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By studying the principles and fundamentals of SEO, you can take concrete steps in the field of website promotion in order to bring the resource to the first pages of the search. You can also look for Best SEO Company Chennai.

1. Start Doing Optimization Before Creating a Website

Imagine this scenario: you decided to build a house without paying enough attention to the foundation. In the future, you will find many problems, even if you hired an expensive interior designer. So it is with SEO.

To create a solid foundation of the site you need:

1. Unique texts (forget about copy-paste)

2. Internal links between pages

3. Domain

4. Readable URLs ( human-readable URLs )

5. Server Response Codes

2. Create The Foundation — Original Content

Duplicate or unnecessary content on the site, as well as a messy URL structure, make it difficult to get a high ranking in search results. 

For example, your company decided to get a high rating in different cities, and you created almost identical pages for each of them. Google and Yandex might think that you are doing manipulative activities and duplicating content. This may adversely affect your ranking. 

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3. Optimize Page Titles ( Title Tag )

The tag in the header on the home page is one of the most important elements of your site in terms of the basics of SEO optimization. When deciding on the contents of a headline, consider actual business metrics. All top SEO company in Chennai follow these techniques.

4. Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the foundation of Google’s algorithm. Once you’ve created your site structure, focus on acquiring backlinks. The main thing here is not quantity, but quality. 

Domain authority is measured on a 100-point scale. The popularity of the resource compared to competitors is one of the best indicators for SEO; your place in the Google ranking depends on it. Another useful domestic resource is Linkpad , which calculates the site’s spam count. If you go to the best SEO company in Chennai they will provide you with good quality backlinks.

5. Talk About Yourself On The Internet

Press feed is one of the main ways to get quality links and optimize your site. To increase the rating of your resource, other sites should regularly mention your brand. This is a surefire way to collect additional backlinks. The SEO company in Pondicherry are working on social platforms to make websites more popular. This is one of the SEO strategy.

For this:

-Contact reporters writing about your industry and tell them that you are ready to provide expert comments for articles.

-Get acquainted with industry web resources and offer to share experience. Write an article for their blog.

-Talk to partners, vendors, customers, or consumers and ask them to add you to the Our Partners page.

-Ask customers or consumers to write a review on their website and add a link to your company’s website. The best SEO company chennai has gained more number of people and also made them write reviews for their customer’s website

-Contact the city media with a proposal to act as an expert in the local market.

6. Check If You Have Spam Messages

Link building is critical to the success of SEO promotion. Manipulate the system is not worth it. As well, do not place links in spam directories. For this, Yandex and Google will impose penalties. 

If the file is spam, ask the SEO specialist to audit the backlinks, and in case of problems, perhaps create and send to Google a file with a list of links that should be rejected.

7. Localize SEO

Have you ever wondered how companies get into local Google search results? You can improve the position of your company in the ranking by adding data about it in the Google My Business service . Do not forget to update information in a timely manner. Even cheap seo services  will do this for your website. So give a try on SEO company.

1. Check the information (company name, address, phone number).

2. Add quality and informative photos.

3. Timely process feedback on the work or products of your company. Prepare an action strategy.

4. Connect the messenger function to communicate with customers.

Enter the basic information about the company, about the specialization of the business. Make sure that the information is fully consistent with the services and products of your company.

8. Add The Company To The Listing Of Local Businesses

Google needs confirmation that your business is legal and local. For this, listings of local businesses are needed. The local business is an online company profile, which includes the company name, address, phone number and other additional details. There are thousands of sites and directories where owners can add their company for free. For example, it can be Google+, Yelp, Bing Places, Yellow Pages on the Internet and Yahoo Local. 

9. Constantly Work On Marketing

Google is looking for evidence that you have a working site and legitimate traffic. This means that the content of the site must be impeccable. Start a blog and write in it on relevant topics. Actively promote your blogs on Facebook to drive traffic. Your homepage and others should contain useful information that is of value to the reader. Adapt the site to mobile devices. Do not forget that your site is your main marketing center. You can also look for affordable SEO services india which can do the work for you.

The basics of Search Engine Optimization for beginners are given here.