How Many Downloads Is Good For A Podcast

How Many Downloads Is Good For A Podcast

How Many Downloads Is Good For A Podcast

One of the most obvious criteria for gauging the performance of your podcast is the number of downloads.You have quick access to download statistics the moment your first episode is launched. Being able to see the numbers rise might be satisfying. Even addictive, according to some.However, once the novelty has worn off, it’s only natural for podcasters to start wondering if their average number of downloads is satisfactory.

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Download statistics for podcasts each month

Some creators may be heard exclaiming, “Oh, I get 10,000.”

downloads per month,” however that doesn’t actually provide much information regarding their typical podcast download rates. Instead, it suggests that they’ve already released a large number of episodes.

As an illustration, we host a daily programme called Pocket-Sized Podcasting with several published episodes. Monday through Friday, subscribers receive one brief “how-to podcast” tip every day. When new listeners discover the programme, they frequently binge through the archive. This means that even if the new episode downloads are in the “moderate” level, our overall monthly downloads might still be rather large.

Average Number of Downloads

  • In the end, if you’re wondering, “What’s a good number of downloads for a podcast? A podcast is never precisely the same twice.
  • Keep an eye on your download statistics, please. However, this won’t aid in the expansion of your programme.
  • Spend your time instead on activities that actually have an impact. Here are some tools you can use moving ahead.

Identify the value that your podcast will provide.

  • Consider your target audience and build your ideal listener persona.
  • Don’t be monotonous
  • Encourage audience participation
  • Provide your listeners with a cause to return.
  • Encourage your visitors to share your episodes of your interview programme if you host one.
  • Likewise, be aware of the methods by which listeners typically find podcasts.

Instructions as a framework, you’ll inevitably begin to access 

And you should go into Podcraft Academy if you want even more assistance with expanding your show. All of our courses, checklists, and downloadable tools are available there. Additionally, we may collaborate closely with you during our weekly live Q&A sessions to address your concerns, provide you with direction, and hold you accountable.

There is everything there that you require to develop a successful podcast.

Long-form material is what a podcast is. Never compare the number of podcast downloads to other metrics, such as YouTube views or social media followers.

The number of the potential audience is purely based on the contents of the show. There isn’t just one metric for measuring podcast downloads here. However, statistically, if a new episode receives more than 29 downloads in the first week of publication, You are in the top 50 percent of podcasters.

Podcast Downloads Should I Have

We are used to numbers in the hundreds of thousands or even millions in a world of YouTube views and Twitter followers.

It’s crucial to understand that these figures have absolutely nothing to do with podcasting. Podcast listening should never be equated to the time and effort required to click “Follow” on Twitter or view a brief YouTube video.

It takes time and money to listen to a podcast. It is long-form information that is not instantly accessible through flashy sidebars and trending clickbait on social media.

Comparing your typical podcast downloads to another person’s Instagram followers is like to comparing the number of rooms in your home to someone else’s.

in the Amazon forest. It serves no purpose and is wholly unimportant.

Does it Just Depend (as Per Usual)

  • It does, of course.
  • Could a podcast on raising Russian white dwarf hamsters reasonably anticipate receiving the same number of downloads on average as one about Game of Thrones? Without a doubt.
  • Does this imply that the podcast with the most downloads is also the most popular? Again, categorically not.
  • According to statistics, if you were hosting a podcast about a subject that only 7 people worldwide actually found intriguing and you were getting 7 downloads per episode, you would be hosting the most listened-to programme in history.

How to Promote a Podcast and Increase Your Audience

  • The advertising of podcasts can take many different forms. This manual contains advice and strategies.
  • The key element is the size of your potential audience. Here are a few things to think about.
  • First of all, how many people are truly interested in your issue enough to want to read articles about it?
  • Second, what percentage of them are regular listeners of podcasts?
  • You’ll be able to see what those cold, hard download data tell you if you think in this way. They may assist you in creating sensible objectives devoid of comparisons to trending online content and popular celebrities’ social media pages.

Quality & Engagement of the Audience(stats)

An audience may appear to be “small” in terms of size. However, with long-form content like podcasting, it’s frequently shows with more specialised, hyper-targeted, smaller-scale programming that are regarded as the most prosperous.

I’ve previously used this example. Would you deem it a success if Elon Musk were the only one tuning in to your podcast about the technology required to fly people to Mars?

It’s true that this is a ridiculous example. However, who is listening is always more important than how many people are listening.

And the involvement is important. It won’t be possible to accomplish this overnight. But if you’re producing quality content, eventually you’ll start to get feedback from your audience.

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This might be the result of your inquiry.

asked them a question or suggested that they look into something. It can just be that you discussed a topic that spoke to them so deeply that they felt obliged to get in touch.

It takes a little more investigation to determine engagement than to merely stare at your download statistics dashboard. However, they frequently have a lot more to say about the effect your presentation is having.

If your podcast host makes this information available, check at where people are downloading your podcast from. Are you noticing an increase in downloads in a certain area or nation? Find out what is going on by reading the news.

For more information on this, see our article on boosting audience participation and our list of 8 metrics for measuring podcast listener engagement.

Even now Want to Know the Typical Podcast Downloads

One of the largest podcast hosting platforms in the world is Buzzsprout. In fact, they are likely the biggest with well over 85,000 current programmes on their website.

With tens of thousands of podcasts hosted, Buzzsprout has a wealth of informative data to examine. This gives them a precise picture of podcast downloads across the whole business. The good news is that everyone may access Buzzsprout’s global data on their Platform Stats page.

Will interest any podcaster is this one.

  • If your new episode is downloaded within seven days of its debut:
  • You are among the top 50% of podcasts with more than 29 downloads.
  • You have over 101 downloads, placing you in the top 25%.
  • about podcasts.
  • You’re in the top 10% of podcasts with more than 386 downloads.
  • You are among the top 5% of podcasts with more than 938 downloads.
  • You’re in the top 1% of podcasts with more than 4683 downloads.
  • Here are some additional stats from this website that are intriguing as of this writing.
  • 26.6% of listening occurs on Spotify, and 39.3% on Apple Podcasts. At 2.5%, Google Podcasts come in last place.
  • The USA accounts for 51% of downloads, followed by the UK with 5.9% and Canada with 4.4%.
  • 86.9% of all podcast downloads occur on mobile devices, with the Apple iPhone accounting for 67.9% of those downloads.
  • It’s important to note that podcast hosting services are not in charge of the expansion or popularity of your show. In our piece We discuss how these services provide you the tools and report the facts, but the rest is up to you when it comes to switching podcast hosts.


If you take the amount of downloads for a podcast with a grain of salt, it can be a pretty helpful indicator. Just watch out that you don’t fall for a numbers game that has no logic or purpose. Given that they are a measurable indicator of accomplishment, it is simple to become fixated on these figures. They are not, however, the only or even the best indicator. Even though measuring audience involvement is far more difficult and complex, it is also more crucial.

In conclusion, it won’t harm to monitor download statistics to gauge your progress. And if each download is receiving more than 124, episode, give yourself a pat on the back because you did well! But keep in mind that every audience is worthwhile. Your top objective should be to keep your listeners interested rather than to win a numbers game.