How To Remove Bot Followers On Instagram

How To Remove Bot Followers On Instagram


How To Remove Bot Followers On Instagram: A guide on how to effectively remove bot followers from your Instagram account, ensuring a clean and genuine follower base. Bot followers, often generated by automated programs, can diminish your account’s credibility, engagement rates, and overall performance. These artificial accounts are created for various purposes, including spamming, fake engagement, or misleading analytics. To maintain a thriving and authentic online presence, it’s crucial to periodically cleanse your follower list.

First and foremost, understanding the nature of bot followers is essential. Bots typically exhibit unusual behaviors such as generic comments, an unusually high following-to-follower ratio, and lack of profile pictures or personal information. Identifying these red flags is the initial step in identifying potential bot followers on your Instagram account.

Next, we’ll explore effective strategies to remove these bot followers. We’ll delve into using Instagram’s built-in features like blocking and removing followers, as well as third-party applications specifically designed to identify and remove fake accounts. It’s essential to approach this process with caution, prioritizing accuracy and diligence to ensure that you retain genuine followers while eliminating artificial ones.

By the end of this guide, you’ll possess the knowledge and tools needed to conduct a thorough clean-up of your Instagram followers, enhancing the authenticity and credibility of your account. Let’s embark on this journey to maintain a vibrant and engaged Instagram community.

How To Remove Bot Followers On Instagram

What is the bot followers method?

What is an Instagram follower bot? Well, it’s almost exactly what it sounds like. An Instagram follower bot will find poorly targeted Instagram accounts that use particular keywords in their profiles and automatically follow them and like their posts from your own Instagram account.

Bot followers refer to artificial or automated accounts on social media platforms like Instagram. These accounts are not managed by real individuals but rather are generated by automated programs, commonly known as bots. The bot followers method involves detecting and removing these fake accounts from your follower list to maintain a genuine and engaged audience. 

The process typically begins with identifying suspicious account behaviors, such as spammy comments, a high following-to-follower ratio, or lack of personalization. Once identified, you can utilize various techniques, including Instagram’s built-in features or third-party applications, to remove these bot followers. 

By doing so, you ensure that your follower base consists of real individuals genuinely interested in your content, which ultimately improves your account’s credibility and engagement metrics. Regularly employing the bot followers method helps in keeping your online community authentic and fosters meaningful interactions.

Why do bots follow me?

These bots are built to get people to click on links. Making that happen is often a numbers game. That’s why brand accounts and influencers are particularly vulnerable to fake followers and potential scams. The bigger your account, the more susceptible you are to spam.

Bots follow accounts on social media platforms for various reasons, primarily driven by the intentions of the individuals or entities controlling these automated accounts. One common objective is to inflate follower counts, making an account appear more popular or influential than it truly is. High follower counts can give the impression of credibility and attract genuine followers and engagement.

Additionally, bots may follow accounts as part of a broader strategy to boost engagement metrics artificially. They can like, comment, or share content to make it seem more popular, encouraging real users to engage as well. This manipulation can deceive algorithms and users into perceiving the content as more relevant or trending.

Furthermore, some bots follow accounts to facilitate spam or phishing activities. They may direct message or comment with spammy links or engage in fraudulent schemes aiming to obtain personal information or spread malicious software.

For users to remain cautious and regularly audit their followers to identify and remove bot accounts. Maintaining a genuine follower base is vital for meaningful interactions and to ensure the integrity and credibility of one’s online presence.

Who are bot followers?

A “bot follower” is a type of social media account that is controlled by a computer program, rather than a real person. An account that will follow, engage with your content and after a specific time they unfollow you again. This often leads people to follow back.

Bot followers, also known as fake followers, are automated or computer-generated accounts on social media platforms like Instagram. These accounts are not operated by real individuals but are rather programmed to mimic human behavior online. Bot followers are often created for various purposes, including inflating follower counts, amplifying engagement metrics, spreading spam, or even engaging in deceptive activities. These bots can perform actions such as liking posts, commenting, and following other accounts autonomously.

Bot followers can be identified through certain patterns, such as a high follower-to-following ratio, lack of profile pictures, generic comments, and often irrelevant or nonsensical content. These characteristics differentiate them from genuine followers who engage with content based on their interests and preferences.

In the realm of social media, bot followers can impact an account’s credibility, making it essential for users to regularly audit their follower base and remove these artificial accounts. Ensuring a clean and authentic follower base is vital for building genuine connections with your audience, fostering meaningful engagements, and maintaining a trustworthy online presence.

How much followers are bots?

What percentage of Instagram followers are fake? Every profile is different. Profiles with larger numbers of followers typically have a higher percentage compared to smaller profiles. Typically, anything above 25% could be a sign of fraud.

The exact number of bot followers on social media platforms like Instagram is difficult to ascertain precisely due to the constantly evolving nature of bots and the various strategies employed by those who create them. Bot followers can range from a small fraction of a user’s follower count to a significant portion, depending on several factors including the user’s account type, content, visibility, and the level of bot detection implemented by the platform.

In recent years, major social media platforms have significantly improved their efforts to detect and remove bot accounts, resulting in a reduction of obvious and easily identifiable bots. However, bots continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, making it challenging to determine their exact prevalence.

Users can conduct periodic audits of their followers and utilize available tools to detect and remove bot accounts. By doing so, they can maintain a genuine and engaged follower base, enhancing the overall credibility and effectiveness of their online presence. It’s essential to remain vigilant and proactive in managing one’s follower list to minimize the impact of bots on social media accounts.

