How To Request Ratings On Facebook Marketplace

How To Request Ratings On Facebook Marketplace


How To Request Ratings On Facebook Marketplace: In the bustling world of online commerce, establishing trust and credibility is paramount. One powerful way to do so on Facebook Marketplace is by accumulating positive ratings and reviews from your satisfied customers. These digital endorsements not only validate your reputation but also serve as a beacon for potential buyers, drawing them towards your listings like moths to a flame.

But how can you actively request these valuable ratings to enhance your marketplace presence? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of soliciting ratings on Facebook Marketplace, empowering you to take control of your online reputation. We’ll delve into the tactics and etiquette of reaching out to buyers, making the process smooth and non-intrusive, and we’ll also explore the potential benefits and pitfalls of this strategy.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketplace seller or just starting your online selling journey, learning how to request ratings on Facebook Marketplace can be a game-changer. So, let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to boosting your online credibility and attracting more customers in this dynamic digital marketplace landscape.

How To Request Ratings On Facebook Marketplace

What happens when you request rating on Facebook Marketplace?

Since the request for a review will come from Messenger, Facebook users should see the notification in their profile quickly. Similar to Facebook business reviews, you cannot remove a negative review from your rating or profile.

When you request a rating on Facebook Marketplace, you are essentially asking a buyer or seller to provide feedback and rate their experience with you after a transaction. Here’s what happens:

Initiating the Request: After a successful transaction on Facebook Marketplace, either party (buyer or seller) can initiate a rating request. This can be done by going to the conversation thread related to the transaction.

Rating Options: The requester typically has the option to choose between a positive, neutral, or negative rating, along with leaving a comment or feedback describing their experience.

Notification: Once the request is sent, the other party receives a notification prompting them to rate and review the transaction. They can choose to ignore the request, but it’s encouraged to provide honest feedback.

Public Visibility: Ratings and reviews on Facebook Marketplace are visible to other users. This helps build trust within the community and allows potential buyers and sellers to make informed decisions.

Impact on Reputation: Consistent positive ratings and reviews can enhance your reputation as a trustworthy buyer or seller on Facebook Marketplace. Conversely, negative feedback can have the opposite effect.

Dispute Resolution: If there are issues with the transaction, the rating and review system can also serve as a platform to communicate and potentially resolve disputes.

Requesting a rating on Facebook Marketplace is a way to gauge and publicly share the quality of transactions, ultimately contributing to a safer and more reliable buying and selling experience within the platform.

Why can’t i request ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

Ratings are only available on Facebook app for iPhone or Android, not or Facebook Lite. You’ll only see the Rate seller option once you’ve bought something from them or had a conversation with them. Open the Messenger app. Tap Search at the top.

If you are unable to request ratings on Facebook Marketplace, several reasons might explain this issue:

Recent Transaction: You can only request ratings on completed transactions. If the transaction is still ongoing or hasn’t been finalized, you won’t have the option to request a rating until it’s completed.

Technical Glitch: Facebook Marketplace, like any online platform, can experience technical glitches or bugs. Ensure that you’ve updated your Facebook app or accessed Marketplace via a web browser and try again.

Privacy Settings: Check your privacy settings. If your account is set to private or has certain restrictions, it might affect your ability to request ratings. Adjust your settings if necessary.

Blocked or Restricted Account: If you’ve violated Facebook’s policies or community standards, your account might be blocked or restricted, which could prevent you from using certain features, including requesting ratings.

Incomplete Profile: Ensure that your Facebook profile is complete and up-to-date. A lack of essential information might limit your ability to interact fully with Marketplace.

Geographical Restrictions: Some features of Facebook Marketplace may not be available in certain regions due to regulatory or other reasons. Ensure that Marketplace is supported in your area.

Marketplace Eligibility: Ensure that you meet Facebook Marketplace’s eligibility criteria. Certain factors like your age or location can affect your access to specific features.

If you’ve checked these factors and still can’t request ratings on Facebook Marketplace, it’s advisable to reach out to Facebook’s support or help center for further assistance, as they can provide personalized guidance and address any account-specific issues.

How do you do a rating on Marketplace?

To rate or review a product you purchased on Facebook Marketplace:

1.In the top right of Facebook, tap .

2.Tap Shop. If you don’t see Shop, tap See more.

3.Tap at the top.

4.Tap Your reviews.

5.Find the product you want to rate or review.

6.Tap to choose a rating from 1–5 and follow the on-screen instructions.

