The Dark Web: How Many People Use It?

The Dark Web: How Many People Use It? The term “dark web” is commonly used to refer to the internet’s underbelly, where illicit trades in human beings and contraband can be found. But that’s not the whole story. Check out the traffic statistics and content of this section of the web.

In what numbers do people access the dark web?

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The Dark Web: How Many People Use It? Tor Project, the most widely used browser for accessing the dark web, has approximately 2 million daily users, however this is not necessarily reflective of the total number of people that use the black web each day.

Apparently just 1.5% of Tor users really visit hidden websites. However, visiting a hidden or dark web page is not necessarily indicative of engaging in criminal behaviour.

The Dark Web: How Many People Use It?

In-Depth Data on Even More Dark Web Facts

Do you wish to learn how much of the internet constitutes the dark web and what the most widely used software is for entering the dark web? Get acquainted with some of the key data we offer.

When surfing the dark web, you should use the Tor browser.

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Tor allows for anonymous web surfing. The Onion Router is a software tool used by Tor to conceal your IP address by relaying your traffic across a series of intermediary servers.

Some statistics from the dark web in 2022 suggest it is utilised for more than just browsing the underground online. However, this is the recommended browser for accessing the site.

A full five percent of the entire internet is hidden in the dark web.

(Source: CSO Online)

How big the black web actually is is unknown, and accurate estimates are difficult to come by. But don’t automatically assume that something is illegal just because it’s on the dark web. Some users may want an anonymous experience.

On the dark web, criminals and hackers exchange illicit goods and personal information.

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Netflix subscriptions belonging to other users are being traded on the dark web. Guns, porn, passwords, credit/debit/bank account details are all things that people trade and sell.

Additionally, the anonymity provided by cryptocurrencies has facilitated the purchase of goods on the dark web. You can make more transactions on the dark web if you know how to mine cryptocurrency or have some.

The United States has more curiosity than any other nation about the deep web.

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Using Google’s search volume statistics, we can determine that people in the United States, India, and the United Kingdom are the top three countries where people are interested in finding out how to enter the dark web.

London, in the United Kingdom, had the highest search volume at 8,490, while Paris, in Europe, had the highest at 5,450. There were 10,220 total searches for “dark web”-related terms in only New York.

The Dark Web: How Many People Use It?

Those between the ages of 26 and 35 make up about 60% of all users on the dark web.

(Source: Arxiv)

In fact, 58.8% of millennials are active on the dark web. Recent data on the underground web suggest that 18.2% of users are between the ages of 18 and 25, while 23.5% are between the ages of 36 and 45.

According to statistics, only 5.9% of dark web users are between the ages of 46 and 55.

The deep web accounts for 90% of the internet.

(Source: GeeksforGeeks, VPNOverview)

Above the black web is the deeper web. It does not contain any prohibited material, but certain of its pages may be password protected because they are intended only for a select audience. The deep web consists of all the websites that can’t be found with a regular internet search.

Summing Up

It is our sincere wish that these numbers and details will help you gain a better understanding of the deep web. You have learned that not all material on the dark web is illicit. If you have the correct browser, it’s also not hard to get to the dark web.