How To Remove Bot Followers On Instagram

What are the telltale signs that a follower on Instagram might be a bot?

Identifying potential bot followers on Instagram involves recognizing certain distinct signs that deviate from typical human user behavior. Some telltale signs that a follower might be a bot include generic or irrelevant comments that could apply to any post. These comments are often short and lack personalization or context related to the content.

Another significant indicator is a high follower-to-following ratio, where the account is following a large number of users but has very few or no followers in return. This imbalance suggests automated following behavior rather than genuine engagement or interest in content.

Bot followers often have incomplete or missing profile information, such as a profile picture, bio, or posts. Lack of personal photos or a consistent posting history can also be red flags. Bots might have usernames that consist of a string of random characters or numbers, further indicating automated account creation.

Accounts that exhibit an unusual surge in followers within a short timeframe, especially if the content does not correlate with this sudden increase, might be indicative of purchased or bot-generated followers. Lastly, repeated patterns of unusual engagement, such as liking an excessive number of posts in a very short duration, may suggest automated activity.

Being vigilant and recognizing these signs can help users effectively identify and take appropriate action against bot followers, ensuring a genuine and engaged audience on their Instagram accounts.

How can Instagram’s built-in features assist in removing bot followers?

Instagram’s built-in features provide a straightforward and efficient way to tackle the issue of bot followers and clean up your follower list. The platform offers two main features that can be utilized for this purpose: blocking and removing followers.

Blocking Bot Followers:

Instagram allows users to block accounts they suspect to be bots. By blocking a user, you prevent them from following you, viewing your content, or engaging with your account. If you identify a follower displaying bot-like behavior, you can block them to stop their interactions and remove them from your followers list.

Removing Bot Followers:

Instagram also enables you to remove followers directly from your follower list. This is a more precise approach, allowing you to manually select and remove followers you suspect to be bots. By clicking on the “Followers” list in your account settings, you can review the list of followers and remove any suspicious or unwanted followers.

By leveraging these built-in features, users can proactively manage and maintain the authenticity of their follower base. Regularly reviewing your followers and utilizing these tools to remove bot accounts helps ensure that your audience is comprised of genuine individuals genuinely interested in your content. It contributes to a cleaner and more engaged community on your Instagram account.

Which third-party applications are effective in identifying and removing bot followers on Instagram?

Several third-party applications and services are available to assist in identifying and removing bot followers on Instagram. Here are a few popular options:

IG Audit:

IG Audit is a widely used tool that analyzes your Instagram followers to identify fake or inactive accounts. It provides a percentage of real vs. fake followers, helping you assess the authenticity of your follower base.


HypeAuditor offers a comprehensive platform to detect and analyze Instagram followers’ authenticity. It provides insights into fake followers, engagement rates, demographics, and influencer marketing statistics.

Social Bakers:

Social Bakers offers an AI-powered social media marketing suite, including a tool to detect fake followers on Instagram. It provides a detailed analysis of your followers, identifying potential bot or inactive accounts.

Botometer (formerly BotOrNot):

Botometer is a web-based tool that evaluates the likelihood of a Twitter account being a bot. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze account behaviors and determine bot probability scores.

What precautions should one take while removing bot followers to avoid accidentally removing genuine accounts?

When removing bot followers from your Instagram account, it’s essential to proceed with caution to avoid mistakenly removing genuine accounts. Here are some precautions to consider:

Thoroughly Review Accounts:

Before removing any followers, carefully review their profiles, engagement, and content. Genuine accounts typically have personalized bios, profile pictures, and posts relevant to their interests.

Check Engagement Patterns:

Analyze the engagement of a potential bot follower. Genuine accounts usually engage meaningfully with your content, leaving relevant comments and likes that align with your posts.

Cross-Verify Suspicious Accounts:

If an account seems suspicious, cross-verify its activity by checking its recent interactions, the number of posts, and followers-to-following ratio. If these metrics appear unnatural, it might be a bot.

Use Reputable Tools:

If you’re utilizing third-party applications to identify bots, ensure you’re using reputable and reliable tools that have a track record of accurate analysis. Always double-check the results manually before taking action.

How To Remove Bot Followers On Instagram


Maintaining an authentic and engaged following on Instagram is paramount for a successful and credible online presence. Identifying and removing bot followers is a crucial step in this journey. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your follower base is genuine, fostering meaningful interactions and improving your account’s overall performance.

We began by understanding the characteristics of bot followers, such as generic comments, suspicious account activities, and lack of personalization. Recognizing these signs is fundamental to effectively detecting and removing artificial accounts. We then explored two primary approaches for removing bot followers: utilizing Instagram’s built-in features and employing third-party applications. Both approaches offer distinct advantages and can be tailored to suit individual preferences and needs.

Instagram’s native features like blocking and removing followers provide a straightforward and direct method to rid your account of bot followers. However, for a more comprehensive and automated approach, third-party applications offer a range of specialized tools to identify and remove fake accounts efficiently. Whichever method you choose, exercising caution and due diligence is crucial to preserve your genuine followers while eliminating the artificial ones.

By taking the time to periodically clean your follower list, you’re not only enhancing your account’s credibility but also creating a more authentic and engaged community. Regular maintenance and vigilance will help you grow a genuine following, allowing you to connect with real people who are genuinely interested in your content and contribute positively to your Instagram experience.

In your journey to maintain an authentic and flourishing Instagram account, remember that quality always surpasses quantity. Stay true to your content, engage with your audience authentically, and let your genuine following reflect the true essence of your online presence. Happy Instagramming!