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IT companies in Madurai is one of the Tamil Nadu’s most populous agencies, and it is incredibly famous for their IT services.  This city was also a university center in Tamil Nadu and for centuries it has been recognized for their art and design forms. In this article, you will find information about IT companies in Madurai and also you will find details about their services. Check our article to know about the best IT services in the city.

With the introduction of small factories after industrialization, the Madurai economy and employment at IT corporations in Madurai have experienced very significant growth. The government has developed special economic zones in Madurai, and many software companies have occupied the city.

List of IT Companies

Hers Is The List Of IT Companies In Madurai

Solutions Prodapt Pvt. Ltd

Prodapt is one of the IT companies in Madurai and it is also a regional innovator for the vertical IT cooperative in the area of management, issues, organisation, and operations. In order to strengthen the process.

Most of the global companies are partnered with Solutions Prodapt. Prodapt is a 120 years old enterprise group and it is headquartered in Chennai.

Ariel Pvt Technologies. Ltd

Ariel Technologies (P) Ltd is a product development organization that has been effectively exhibited for more than a decade in the advancement of offshore programming and it has become a respected player in this industry as a reliable partner. It is one of the skilled and successful professional association cooperatives in India and USA.

The company has been associated with different business groups and they are also one of the IT companies in Madurai.

Honeywell Solutions Pvt Ltd Madurai

Honeywell International Inc. is based in New Jersey and it is one of the world-renowned multinational agencies. This popular company delivers a wide range of services like consumer and commercial goods, engineering solutions, aerospace systems for authorities and private companies.

It’s useful to know that this firm has been ranked 77 in the ranking of Fortune America.

Honeywell International Inc ensures that all products & innovations relevant to global macroeconomic trends, such as consumer development, health, energy efficiency, and clean energy production, are developed and manufactured

Honeywell Inc. was founded by Honey Honeyly Technology Solutions (HTS) in Madurai district to manufacture innovative products and solutions. Moreover, the head office of the company is located in Bangalore, with over 11,000 employees.

IT companies in Madurai

In many regions of the country, like Chennai, Madurai, Hong kong and Brno, HTS has incorporated research and development centers.

Basically, Honeywell Technology Solutions in Madurai operates as the research institute where flight management systems are produced and tested in the laboratories.

Recently, the global business has conducted an essential initiative in radiator and turbocharger production.

Neeyamo Pvt Ltd

It is one of the most popular global organizations which is located on two continents with thousands of skilled employees. This highly technological enterprise is powered by creativity. With their innovative IT solutions and strategies, they have become the IT companies in Madurai.

They are partnered with a number of global companies and they have never failed in offering unique solutions in the industry.

Cogzidel Solutions

They are a part of It companies in Madurai. They highly believed in integrating the existing tools with modern technology, which benefits the scalability of the work. They provide appropriate advice for your company.

They support the whole process, from the preparation to the execution of your own journey. They have a team of dedicated and well trained computer engineers, which makes your journey easy.

Brick Steel Enterprise Infotech Private Limited

In 2013 they are known as providers of digital solutions. Today they have 155 well-trained employees who work for them. their job is to create an innovative business approach and provide an incredible customer experience.

They have a professional group of workers dedicated to providing quality support. Their innovative market approach has been much respected for development, research, and design solution.

Temple City Technologies

It is located in the heart of Madurai, Temple City Technologies is among the IT companies in Madurai.  The offshore software development firm’s primary goal is to provide high-quality software solutions that meet consumer expectations and needs. This application development firm has been one of the SMK group’s recognized units in South India. 

Management of Temple City Technologies employs a network of qualified professionals and project managers with many years of experience in a variety of technologies.

The services offered by Temple City Technologies include application development, content development, project management, data storage, reengineering and much more. The organization ensures the use of mini ERP systems for different fields and these applications are connected via WAN, LAN and the Internet.

Indian company

Mindlogics Pvt Ltd

They are amongst Madurai’s best known IT service firms. Their business is dedicated to providing accessible Internet solutions for its customers.

The best thing about this Madurai IT company is that we have powerful software tests, a delivery model that can help you find a program that’s free of errors.

Formidabel Innovus Pvt Ltd

They are Partnered with over 300 customers worldwide and they are considered to be IT companies in Madurai. They’ve got over 100 offshore ventures there. They help you in digitizing your own designs.

They have been working in this sector for over 12 years and have won over 600 positions. There is a tremendous opportunity to work with this company because of its global workforce because it trains very well. There has been no interruption since 2006, and it has continued to develop its technology to provide the best solutions for customers.

Attwell Data Technology

They are one of the IT companies in madurai for offering the best mobile software products and services. Their constant mix of software, consulting and professional services allows consumers to extend their IT speculations statements. Through a central community-based engagement model, they convey an elusive opportunity for their clients to explore their best strategies and services.

Attwell allows consumers to change their business and IT activities in order to gain quantifiable, and achievable benefits. As an expert advisor and accomplice to its customers, Attotel detects business problems by advancing and executing smart, change-oriented and self-explanatory financial agreements that are self-explanatory within the industry.

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