How To Find Hidden Posts On Reddit

How To Find Hidden Posts On Reddit


How To Find Hidden Posts On Reddit: Reddit is a vast treasure trove of information, entertainment, and community interactions. However, not all valuable posts are readily visible on the front page or within your chosen subreddit. Many hidden gems lie beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered. In this guide, we will explore the art of finding hidden posts on Reddit.

Whether you’re a seasoned Redditor or a newcomer to the platform, understanding how to uncover these hidden treasures can greatly enhance your Reddit experience. Hidden posts may include insightful discussions, hilarious memes, or valuable advice that might have been overlooked by others.

The Reddit platform employs a complex algorithm that determines which posts appear prominently on your feed. While this algorithm is designed to showcase popular and engaging content, it may not always align with your specific interests or preferences. Consequently, valuable posts can get buried, leaving you unaware of their existence.

Reddit provides various tools and techniques to help you unearth these hidden gems. From advanced search queries to exploring specific user profiles, we will delve into methods that enable you to navigate Reddit’s vast sea of content effectively. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to unearth hidden posts on Reddit and enjoy a richer, more personalized Reddit experience. So, let’s begin our journey of discovery together.

How To Find Hidden Posts On Reddit

Can someone see my hidden posts on Reddit?

Hiding some content on Reddit does not mean other users won’t see the content. It will be removed from your posts, but other users will access your hidden content. On Reddit, you may see various options like “hiding” and “deleting” and wonder if they do the same things.

On Reddit, there’s no specific feature called “hidden posts” that make your posts completely invisible to others. However, Reddit does have a “hide” function that allows you to hide posts from your personal view, but it doesn’t affect the visibility of your posts to others.

When you click “hide” on a post, it removes that post from your Reddit feed or listing, making it easier for you to keep track of content you’ve already seen or are not interested in. But other users can still see those posts if they visit the same subreddit or post listing.

The privacy of your Reddit posts depends on the subreddit’s settings and your own privacy settings. If you’ve posted something publicly on a subreddit, other users can see it by visiting that subreddit, and it will appear in their feed based on its popularity and the subreddit’s rules.

If you’re concerned about privacy, be mindful of the content you share and the subreddit’s guidelines. If you want to limit who can see your posts, you can consider posting in private or restricted subreddits, adjusting your privacy settings, or using a throwaway account for more anonymous posting. Always read and follow the specific rules and guidelines of each subreddit you engage with to ensure your posts align with their requirements.

What happens to hidden posts on Reddit?

Thanks. Hiding a post only hides it from you, so it will no longer show up in listings on the site. If you don’t want others to see it any more, you need to use “delete”.

When you hide a post on Reddit, it essentially disappears from your personal view, making it easier for you to manage and navigate your Reddit feed. Here’s what happens to hidden posts on Reddit:

Hides from Your Listings: The primary effect of hiding a post is that it is removed from your personal listings. This includes your home feed, subreddit listings, and any other place you may encounter posts on Reddit. Essentially, it’s as if the post never existed for you.

Doesn’t Impact Others: It’s important to note that hiding a post does not affect the visibility of that post for other Reddit users. The post remains accessible and visible to anyone else who visits the same subreddit or post listing. Hiding is a personal preference feature.

Can Be Unhidden: You have the option to unhide posts if you change your mind. You can access your hidden posts in the “Hidden” tab on your profile, where you can choose to unhide any post, returning it to your regular feed.

Improves Organization: Hiding posts is a useful tool for managing your Reddit experience. It allows you to declutter your feed by removing content you’ve already seen or are not interested in, making it easier to focus on the posts that matter most to you.

Hiding a post on Reddit is a feature designed to enhance your personal experience on the platform. It does not affect the visibility of the post to other users, and you can easily reverse the action by un-hiding the post if you wish to see it again in the future.

Does blocking on Reddit hide posts?

Blocked accounts can’t access your profile and your posts and comments in communities will look like they’ve been deleted. Like other deleted posts, your username will be replaced with the [deleted] tag and post titles will still be viewable. Your comments and post body will be replaced with the [unavailable] tag.

Blocking a user on Reddit does not hide posts from that user or prevent you from seeing their posts. Blocking is primarily a privacy feature that affects interactions between you and the blocked user, rather than the visibility of posts.

When you block a user on Reddit:

Communication Blocked: You will no longer receive private messages, chat requests, or notifications from the blocked user. They won’t be able to send you direct messages or initiate chats.

Comments and Replies: You can still see posts and comments made by the blocked user in public discussions on Reddit. However, their comments on your posts or replies to your comments will be hidden from your view, and you won’t receive notifications for those interactions.

