How To Get Rid Of End Screen Cards Youtube

How To Get Rid Of End Screen Cards Youtube


How To Get Rid Of End Screen Cards Youtube: In the dynamic world of online video content, YouTube has become a powerhouse platform, offering creators a vast canvas to showcase their creativity. One of the features that has gained prominence over the years is the “end screen cards.” These handy tools allow content creators to engage with their audience by suggesting additional videos, promoting channel subscriptions, and even linking to external websites. While end screen cards can be a valuable asset for creators seeking to boost viewer engagement and channel growth, there may come a time when you want to remove them from your videos for various reasons, such as a desire for a cleaner viewing experience or a change in your content strategy.

We will delve into the ins and outs of how to get rid of end screen cards on YouTube. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator looking to streamline your video presentation or a newcomer exploring the intricacies of YouTube’s features, our step-by-step instructions and expert tips will empower you to manage end screen cards effectively and tailor your video content to your preferences and objectives. So, let’s embark on this journey to gain full control over your YouTube end screen cards and optimize your viewers’ experience.

How To Get Rid Of End Screen Cards Youtube

What are end screen cards on YouTube?

End screens can be added to the last 5–20 seconds of a video. You can use them to promote other videos, encourage viewers to subscribe, and more.

End screen cards on YouTube are interactive elements that appear during the last 5-20 seconds of a video, providing creators with a powerful tool to engage viewers and promote additional content. These cards are an essential feature for content creators looking to maximize audience retention and channel growth.

End screen cards typically consist of a variety of clickable elements, including video thumbnails, subscription prompts, and external website links. Here’s how they benefit creators:

Viewer Engagement: End screen cards encourage viewers to stay on your channel by promoting related or recommended videos. This helps increase the overall watch time on your channel, a critical metric for YouTube’s algorithm.

Subscriber Growth: Creators can use end screen cards to prompt viewers to subscribe to their channel with a compelling call-to-action (CTA). This is an effective way to build a loyal fan base.

Cross-Promotion: You can use end screen cards to cross-promote your own videos, playlists, or even collaborations with other creators, increasing the visibility of your content.

External Links: For those eligible, end screen cards allow the addition of external links, which can drive traffic to your website, merchandise store, or other online platforms.

End screen cards are a strategic tool that helps creators retain viewers, encourage channel subscriptions, and expand their online presence, making them an integral part of any successful YouTube strategy.

Can you change end screen on YouTube?

Select a YouTube end screen template

Select a YouTube end screen template from the home screen by clicking on the YouTube folder, then clicking on a template of your choice. In the editor, click on the Template tab on the left sidebar. Click on the YouTube collection. Scroll through our ready-to-use YouTube templates.

Yes, you can change the end screen on YouTube. YouTube provides content creators with the flexibility to edit and update their end screens for videos at any time. This feature allows creators to adapt their end screens to promote new content, optimize viewer engagement, and adjust their channel’s marketing strategy as needed.

To change the end screen on YouTube, follow these steps:

Access YouTube Studio: Log in to your YouTube account and access YouTube Studio, the platform’s content management interface.

Select the Video: Navigate to the video for which you want to change the end screen.

Edit Video: Click on the video title to open the video details page. Then, click the “Edit Video” button.

Edit End Screen: In the video details, go to the “End screen” tab. Here, you can add, remove, or edit the end screen elements such as video thumbnails, subscribe buttons, or external links.

Make Changes: Make the desired changes to your end screen, including the placement of elements, the duration of the end screen, and the content you want to promote.

Save Changes: After making your edits, click the “Save” button to apply the changes to the video.

It’s important to note that the specific features and options available for end screens may vary depending on your channel’s eligibility and the type of content you create. However, for most content creators, the ability to change the end screen is a valuable tool for optimizing viewer engagement and growing their YouTube channel.

How long does YouTube card stay on screen?

End screens are YouTube cards that appear during the last 5 to 20 seconds of your video. You can think of them as a type of outro, though they can also be placed after the main outro. This is the best time to encourage viewers to take the next step with you, so make sure you maximize them.

YouTube cards, also known as info cards, are interactive elements that can be added to videos to provide additional information, links to related content, or calls to action. The duration that a YouTube card stays on the screen can be customized by the video creator.