To leave a rating on Facebook Marketplace, follow these steps:

Log In: Ensure you are logged into your Facebook account on the app or website.

Access Marketplace: Click on the “Marketplace” icon, usually located at the bottom of the Facebook app or on the left-hand menu on the website.

Browse or Search: You can either browse through listings or use the search bar to find the specific transaction you want to rate.

Select the Transaction: Click on the listing or conversation related to the transaction you want to rate.

Leave a Rating:

If you are the buyer, you can typically leave a rating by clicking on the “Rate” or “Leave Feedback” button within the conversation. Choose your rating (positive, neutral, or negative) and write a comment to describe your experience.

If you are the seller, you may need to request a rating from the buyer by clicking on the “Request Rating” button within the conversation. The buyer will then receive a notification to rate the transaction.

Submit: After selecting the appropriate rating and writing any necessary comments, click the “Submit” or “Post” button to leave your rating.

View Ratings: Ratings and reviews are typically visible to both parties and other users on the Marketplace listing. This helps build trust within the community and provides information for future transactions.

Remember to be honest and fair when leaving ratings on Facebook Marketplace, as these ratings play a crucial role in helping users make informed decisions and maintain a reliable and safe buying and selling environment.

How To Request Ratings On Facebook Marketplace

How do you request reviews on Facebook?

There are several ways to request reviews on Facebook; these will help get you started. Send a text message or email asking customers to leave a review. Include a direct link to your Facebook business page so they can easily recommend you and leave feedback. Encourage customers to “check-in” on Facebook.

Facebook does not have a built-in feature that allows users to directly request reviews from friends or followers. However, you can indirectly encourage people to leave reviews or recommendations on your Facebook Page or personal profile by following these steps:

1. Create Great Content: Regularly post engaging and valuable content on your Facebook Page or profile. This can include informative articles, images, videos, or updates about your products or services. High-quality content can prompt followers to share their positive experiences.

2. Interact with Followers: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and questions promptly. A positive interaction can encourage users to leave reviews.

3. Ask for Feedback: You can post requests for feedback or reviews in your status updates. Politely ask your friends or followers to share their thoughts or experiences if they’ve used your products or services.

4. Use Facebook Recommendations: On your business Page, you can enable the “Recommendations” feature. Users can then voluntarily leave recommendations, which are essentially reviews. To do this, go to your Page’s settings, then “Templates and Tabs,” and add the “Recommendations” tab if it’s not already there.

5. Share Positive Feedback: When customers send you positive feedback via private messages or emails, ask if they’d be willing to share it as a public recommendation on your Page.

Remember to follow Facebook’s community guidelines and policies when requesting reviews, and always prioritize authentic and honest feedback. Facebook’s features and policies may have evolved since my last update, so it’s a good idea to check the platform’s current guidelines for any changes or new review-related features.

How do I request ratings on Facebook Marketplace without coming across as pushy?

Requesting ratings on Facebook Marketplace is a valuable strategy to boost your credibility and attract more customers. However, it’s essential to approach this process delicately to avoid appearing pushy or intrusive to your buyers.

Timing is Key: Choose an appropriate moment to request a rating. Ideally, it’s best to do so after the transaction has been completed, and the buyer has received their purchase. This ensures they have had a chance to evaluate their experience.

Personalized Messages: Craft personalized messages when reaching out to buyers. Express your gratitude for their purchase and politely ask if they’d be willing to share their feedback. Keep the message friendly, concise, and non-demanding.

Be Respectful: Respect the buyer’s decision. If they choose not to leave a rating or don’t respond, don’t press the issue. Pushing too hard can have the opposite effect and may discourage them from leaving a positive review.

Provide Exceptional Service: The best way to receive positive ratings is by consistently delivering outstanding products or services. When buyers are genuinely satisfied, they are more likely to leave positive feedback without prompting.

Include Clear Instructions: If the buyer agrees to leave a rating, provide clear instructions on how to do so. Sometimes, buyers may not be familiar with the process, and guidance can be helpful.

Follow Up Sparingly: If a buyer hasn’t left a rating after some time, you can consider sending a gentle follow-up message. However, use this sparingly and maintain a polite tone.

You can effectively request ratings on Facebook Marketplace while maintaining a courteous and respectful approach, ultimately enhancing your online reputation without being pushy.

Is there a specific timeframe or best practice for asking buyers to leave ratings? 

