The Number of Unmined Bitcoins

The Number of Unmined Bitcoins, Bitcoin is a digital money that operates independently of any central bank or single administration. It’s not like the dollar, the euro, or any other fiat currency that you can hold in your hands. Those who are just getting familiar with bitcoins might be curious about the current mining supply.

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What Amount of Bitcoins Remain to be Mined?

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Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto shortly after the Great Recession of 2009. Too bad he capped manufacturing at 21,000,000 bitcoin. Since nearly 19 million Bitcoins have already been created, “only” 2,052,550.0 Bitcoins are now available for mining.

The Number of Unmined Bitcoins

Various Statistics Regarding Bitcoin Mining

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Every day, a total of about 900 bitcoins are mined.

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The Number of Unmined Bitcoins On average, that’s 144 blocks per day. But as miners add more hash power, that figure may now be higher than ever.

One of the best examples of a scarce currency is Numeraire, and DASH is another.

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The total supply of Numeraire is 11 million, but only about 6 million are in use right now. Similarly, there will never be more than 18.92 million DASH in circulation at any given time, but there are currently 10.3 million.

The Number of Unmined Bitcoins Kusama is another cryptocurrency with a limited supply of 10 million, of which only 8.98 million are currently in circulation.

The average time to mine a Bitcoin block is 10 minutes.

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The Number of Unmined Bitcoins Only blocks of bitcoins, which include a total of 6.25 BTCs, can be mined.

When more miners join a network, it becomes more challenging to mine.

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Currently, thousands of miners are fighting for a single block, so obtaining it won‘t be an easy feat. Many participants in the network have concluded that it is more efficient to work together in a mining pool to solve blocks than individually.

The final block of Bitcoins will be mined around the year 2140.

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By the year 2140, it is predicted that all Bitcoin will have been mined. Starting in February 2028 and continuing every four years until mining is shut down in February 2140, the block reward will be reduced by half.

Even if the last complete bitcoin is mined in 2040, miners may continue to be rewarded with smaller amounts of bitcoin for their efforts.

Summing Up

The Number of Unmined Bitcoins Knowing the size of the market, the number of existing cryptocurrencies, and the number of available bitcoins is crucial information for anyone interested in bitcoin mining or considering getting into the industry.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this data to make progress on your bitcoin journey. Success with your mining endeavours!