Video creators have the flexibility to set the exact timing for when a card appears and how long it remains on the screen. Here’s how it works:

Timing: Creators can choose the specific time in the video when they want the card to appear. This can be anywhere from the beginning to near the end of the video.

Duration: The duration of a YouTube card’s display is also adjustable. Creators can determine how long the card remains on the screen, typically ranging from a few seconds to the entire duration of the video segment.

Viewer Control: Viewers have the ability to dismiss the card by clicking the “X” icon if they want to continue watching the video without interacting with the card.

Multiple Cards: Creators can include multiple cards in a video, each with its own timing and duration settings, allowing for a dynamic and interactive viewing experience.

The ability to customize the timing and duration of YouTube cards is a valuable tool for content creators, as it allows them to strategically engage viewers, provide relevant information, and promote their content without disrupting the overall viewing experience. This flexibility empowers creators to optimize viewer engagement and drive desired actions, such as clicks to other videos or external links.

What is YouTube info cards?

You can use info cards to make your videos more interactive. Info cards can feature a video, playlist, channel, or link. Cards aren’t available on videos set as made for kids.

YouTube info cards, also known simply as “cards,” are interactive elements that video creators can add to their videos to provide viewers with additional information, links to related content, or calls to action. These cards appear as small, unobtrusive, and clickable panels that overlay on the video player, offering a seamless way to engage with the audience.

Here are the key features and uses of YouTube info cards:

Information and Details: Creators can use cards to share information, facts, or details related to the video’s content. This can be used to provide context, additional insights, or references to sources.

Video Promotion: Cards can be used to promote other videos within your channel, encouraging viewers to explore more of your content. This is particularly useful for increasing watch time and retaining viewers on your channel.

External Links: Creators can include links to external websites, merchandise stores, crowdfunding campaigns, or any other online destinations. This can help drive traffic and sales outside of YouTube.

Interactive Polls: Some cards allow creators to create interactive polls or quizzes, engaging viewers and gathering feedback or opinions.

Customization: Creators have control over the timing of card appearances and can choose when viewers see them during the video.

Info cards are a versatile tool for content creators to enhance viewer engagement, provide value, and promote their content and online presence. When used strategically, they can contribute to a more interactive and informative viewing experience, ultimately benefiting both creators and their audience on YouTube.

How To Get Rid Of End Screen Cards Youtube

How do I remove end screen cards from my YouTube videos? 

To remove end screen cards from your YouTube videos, follow these steps:

Log In to Your YouTube Account: Start by logging in to the YouTube account associated with the videos you want to edit.

Go to YouTube Studio: Once logged in, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “YouTube Studio” from the drop-down menu.

Access the Videos Tab: In YouTube Studio, navigate to the “Videos” tab on the left sidebar. This will display a list of all your uploaded videos.

Select the Video to Edit: Locate the video from which you want to remove end screen cards and click on its title to access its details.

Edit Video Details: On the video details page, click on the “Editor” tab located below the video preview.

Remove End Screen Cards: In the video editor, scroll down to the “End screen” section. Here, you’ll see the current end screen elements added to your video. To remove them, click on the “Remove” option next to each card element.

Save Changes: After removing all the end screen cards, be sure to click the “Save” or “Save” button to confirm your changes.

Review and Publish: Finally, review the video details to ensure the end screen cards have been successfully removed. If everything looks good, click “Publish” to update the video with the changes.

Please note that it may take a few moments for the changes to take effect, so be patient. Removing end screen cards can help provide a cleaner viewing experience or allow you to replace them with more relevant elements to engage your audience effectively.

Can I disable end screen cards for specific videos on YouTube? 

YouTube does not provide a direct option to disable end screen cards for specific videos on an individual basis. However, there are some workarounds and strategies you can employ to effectively achieve this goal:

Video-Level Settings: In YouTube Studio, you can manage end screen settings at the channel level. If you want to disable end screen cards for specific videos, you can modify your channel’s default end screen settings to exclude those cards. This means that any new videos you upload won’t have end screen cards by default.

