Goals are an important part of digital analytics and Google Analytics and without them, you are left in the dark about how well your digital campaign is doing. But even with goals in place, you may find that your goals are not as useful as you once thought. In this blog, I will walk you through how to delete a goal in Google Analytics.This blog has more than 20 comments, constructive criticism and one-on-one conversations about the topic of the blog.

Google Analytics provides many insights. One of them is the ability to set goals. Goals in Google Analytics allow businesses to track the success of a campaign. This blog will look at the different ways to delete a goal that is no longer needed.So, you might have seen my previous blog post about how to add a goal to Google Analytics . But what happens if you decide you no longer want a particular goal? In this scenario, you will need to delete one or more goals from Google Analytics. 

Goal completion rate is a very important metric in Google Analytics. It is the number of conversions divided by the number of goal completions. While setting up goals, marketers often forget to delete the goals which are not required. This blog is going to discuss how one can delete a goal in Google Analytics.

How To Delete A Goal In Google Analytics Details

How To Delete A Goal In Google Analytics

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Can You Edit Goals In Google Analytics?

Yes. You can edit Google Analytics goals. Tracking your goals is a great way to know if your website is working. Here is a video that I hope will help you. No, Google doesn’t let you edit goals. However, you can edit manually the goals that are created automatically. If a page changes, then the URL will start to change as well. If that page is a goal page, then Google will automatically create a new goal. Yes, you can edit your Google Analytics Goals.  Go to the correct profile (e.g. your blog) and go to the View Settings.  Then click Edit goals from the Goals tab and you will see the interface below, wherein you can change your goals and add new goals.  Just assign a name to your goal, set the goal type and enter the right values.  If you want to add a goal to track the Unique Pageviews, you will need to select a custom goal and then enter the criteria that defines a unique page view. Yes, you can edit goals in Google Analytics. But there is a specific way to do this. For example, let’s say you have a website where you want to track visitors from different Google searches. If you’re using Google Analytics, then the answer is yes. At a high level, there are two types of Goals you can track in your Analytics account: Destination Goals, which tell you when you convert a website visitor into a paying customer and Behaviour Goals, which let you know how visitors interact with your site. Using the full power of Google Analytics, you can add Destination Goals and Behaviour Goals to your Analytics account. As the Analytics Help Documentation page explains, the benefits of both types of Goals is that you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your web content and design. For example, if you have a Destination Goal that links to a thank you page after a visitor completes a purchase, you can see which content is most effective at bringing visitors to make a purchase.

How Do I Delete A Conversion Goal?

  1. To delete a conversion goal, do the following: Click on the correct campaign name. Go to the “Conversions” page. Click on the three dots on the right corner of the goal you want to delete. Click on Delete Conversion.
  2.  And finally, click on “Delete” in the pop up box. To delete a conversion goal, just click on the little cog icon under the name of your conversion so that it turns dark. Then all you need to do is click on the delete button. Ads in AdWords convert into goals that you can track in your AdWords account. 
  3. The conversion tracking process is really easy to get started using, but there may be times when you want to delete a conversion goal. While you can’t edit conversion goals, you can always delete them. There are two ways to manage conversion goals in AdWords for both the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.
  4. Click on the cog wheel at the top right hand corner.  On the drop down click “Manage Goals”.  Look for the goal you want to delete, click on it and click “Delete Conversion Goal”.  
  5. You can also delete goals by clicking on the edit button, deleting what you don’t want and saving your goal.

How Do I Delete Something From Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, data ‘lives’ forever. If you delete a View, all the data that it ever collected will be marked as ‘not set’ in your Google Analytics reports (and in any data exports, of course). Your data will still be in your Google Analytics account (and in any data exports), but it’s as if it never existed. If you delete a website, the data will still be present in your Google Analytics account, but it won’t be associated with any website, so you’ll want to go and add it to a new website. Deleting a profile removes it from the web and from your Google Analytics account. Deleting a specific view from Google Analytics is a relatively simple process. Simply head over to “Admin” and select “View” from the dropdown menu. Select the view that you wish to remove. Under the “Delete View” section, you have the option of either deleting the view completely, or archiving it. Clicking on the “Delete View” button will instantly remove the view. This is a very good question. Unfortunately, there is no one answer that you can give to this question. It depends upon the item that you are trying to delete, and the level of access you have to the account. For example, a very common thing to delete is a Hostname. To do this, you would simply go to the Admin Area, Click the “Hostnames” link, find the Hostname you want to delete, and either Delete it or Add a new Hostname. Google Analytics provides some good reports and a great deal of useful information. So it can be easy to forget to clean up some of the data.  You might wonder how to delete something from Google Analytics.  In order to delete results from your account, first you will need to navigate to the audience overview.  Click the link on the left side of the page that reads “All Users.”  This will show you all of the profiles that have been built in the account.  Next, click on the row that says “DELETE” in the far right column of that profile.  You will then be prompted for a reason for deleting the profile and then click ‘Delete’ to have it removed from your account.

