How to Get More Instagram Live Video Views : a Short Guide for 2023

Instagram Live is one of the most demanded functions on the modern platform. Along with Stories and Reels, live video captivated the audience with its uniqueness. Unlike other tools, live content allows fans or clients to view  their favorites in real time. In turn, for influencers and entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to interact with fans and attract new subscribers. But not everything is as simple as it may look at first glance.

It sounds sweet, but it’s not enough just to go live – so you won’t get a bunch of views and improve stats. Yes, maybe a few of your subs will visit the stream and spend some time here, but you need to be ready to engage new viewers. In this article, we’ll talk about 3 ways to get more views and grow on the platform through live videos.

  1. Use paid boost

It’s no secret that most of the currently popular creators are people who aren’t afraid to invest in their online future and actively invest. Investments can be different – from cooperation with SMM specialists and content makers, to the purchase of special boosts. Any investment pays off pretty quickly, experts know how to make your page much better. It’s a matter of time and money: not everyone can afford long-term work of specialists and want to get results sooner than in a couple of months. And then one of the best options is to just buy what you need at the moment. 

So, if your goal is to get more live video views, why not just buy them? Boosters have several advantages over other investments at once : you get views instantly, you don’t have to wait, you spend only a few dollars, but you get a guaranteed result, managers and support service are constantly in touch with you. Isn’t this a dream? You can check out  the price list and the service by following the link: . Simplify your online promotion in two clicks!

  1. Collaborate with niche influencers and experts

No matter how many fans you’ve now and how good your stats are, you can always count on additional help from other influencers. Collaborations are the foundation of Insta, here everyone strives for mutually beneficial cooperation for their own purposes. Therefore, don’t waste your time, start making useful connections today!

Analyze the search results for niche words and see which of the creators or experts you could call your like-minded people. Analyze their accounts and evaluate your statistical chances – if you’ve approximately the same engagement and reach, this is great, such cooperation will be beneficial for both sides. By creating Live with a like-minded person, you’ll increase the credibility of your streams and get double views!

  1. Post regularly

A clear schedule and engaging teasers are what must be in your promo strategy with live video, without this all your efforts will be in vain. You see, your subs aren’t able to read thoughts, but they read stories and posts perfectly! 

If you want as many people as possible to visit your streams, don’t forget to give people a schedule in advance. You can post several stories, or pin a post with information about the upcoming live broadcast. It is not necessary to give a schedule for the week, it is enough to notify your potential viewers a couple of days before the start, and then your chances of getting more views will double.