitcoin dice game, for example, and players are fully aware of it when they decide to gamble.

Furthermore, many online casinos offer generous bonuses and promotions to players, which can help to offset the house edge and increase the chances of winning. These bonuses are often subject to certain terms and conditions. But they can provide players with additional opportunities to win.


In conclusion, despite some claims that crypto casinos cheat players and that the house always wins, these claims are largely unfounded. Reputable online casinos use a random number generator to ensure fair and truly random play, and they are subject to regulation by independent organizations. Casinos do have a mathematical advantage over players. This is a well-known fact in the industry, but players can still win through skill, strategy and luck. It is important that players gamble responsibly and only gamble with money they can afford to lose.