How Do I Delete A Goal In Google Calendar?

Google’s Calendar app is the best calendar app you can use on the web and on your mobile phones. It is very easy to use and is completely free. I will share a few steps to delete a goal in Google Calendar. First, open your Google calendar and locate the goal or event you’re trying to delete. Click on the drop down menu in the right corner and select the Delete option. Now a new window will open with the confirmation of your choice. Click on the Delete button if you want to delete that particular goal or event. Log into your calendar, click on the “Google Calendar” link at the top of the page. Select “Delete event” from the dropdown menu. After you’ve selected this option, you’ll see a new window with a two-tabbed interface. In the left-hand column, you’ll see the “Delete this event” button. There is no need to fill in any additional information within this window. Just click the button and your calendar entry will be deleted. If you want to know more about Google Calendar, you should visit the official Google Calendar Help page. Google calendars have a feature called goals. Goals allow you to create reminders for the tasks that are not urgent but are still important to you. You can create a task to be completed on a particular date, this task would be automatically moved to your calendar. So if you have a goal and do not want to see that at a particular time then you can delete that goal. Follow these step to Delete a goal in google calendar. Login to your Google account in a web browser. Go to the Google calendar. Find your goal and click on the details button. Now look in the “when and how often” section. Click delete. Now click delete.To delete a goal in Google Calendar, open the calendar, then click the gear shaped button. On the left, find the “Goals” section, then choose the goal or goals you want to delete. Then click the trash can icon that appears and you’re done.

Delete A Goal In Google Analytics – Pros And Cons

A goal in Google analytics is set to track conversions, but sometimes you just want to delete the goal. Let’s say you create a conversion goal and then you change your mind. Or, you create a goal and then realize that you want to test a new conversion path. To delete a goal in Google analytics, follow these steps: Log in to your Google Analytics account and select the correct view by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the top right hand corner.How to delete a goal in Google analytics is straightforward, but many people are not aware as to why goals should be deleted. While goals can be created for almost everything, it’s advisable for marketers to start with the basics i.e. conversion tracking. Goals are easy to set up and can be created for most important pages. The key is to identify what your most important pages are, and then create goals for them. The ease with which goals can be created and the tracking of conversion rates has made them an essential part of digital marketing. However, things aren’t always as they seem and there are many pros and cons of using goals. In fact there are many questions to ask before setting goals.

I often receive questions about how to delete a goal in Google Analytics. However, what I don’t understand is… why anyone would want to do it. On occasion I have a client that has a goal currently in place but they don’t want to run it any more. Perhaps they don’t like the goals that they have, or they have re-branded the site and they would like to delete the old name.


The one thing that will always remain the same is that you need to have goals in Google Analytics.The goals are just as important to Google Analytics as any other tool it has to offer. If you want to make the most of your Google Analytics account, then you need to make sure that you are using goals. There are a couple of different ways that you can delete a goal from your Google Analytics account.

These include deleting the goal from the account that you want to delete it from directly, or you can go to the Google Analytics account that you want to delete the goal from and then delete it from there. If you’re like many people who work in the digital marketing industry, you probably track quite a few goals in Google Analytics. This is great! However, if you’re like many people, you may have a lot of goals already set up, or you may have set up some goals that you no longer want to track. In either case, you might be wondering how to delete a goal in Google Analytics.A quick tip for you today! While Google Analytics is a wonderful tool for your business, it can also be a bit confusing if you’ve never used it before. Today, we’ll be showing you just how to delete a goal in Google Analytics if you’ve set one up and you no longer wish to track it.