Principles – Web Design Company In Pondicherry

Are you preparing to create a new web design company in pondicherry or upgrade an existing one? Would you like to make your new website according to good practices and in accordance with the relevant principles of website design?

You Are In The Right Place! Take A Look

The web design in pondicherry success is primarily determined by its usability. Often, business owners forget about it, focusing all their attention on graphics, photos and animation.

How Do Users Use The Pages?

Basically, the habits of users on the network do not differ much from the habits of customers in the store. Website visitors browse every new page, “scan” text and click on the first link that promises to receive what they are looking for.

Most Internet users look for something interesting or useful and click until they catch their attention. If the site does not meet their expectations or does not find the information it needs, they click the “back” button and continue searching.

So what affects a good website design? Below we will introduce you to 6 best web design company in pondicherry principles that will make your website aesthetic, engaging, easy to use and effective.

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1. Intuitive Structure

Don’t force users to think, a website should be intuitive and logically structured. When designing the page, we should get rid of all question marks – decisions that the user would have to make, given the advantages, disadvantages or alternatives.

If the navigation and site architecture are not intuitive, the number of question marks increases.This distracts the visitor’s attention and distracts him from achieving the purpose for which the site was created. A simple project is an effective project.A complicated structure is not what visitors would like to see on your website.

Tips And Techniques By Web Design Company In Pondicherry:

  • Grid based layout
  • Random placement of content on a page can result in a random, messy look. The solution is to use grid based layouts , which organizes the content into sections, columns and fields, making the design aesthetic and intuitive.

2. Navigation (Menu)

Navigation on your site acts as a road map. It decides whether navigating the site is easy and intuitive. In addition, it shows the user what is important on the page and where he can find the information he needs.

Practical Rules Of Web Design Company In Pondicherry  :

  • Join only the most important, important pages to the top menu . The user at the first contact will not be interested in the privacy policy and information on copyright. Links to these subpages should be added to the footer at the bottom of the page,
  • Create groups of related links, placing them according to importance from left to right,
  • Keep short and descriptive page titles,
  • Put the menu bar in an easy to locate place.

3. Typography

Make sure that the fonts used in the project will be legible and reflect your company’s character . It is worth limiting here to two types (main and auxiliary) in order to maintain consistency and reduce page loading time. Overall, fonts such as Arial and Verdana have a positive impact on the readability of the text. Similarly, the degree should be sufficiently large (at least 16px ) so that the user has no problem reading the content on the page.

And also match the font to your site’s character. Remember that the type face evokes specific emotions and feelings . The font used on the restaurant’s website will not necessarily match on the law firm’s website. So make sure the fonts used in the design match. Use headings bold and bulleted lists. Skillfully use line spacing, text alignment (mainly left-aligned), and space between paragraphs. All this will improve the readability of the text and encourage users to read.You can also refer the web design in pondicherry to get an exact ideas for your website.

4. Colors

A well-chosen color palette can significantly improve the impression of using a website. Complementary colors create balance and overall harmony.

Using contrasting text and background colors will make reading easier. Bright, vibrant colors should be used sparingly, in places where we want to focus the user’s eyes (buttons, calls to action, etc.).

5. Pictures

Did you know that the human brain perceives and processes images much faster than plain text?

An Image is worth more than a thousand words or sentence. The selection of appropriate photos will arouse specific emotions that you care about. Also consider infographics and video materials that are extremely effective for best web design company in pondicherry to be and also the pictures helps in communication and significantly affect the time spent on your site.

6. Responsive website

Users will use your site through many different devices – from smartphones to desktops. For this reason, it is important for the site to display well enough on each of these devices. Make sure whether it is a responsive design, which means it will adapt to the width of the screen of your device.