Google analytics is one of the most popular website statistics service in the world. Google analytics provide you a deep insight into your visitors and traffic. But the basic version of Google analytics provided by Google is completely free. However the premium version of the same is not free. This blog covers the detailed information regarding the Google analytics premium costs.

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics tool in the world. Because of its sheer popularity, it is far from perfect. The analytics tool is missing many advanced features which businesses need to understand the performance of their websites. A common complaint from the Google Analytics user is that the basic version of the tool is free, but that the advanced features are not so free. The advanced features are only offered in the premium plans, which means that only businesses who have a lot of money to spend can enjoy them.

Google analytics premium cost is around 99 USD per month and per account. This is what you pay if you want to get insights on your competitors. However Google analytics premium cost can vary depending on your needs. This blog covers the different features provided by Google analytics premium and the cost they will incur on your business.

Google analytics premium is the most powerful tool that you can use to monitor your website. That’s because it gives you a lot of data in a very detailed manner. You can dig deep into the details of your visitors, your search keywords, and even the behavior of your users. All of this data is extremely useful to a website owner but comes at a price. 

Google Analytics Premium Costs

Google Analytics Premium Costs

Here is a detailed review of the Google analytics premium costs

Is There A Paid Version Of Google Analytics?

There is no paid version of Google Analytics. Google provides a free service that is useful for small websites, but as soon as your site starts getting millions of hits per day, you’ll need to upgrade your account to something more powerful.  There are paid services like SiteCatalyst, but it is really worth paying for. You’ll be able to record as much data about your site as you want, and your insights will be way more detailed and helpful.

 This is a common misconception that you must pay to get Google analytics premium costs. You do not need to pay a single penny to use Google Analytics. It is a free tool that is offered by Google but with limited features. But you can add more features by signing up for Google Analytics 360 (formerly known as Google analytics premium costs). This is a paid service for website owners who want to optimize their website for mobile, tablet, and desktop or for website owners who want advanced features like custom reports, conversion tracking, AdWords integration, visitor monitoring, and more.

 The free version of Google analytics premium costs tracks the visitors to your website and the traffic they generate, and gives you a basic behavioral analysis of your customers’ actions. It is a good way to see what your website visitors are doing and how they are moving around your website. This information can help you understand how your website is doing and how you can improve it. The free version of Google Analytics does not give you detailed information about the visitors to your website, such as which ads they saw, how effective your keywords are, or which pages are the most popular.  If you want to get more detailed statistics from your website (such as which keywords are the most popular, how much traffic you are getting from Facebook, or how much traffic you are getting from Google) you will need to purchase a paid version.

How Much Does Google Analytics 360 Cost?

Google Analytics 360 is a service offered by Google. It is a premium account that helps you track, optimize and report on your website visits. In addition to sophisticated data analysis, the package includes access to Google’s AI-powered tools and the Google Tag Manager. It also provides users with interactive dashboards and data visualizations. The cost of the service is dependent on your subscription level.

The three levels are:

* Google Analytics 360 Suite.

* Google Analytics 360 Core.

* Google Analytics 360 Standard.

 Google Analytics 360 is one of the most powerful and advanced tools to track and analyze the consumer behavior of your website audience. Costly, yes. It is not free though. It can be , if you are not looking for advanced features such as custom reporting, custom dimensions and metrics, team’s collaboration. But if you are looking for tracking and analyzing the consumer behavior of your website audience in a much more sophisticated way and to have a detailed insight of your traffic, then you need to invest money in Google Analytics 360.

 Pricing for Google Analytics 360 is not one single price. If you have more than 10,000 users on your network, then you have to go for the Enterprise plan. Enterprise plan starts from $150,000 per year. However, cost varies from one company to another. If you have more than 2500 users then it will cost you $100,000 for Standard Plan. Standard Plan is the most popular plan for small and medium business. To get more information about Google Analytics 360 Pricing.

Is Google Analytics Free 2022?

Google Analytics is not free. However, you can get it for free through your company’s Google Apps account. Google Analytics is one of the most popular and powerful analytics software, used mostly by small and large businesses to track their web traffic and improve their web presence.

Google Analytics is a free website traffic tracking tool. You can use Google Analytics to track your website traffic to see where your visitors are coming from and see information such as how long they stayed on your website and what they viewed. The tracking is free as long as you have a Google Account, which is free to sign up for.