While there isn’t an exact science to determine the perfect timeframe for asking buyers to leave ratings on Facebook Marketplace, there are some best practices that can guide you in choosing the right moment:

Post-Purchase: Generally, it’s best to request ratings after the buyer has received their purchase and had a chance to evaluate it. This ensures that their feedback is based on the entire transaction experience.

Timely, but Not Immediate: While you want to reach out relatively soon after the purchase, avoid asking for a rating immediately after the transaction. Give the buyer a little time to use or assess the product, so their feedback is more informed.

Wait for Positive Interactions: If you’ve had positive interactions with the buyer during the sale, such as providing exceptional customer service or quick shipping, consider that as a cue to ask for a rating. These positive interactions can increase the likelihood of receiving favorable feedback.

Follow-Up Promptly: If the buyer hasn’t left a rating after a reasonable time, you can send a gentle follow-up message as a reminder. However, be cautious not to pester or pressure them.

Be Mindful of the Product Type: Some products may require more time to evaluate than others. For example, a book may warrant a quicker request for a rating than a complex electronic device.

The ideal timeframe for asking for ratings can vary depending on the nature of your product or service and the specific dynamics of your interactions with buyers. Pay attention to these factors and use your best judgment to strike the right balance between timely requests and respecting the buyer’s experience.

What should I do if a buyer doesn’t respond to my request for a rating on Facebook Marketplace?

If a buyer doesn’t respond to your request for a rating on Facebook Marketplace, it’s essential to handle the situation tactfully and respectfully to maintain a positive seller-buyer relationship. Here’s what you can do:

Respect Their Choice: First and foremost, respect the buyer’s decision not to leave a rating. People have various reasons for not providing feedback, and it’s crucial not to pressure or annoy them.

Send a Polite Reminder: If some time has passed, and you believe the buyer may have forgotten or overlooked your initial request, you can send a friendly reminder. Keep the message brief and respectful, emphasizing that their feedback would be greatly appreciated but not required.

Maintain Professionalism: Throughout the process, maintain a professional and courteous demeanor. Avoid using aggressive language or becoming confrontational, as this can harm your reputation and deter future sales.

Focus on Excellent Service: Continue to provide excellent service and deliver on your promises to all customers. Over time, your positive interactions and consistent quality may encourage more buyers to leave ratings voluntarily.

Learn and Adapt: Consider whether there’s room for improvement in your communication or customer service that might encourage more buyers to provide feedback willingly. Learning from your experiences can help you refine your approach.

Remember that while ratings and reviews can boost your credibility on Facebook Marketplace, they should always be voluntary and based on genuine experiences. Respecting your buyers’ choices and maintaining professionalism will help you build a strong and trustworthy online presence over time.

Are there any automated tools or features on Facebook Marketplace for requesting ratings?

Facebook Marketplace did not offer built-in automated tools or features specifically designed for requesting ratings. However, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest changes and developments on the platform, as Facebook frequently updates its features and may introduce new functionalities.

That said, some third-party customer relationship management (CRM) tools and e-commerce platforms may offer automation features that can assist with requesting ratings. These tools can help you send automated follow-up messages to buyers after a purchase, gently encouraging them to leave a rating or review. However, the effectiveness of these tools may vary, and their use should align with Facebook’s policies and guidelines to avoid any potential issues.

When exploring third-party tools, ensure they comply with Facebook’s terms of service to prevent any violations that could result in account restrictions or other penalties. Always exercise caution and prioritize the user experience, as excessive or pushy requests for ratings can have negative consequences.

To determine if there have been any updates or new features related to requesting ratings on Facebook Marketplace since my last update, I recommend checking Facebook’s official documentation or community forums and staying informed about platform changes through official announcements.

How To Request Ratings On Facebook Marketplace


Mastering the art of requesting ratings on Facebook Marketplace can significantly elevate your online selling experience. By proactively engaging with your customers and encouraging them to share their feedback, you’re not only building trust but also creating a positive cycle of growth. As your ratings and reviews accumulate, your visibility on the platform improves, attracting more potential buyers to your listings.

It’s crucial to approach this process with sincerity and courtesy. Always prioritize providing excellent customer service and delivering on your promises, as this will naturally lead to positive feedback. Remember that building a stellar online reputation takes time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

So, whether you’re looking to boost sales, stand out among competitors, or simply enhance your online presence, requesting ratings on Facebook Marketplace is a valuable strategy. By following the guidelines and insights outlined in this guide, you’re on your way to becoming a trusted and successful seller in the vibrant Facebook Marketplace community.