Subreddit Visibility: Posts and comments by the blocked user will still be visible in subreddits and discussions where they participate. Blocking only affects your personal view of their interactions.

Unblocking: You have the option to unblock a user at any time through your account settings. Once unblocked, you will be able to see their comments and interact with them as usual.

Blocking a user on Reddit primarily impacts your direct interactions with that user and hides their specific comments and replies on your posts or comments. It does not hide their posts and comments in public discussions or subreddits where they participate, as those are still visible to other users.

Can I hide a Reddit post from one person?

You cannot hide posts from users unless you have blocked them. Is there any way to just remove their follow or I have to block them? You would have to block them. Even if you could remove their follow without blocking them, without being blocked they can just visit your profile anyway.

On Reddit, there is no built-in feature that allows you to hide a post from a specific person or user. When you post something publicly on Reddit, it is generally visible to anyone who visits the subreddit where you posted it, and it can be seen by all users, including the person you may want to hide it from.

If you wish to limit who can see your posts or comments, you have a few options:

Private Subreddits: You can post in private subreddits, which restrict access to approved members only. This way, you can control who sees your content by managing the subreddit’s membership.

Use a Throwaway Account: Create a throwaway or alternate Reddit account to post content you want to keep separate from your main account. This can provide a level of anonymity.

Adjust Privacy Settings: In your Reddit account settings, you can choose to make your comments and posts “friends only” or “private.” However, these settings are applied globally to your entire account, not on a per-post basis.

Use Direct Messages: If you want to share something with a specific person and keep it private, consider sending them a direct message rather than posting it publicly.

That once you’ve posted something publicly on Reddit, it can be seen by anyone who visits the relevant subreddit, and you have limited control over who sees it. Always be cautious about what you share online and consider using the options mentioned above for more privacy when needed.

How To Find Hidden Posts On Reddit

What are some effective search operators to find hidden posts on Reddit? 

Effective search operators are essential tools for finding hidden posts on Reddit. One of the most commonly used operators is “,” which restricts your search to the Reddit domain. This is particularly helpful when you want to find content exclusively within Reddit.

Boolean operators like “AND” and “OR” to refine your search. For instance, combining keywords with “AND” ensures that search results contain both terms, making your search more specific. Conversely, “OR” broadens your search by finding posts that include either of the specified terms.

To further narrow down your search, you can use quotation marks to search for exact phrases, such as “hidden posts on Reddit.” This is particularly useful when you’re looking for specific discussions or topics.

Reddit also supports various advanced search operators, such as “author,” “subreddit,” and “flair,” which enable you to filter posts based on the user who posted them, the subreddit they belong to, or the flair assigned to the post. These operators are valuable for finding content from specific users or within particular communities.

By mastering these search operators, you can efficiently sift through Reddit’s vast sea of content and uncover hidden posts that align with your interests, making your Reddit experience more rewarding and personalized.

Can you explain how to use Reddit’s ‘sort by new’ feature to discover hidden content?

Reddit’s “sort by new” feature is a valuable tool for discovering hidden content and staying up-to-date with the latest posts within a subreddit or a specific thread. Here’s how to use it:

Visit the Desired Subreddit or Thread: First, navigate to the subreddit or thread where you want to discover hidden content. You can do this by either typing the subreddit’s name in the search bar or by clicking on a post that interests you and then selecting the subreddit it belongs to.

Select “Sort by New”: Once you’re in the subreddit or thread, look for the sorting options, usually located near the top or just below the subreddit’s name. Click on “New” or “Sort by New.” This action will rearrange the posts so that the most recently submitted ones appear at the top.

Browse Recent Posts: Now, you’ll see the most recent posts at the top of the page. These are the posts that have been submitted most recently and are often not as heavily upvoted or commented on yet. This is where you’ll find hidden content that may not have gained widespread attention.

Engage with Content: Scroll through the new posts and engage with those that catch your interest by upvoting, commenting, or clicking on them to read more. By doing this, you contribute to the discussion and help surface valuable content for others.

Bookmark or Save: If you find a post or comment that you want to revisit later or share with others, consider bookmarking it or saving it to your Reddit profile. This way, you won’t lose track of hidden gems you’ve discovered.

By using Reddit’s “sort by new” feature, you can actively participate in discussions as they unfold, discover fresh and often overlooked content, and engage with the Reddit community in real-time. It’s a powerful way to find hidden posts and stay informed about the latest happenings on the platform.

Are there any specific subreddits or user profiles known for hiding valuable posts?

