The Best WordPress Plugins That Will Be Useful for an Educational Site

Have you been thinking of building an educational site that is optimized for conversion? Plugins can help you achieve this goal easily. Online learning is one of the most effective ways to train customers, employees, and college students. A study has shown that organizations that encourage people to learn can save themselves as much as 40 to 60 percent of their time. This is especially true when you compare it with learning in the classroom setting. ELearning improves student retention rates and makes it easier for customers to get trained. WordPress plugins play an important role as you build your educational site. They help you get all the features that you need to make your site functional and look professional. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins that will be useful for your education site.

Benefits of using a plugin

A plugin helps you create a user-friendly and engaging website. You can have flashcards, books, quizzes, image hotspots, and technical videos, track the progress of your students, evaluate grades, and set up payments easily. You can add some creativity and fun for an amazing learning experience.

What to look for in an education plugin?

Not every education WordPress plugin offers the same features. You are going to choose the plugins that we are going to list here based on the needs of your site. The plugins that you are going to choose should have the following features:

  1. Ease of use

Every good WordPress plugin will be easy to install and use. A good interface will enable you to feel comfortable with the plugin and start learning your desired course.

  1. Amazing features

Online learning is one of the most convenient modes of learning today. However, you have to work harder to make the experience similar to the traditional classroom since face-to-face communication makes the learning process more intimate and interactive. To keep learners engaged, your website has to integrate images, media, easy scheduling, gamification, and track student progress. You also need to make the payment process straightforward for learners to get started. Your WordPress education plugin needs to offer functionality and improve the learning experience.

  1. Integration with other tools

A good education WordPress plugin will enable your site to work well with other tools that bring more capabilities and features. Your system must have a plagiarism checker and work with other tools to help you sell your courses. Students who can access a online service and check for plagiarism in text will have an easy time in college. Other great integrations include tools that help you include media such as pictures and videos into lessons or tools that allow you to send marketing campaigns to learners, run affiliate programs, manage learner relationships, view the progress of enrollment, and create a student forum.

  1. Affordability

Your site should easily take on more students without any effect on loading time. You need to choose a WordPress plugin that will help you scale your site as your business thrives. You need to keep in mind that purchasing a plugin is a great investment for your website. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Best WordPress Education Plugins

  1. Namaste LMS

This is a plugin that allows you to create countless lessons, courses, and assignments. You can easily define a course and the criteria for lesson access based on test results, completeness, and approval. This plugin supports different types of posts thus making it easier for you to include a wide range of online learning content on your site. Tutors can grade the performance of students through the use of a grading system. Features such as certificates and award badges are available upon successful completion. Payment options include PayPal and Stripe.

  1. Tutor LMS

This is one of the best WordPress plugins that come with a wide range of features to optimize your site. The free version provides a wide range of tools such as a lesson management system, an intuitive drag-drop function, and a front-end dashboard for students. It offers a quiz creator that supports a wide range of question styles such as multiple choices, true or false, short answers, and fill-in-the-blank. It also helps you customize timers or limit attempts on various questions to improve the learning experience.

  1. LearnPress

This is a free WordPress plugin with a simplified user interface similar to the dashboard of WordPress. The drag-drop feature enables you to create lessons, courses, and quizzes easily. You get more functionality thanks to both premium and free add-ons. Free add-ons include course reviews and wish lists.


There are a lot of WordPress plugins that you can use on your website to increase functionality and performance. The ones that we have listed in this article are some of the best. Before investing in a plugin, you need to figure out what you want. Creating an educational site will serve millions of people across the world since most of them learn remotely nowadays. Which plugin are you going to invest in to help others achieve their goals?