Customize End Screen Elements: Instead of disabling end screen cards altogether, consider customizing the end screen elements for specific videos. This way, you can choose which videos or playlists to promote or link to at the end of each video, giving you more control over the content displayed during the end screen.

Use Video Editing Software: If you have the technical skills, you can edit the video itself using video editing software to remove or replace the end screen cards. This method allows for precise control but can be time-consuming.

Are there any benefits to getting rid of end screen cards on YouTube?

There can be several benefits to getting rid of end screen cards on YouTube, depending on your content strategy and goals:

Reduced Distraction: Removing end screen cards can provide viewers with a cleaner and less distracting viewing experience. Without additional elements popping up at the end of a video, your audience can focus entirely on your content, potentially leading to higher viewer satisfaction and retention.

Enhanced Video Aesthetics: For creators aiming for a more polished and professional look, eliminating end screen cards can contribute to a streamlined video presentation. This can be particularly beneficial for artistic or cinematic content where visual continuity is crucial.

Customized Call-to-Action: When end screen cards are removed, you gain greater control over the call-to-action within your video. You can seamlessly incorporate your own closing statements, promotional messages, or links to specific content you want to highlight, tailored to your video’s context.

Viewer Engagement: Some viewers may find end screen cards intrusive or irrelevant. By removing them, you can encourage more natural viewer engagement with your content and encourage them to take actions that align with your video’s goals.

Testing and Experimentation: Eliminating end screen cards allows for experimentation with alternative end-of-video strategies, such as using video outros, verbal calls-to-action, or other creative methods to engage viewers or promote your channel.

It’s important to note that while there are potential benefits to removing end screen cards, the decision should align with your content strategy and the preferences of your target audience. Careful consideration of the trade-offs and how they impact your channel’s objectives is crucial in determining whether this approach is right for your videos.

Are there any restrictions or guidelines I should be aware of when removing end screen cards? 

When removing end screen cards on YouTube, there are several restrictions and guidelines to keep in mind:

No Violation of YouTube Policies: You must ensure that your video content and actions on the platform comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines, including policies related to spam, misleading content, and prohibited practices. Removing end screen cards should not be used to engage in any policy violations.

Engagement with Viewers: While you can remove end screen cards, YouTube encourages content creators to maintain viewer engagement and encourage audience interaction. Removing end screen cards should not negatively impact your ability to engage viewers through other means, such as verbal calls to action or other on-screen elements.

End Screen Card Timing: If you remove end screen cards entirely, make sure that your video has a clear and well-timed conclusion. Viewers may expect some form of closure or guidance at the end of a video, so plan your video content and closing statements accordingly.

Alternative Calls to Action: Instead of relying solely on end screen cards, consider alternative methods to guide your audience to take actions like subscribing, watching another video, or visiting your website. You can use video outros, pinned comments, video descriptions, and verbal cues to achieve these goals.

Viewer Experience: Always prioritize the viewer experience. Removing end screen cards should not result in a jarring or abrupt ending to your videos. Ensure a smooth transition and a positive viewer experience from start to finish.

Remember that YouTube’s policies and recommendations may evolve over time, so it’s essential to stay informed about the latest updates and guidelines by regularly checking the YouTube Help Center and Creator Academy for any changes or new best practices related to end screen cards and video optimization.

How To Get Rid Of End Screen Cards Youtube


Mastering the art of removing end screen cards on YouTube is an essential skill for content creators seeking to fine-tune their videos and enhance the viewer experience. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the various methods and techniques to achieve this, ensuring that you have the knowledge and capability to control this aspect of your content.

By learning how to get rid of end screen cards, you can create a more polished and focused viewing experience for your audience, eliminating distractions and guiding viewers towards your desired call-to-action, whether it’s watching more of your content or subscribing to your channel. Additionally, this newfound expertise allows you to adapt to evolving content strategies and experiment with different approaches, giving you the flexibility to align your channel with your goals.

Remember that YouTube is a dynamic platform, and staying informed about its features and best practices is crucial for long-term success. As you continue to refine your video content and engage with your audience, the ability to manage end screen cards effectively will serve as a valuable tool in your content creator’s toolkit. So, go forth and craft compelling, distraction-free videos that captivate and inspire your viewers!