Yes, there are certain subreddits and user profiles that are known for “hiding” valuable posts in the sense that they may not always receive the widespread visibility or upvotes they deserve. This can happen for various reasons, including the specific interests of the subreddit’s community or the timing of the post. Here are a few examples:

Niche Subreddits: Subreddits that focus on highly specific or obscure topics may not always receive a lot of traffic. Valuable content posted in these subreddits might not get the same level of attention as it would in larger, more general subreddits.

New and Small Subreddits: Newly created subreddits or smaller, less-known subreddits might not have a large user base. This can result in valuable posts going unnoticed because there are fewer people to view, upvote, and comment on them.

User Profiles: Some Redditors have a reputation for consistently sharing high-quality content or insightful comments, but their posts may still be considered hidden because they don’t always receive a high number of upvotes or comments. You can discover valuable content by following these users and checking their post history.

Specific Flair Categories: In subreddits that use flair categories, valuable posts might be tagged with specific flairs that you’re interested in. By using Reddit’s search function and specifying a subreddit along with a flair category, you can uncover posts related to your interests.

Controversial Topics: Posts discussing controversial or divisive topics may receive fewer upvotes or comments as people might be hesitant to engage. However, they can still contain valuable insights and perspectives.

To find hidden content, explore a variety of subreddits related to your interests, including both popular and lesser-known ones. Additionally, consider following users whose content aligns with your interests. By actively participating in discussions and exploring different corners of Reddit, you can uncover valuable posts that might have otherwise remained hidden.

What strategies can I employ to uncover hidden gems in comment sections on Reddit?

Uncovering hidden gems in Reddit comment sections can be a rewarding endeavor, as insightful and valuable comments are often buried beneath the most upvoted ones. Here are some strategies to help you discover these hidden treasures:

Sort Comments by “Best” or “Top”: By default, Reddit sorts comments by “best,” which highlights the most upvoted and highly-rated comments. To uncover hidden gems, switch the comment sorting to “new” or “controversial.” This will bring lesser-known comments to the forefront.

Read Nested Comments: Expand nested comments within a thread to see if there are hidden gems deeper into the conversation. Valuable insights or additional context can often be found in subthreads.

Use the “Permalink” Feature: If you come across a comment that you believe has hidden value, click on the “permalink” option below it. This generates a direct link to the comment, making it easier to share or revisit later.

Sort by “Old” or “New”: Experiment with sorting comments by “old” or “new” to see if any recent or early comments offer unique perspectives or information that might have been overshadowed as the thread evolved.

Employ Search Queries: Use Reddit’s search function to search for specific keywords or phrases within a comment section. This can help you find comments that address your particular interest within a thread.

Check User Histories: Click on the usernames of commenters who consistently provide valuable insights. Explore their comment history to find more hidden gems they’ve shared in other discussions.

Upvote and Engage: Encourage valuable comments by upvoting and engaging with them. When you upvote a comment, it becomes more visible to others, making it less likely to remain hidden.

Participate in Subreddits Dedicated to Discussion: Some subreddits, like r/DepthHub or r/TrueReddit, focus on in-depth discussions and highlight valuable comments. Subscribing to and participating in such subreddits can lead you to hidden gems.

Use Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES): Browser extensions like Reddit Enhancement Suite provide features that enhance your Reddit experience, including the ability to filter and highlight comments based on various criteria.

Read AMAs (Ask Me Anything): AMAs often contain insightful comments and responses from the person conducting the AMA. Look for valuable information or personal anecdotes buried within these threads.

By employing these strategies and actively exploring comment sections on Reddit, you can uncover hidden gems, gain deeper insights, and enrich your Reddit experience with valuable content and discussions.

How To Find Hidden Posts On Reddit


The journey to find hidden posts on Reddit is an art worth mastering. This vast platform, teeming with diverse communities and discussions, can often bury valuable content beneath the surface. However, armed with the right strategies, you can unearth these hidden gems and enjoy a richer Reddit experience.

We’ve explored the power of search operators, the significance of sorting options, and the importance of niche subreddits and user profiles. These tools, combined with your active engagement, enable you to dive deeper into Reddit’s content ecosystem and discover the pearls that others may have missed.

Reddit is a dynamic platform, constantly evolving and offering new opportunities for discovery. By staying curious, exploring various subreddits, and participating in discussions, you not only uncover hidden posts but also contribute to the thriving Reddit community.

So, embrace the adventure of Reddit exploration, and may you continue to unearth valuable content, engage in meaningful conversations, and enjoy the hidden treasures this platform has to offer.