Plex How To Delete Synced Content

Plex How To Delete Synced Content

How do I remove synced items from Plex? On the Sync screen, there’s either a Refresh or “Sync” button. The delete action is available either at the bottom or via the `.` menu on the same screen. I’m using the latest version of the android app on my tablet.

Can I delete files after uploading to Plex? Most Plex apps will allow you to perform a deletion on a library item if you have the option enabled. You’ll typically access the ability from the details or pre-play screen for the item. Specifics will vary from app to app.

How do I reset my Plex library? Restart Plex Media Server Setup from Scratch
Quit/exit/stop the Plex Media Server to ensure that it is not running.
Delete the contents of the folder(s) for your operating system as noted below.
Restart the Plex Media Server.

Plex How To Delete Synced Content – Related Questions

How do I remove a source from Plex?

Here’s how to delete a Plex server on your PC:
Launch Plex on your computer.
Press the settings icon.
Select “Authorized Devices” at the left side. .
Choose “Server” from the drop down menu.
Locate the server you wish to remove and press the red “x” in the top-right corner.

How do I delete a playlist in Plex?

Deleting a Plex Playlist

Select Playlists and then select the playlist you want to delete. Then, select the trash icon at the top of the playlist window and select Delete.

How do I sync Plex content?

But what I want to do first though is go up to that upper. Right hand corner menu. Go over here toMore

Is Plex deleting my movies?

By default, when your Plex Media Server updates a Library and an item is no longer available at the specified location, the Server will not just remove the item from your library. Instead, the item will be marked as “soft deleted” so that you can restore the item without losing any metadata associated with the item.

How do I refresh Plex metadata?

To refresh all metadata in Plex: Go to the main screen where your libraries are listed on the left. Select the ‘…’ icon in the top of the left pane. Select Refresh All Metadata.

What is a Plex playlist?

Because it literally allows you to create a playlist that will automatically. Play the next movie asMore

What is Plex Smart playlist?

The little gear icon that appears in the top left corner of the playlist indicates that it is a “smart playlist” that will automatically update if you add new music to your library that meet your search criteria.

Can I sync 2 Plex servers?

A new Plex feature syncs watch states and ratings across multiple servers. If you own more than one Plex server (or log in to a friend’s server), any movies or shows you complete will gain a “watched” marker across all your libraries.

How many movies can Plex handle?

Naming and organizing your Movie files | Plex Support. 200+ Free Live TV Channels Tune in anytime, on any device. Free Movies & Shows Stream 50,000+ titles on demand.4 days ago

Where does PleX Media Server store metadata?

Metadata stored in respective media folders : r/PleX.

What is refresh metadata?

The Refresh Metadata function is used to refresh the metadata in the trees, including existing business logic, and clear the metadata cache for the Pyramid server. This is important in ensuring that changes that have been made to the data model are reflected in the trees.

How often should PleX scan library?

every 15 minutes every 30 minutes
Library scan interval

Choose the interval to use from the dropdown. Available frequencies: every 15 minutes. every 30 minutes.

How do I select all in Plex?

You may select multiple items simultaneously to perform actions on them. To enable Multi-Select, hover the pointer over an item and select the circle in the top left corner of the poster. You can then click or drag on the library contents to select items.

Can I import playlists into Plex?

In Plex , navigate to any file in the library for which you want to import a playlist. (e.g. in your ‘Rock Music’ library, navigate to ‘BornToBeWild. mp3’). On the play bar for that library item, click the More Actions ellipses (.) , select Get Info , and then click View XML.

How do I use Plex watchlist?

Plex Media Server Create, organize, and store your collections.
From any of those sources:
On Movie and TV show library or universal detail screens, you click on the Add to Watchlist button.
On mobile and TV grid views you can long press on a Movie or show poster to see the Add to Watchlist option.

Can Plex automatically create collections?

We don’t auto-generate collections at all by default. You should only auto get them if you have `Use collection info from The Movie Database` metadata agent pref enabled (…) or your files have the info embedded in their metadata.

Can you create subfolders in Plex?

You can further divide your library folders however you prefer, such as adding a new folder for each movie or show. Movies that consist of only a single file can all be in the same folder, but TV shows, or any movie that comes with extra data—like posters or subtitles—should be given their own subfolders.

How do I create a smart collection in Plex?

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How do I merge libraries in Plex?

Merging Items
Open the Library that contains the items you wish to merge.
Hover the pointer over an item and select the circle in the top left corner of the poster to enable multi-select.
Click on the posters of the items you want merged to select them.
Click the button in the top action bar and select Merge.

How many Plex servers can I have?

It’s a common misconception that you can only have one server per household setup. You can actually have as many as you want. In fact, only using one server is not prudent.

Can you cluster Plex servers?

Synchronizes the watched and timeline status between any number of Plex servers all using standard Plex APIs.

What is too many active streams on Plex?

This error message indicates that you have surpassed the maximum number of simultaneous streams allowed – which is four. If your account has four active streams, you’ll be unable to start a fifth streaming session.