Google Analytics is free for a single website, and it’s free for up to 500 million hits per month. It is one of the best free web analytics tools for small business.

Does Google Analytics 4 Cost Money?

Google analytics premium costs for personal use. If your site gets more than 10,000 pageviews per month, you need to pay USD$100 per month. However, you can still access the analytics data, but you cannot see real time reports and data.

Google Analytics is a completely free service. However, Google has just announced that they will be making some changes to the Analytics service. In the future, Google will only be offering advanced features to users who have a Google AdWords account. These features will include conversion tracking, enhanced e-commerce reporting, advanced segmentation and enhanced AdWords reporting. So if you don’t have a Google AdWords account today, you will need to create one in order to use advanced reporting. Google Analytics tells you things like: how many visitors came to your site, where they came from, where they went when they left, which pages on your site are the most popular ones, what are the different keywords visitors used to find your site, etc. This can be invaluable data for anyone trying to promote their website.

Is Google Analytics 360 Different From Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics 360 is a Google analytics premium costs service that allows you to connect to a variety of third-party data sources. These data sources can include everything from what people are saying about your business on social media to the type of device they are using to browse your website. The service also allows you to connect to a variety of third-party solutions so that you can see data from a variety of sources all in one place.
  •  Yes, it is different from Google Analytics. GA 360 has more advanced measurement capabilities and the best of Google’s marketing tools. GA 360 gives user ability to create more custom dashboards and report, making the data analysis more elaborate. What’s more, GA 360 provides user a way to get more actionable insights, to compare and contrast insights across different devices, channels, and locations, and to share insights with others.
  •  Google Analytics 360 is basically the paid version of the Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most popular online tool to collect and report marketing data.  It is used by millions of website around the globe and is free to use.  The paid version of Google Analytics is called Google Analytics 360.  It was introduced by Google in March of 2016.  The main difference between these two versions is that the paid version gives you access to a bunch of new features and also, you can get help from Google’s support team 24/7.

Is Google Analytics Api Free?

Google Analytics Api is free, but limited. If you want to do any type of advanced analytics on Google Analytics data, you need to get a service account. The answer to your question is, Yes. Google Analytics API is free. You just have to apply and once you are accepted, you can read the documentation to find out how to use the APIs. 

Is Google Analytics Open Source?

  1. Google provides the source code for their software that is available for free and can be downloaded from their website. You can download it, add whatever changes you wish, and use it. Have a look at the Google Analytics API (application programming interface) Programmer Guide which explains the API permissions and what you need to do to get the API key.
  2. Yes, Google Analytics is open-source. It is aggregated from the Google Analytics static files, converted to Javascript, and served by the Google Analytics servers.

What Are The Cons Of Google Analytics?

Google analytics is one of the best web analytics tool available today. It gives you deep insights into user behavior and also helps you understand your web traffic. It’s great. But there are a few cons of Google Analytics, which we want to share in this answer. One common problem is that the data is not very granular. I mean, if you want to see how visitors are moving on your site, it may not be the best solution. There’s a bit of a lag in the data collection too. Google analytics has its own way to collect data and sometimes it may not be 100% accurate. 

Google analytics premium costs

Google Analytics Premium Costs – Pros And Cons

Google analytics premium costs is one of the most widely used and the most powerful web analytics tool. It has the capability of analyzing visitors’ activities on websites and help webmasters to take necessary action for increasing the conversion rate. While the free version is enough for a small website, the premium version provides you with advanced features like Real-time reporting, Content Engagement and Location Maps. The premium version is exceptionally useful for business owners and bloggers as it offers them insights about customer behavior and the competitor’s website. Premium version is only a few dollars per month, and the investment is surely worth it.

Google announced that it will discontinue the Google analytics premium costs , thus adding an expiration date to all existing premium accounts. The premium service will be available until September 15, 2014 and after that, the existing premium feature set will be removed from the Google Analytics product.


Google analytics premium costs are higher than standard Google analytics costs. There are various factors that determine the cost of Google analytics premium. The cost of Google analytics premium is determined by the number of distinct Google analytics properties, the number of users on those properties, and the type of data that is being stored.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on Google Analytics Premium Costs. In this article, we talked about a google analytics, how you can easily calculate your google analytics and how you can improve your website or app.