Tips By Digital Marketing Company In Pondicherry

Everyday life gives you an opportunity to start something from the beginning. It is also a great moment to improve something – both in our private and professional life. It should be the same with your digital marketing strategy. Implementing change and improvement is a continuous process. That’s why you must always be vigilant to learn the best ways to optimize your digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing company in pondicherry gives the best tips for the digital marketers. 

In this post,We will share our best  digital marketing tips for companies.

Be a strategist :

As digital marketing agency in Pondicherry regularly work with many entrepreneurs and business owners, We  often notice that most of them do not quite correctly shape the strategies of their digital campaigns.

They know what to do – for example, create content, start a blog, use social media and so on – and tick off subsequent items. The problem is that they don’t build a specific plan. For example, they can write a random post on their blog just because they haven’t posted for a long time. Here and there, they can also optimize your search engine (SEO) activities if they have the time.

But in the long run this is not the best way to manage your digital marketing. Strategy creation not only helps to improve results, but also saves time and increases the pace of business development. At the beginning of every digital marketing campaign – content marketing, social media, emails, etc. – you need to save time to plan the entire strategy carefully. The digital marketing in pondicherry plans and works according to their plan and succeed in digital marketing.


In Short, You Need To:

  • Set specific goals that you want to achieve at a certain time. This will allow you to focus on what is important and help you decide what content to create to achieve those goals.
  • Get to know your audience – understanding what they like and what content they prefer, allows you to create optimized content that will lead them to specific actions.
  • ‘spy on’ your rivals – look at the presence of competitors on the web (SEO, social networks, blogs and other content) to understand what works and what doesn’t. Take the opportunity to better understand your niche and your audience.
  • Choose your communication channels – where will you share your content? Where are your recipients?
  • Plan content – create an editor calendar for your content, social media calendar for social media and so on to plan categories of shared content.
    decide who will manage each campaign, as well as establish approval patterns for them. 

These are some of the best strategies followed by the digital marketing company in pondicherry. Hope these strategies will work best for you as it did for us.

Make The Most Of The New Instagram Feature:

Instagram recently released a new feature, one of the largest we’ve seen recently – one should increase their interest in companies on this platform. Users can track hashtags, which means that from now on companies have a new way to upload their content to Instagram feeds .

To Get The Most Out Of This Feature, Digital Marketing In Pondicherry Tells You To Use The Following Tips:

  • Quality is extremely important – just because you use a hashtag that people follow does not mean they can see your posts in their feed.
  • Some recent reports shows that Instagam will promote the best using an algorithm that selects content based on the quality and time it was published. It also means that you will want to share content more often to reach as many recipients as possible.
  • Choose your time carefully – as the algorithm uses time as one of the factors that decide what posts appear in feeds, more important than ever is sharing new posts when their recipients are online. Experiment with different times to share posts to find out when most recipients are active.
  • Avoid unnecessary hashtags – it is extremely tempting to bombard as many hashtags as possible. But it is very likely that your post will look like too much of sales. It could even make Instagram’s algorithm avoid you when searching for posts, after all, it tries to make sure that no spam goes to the feed and 30 tags looks a bit like spam. 
  • Focus on more targeted, niche posts – the largest hashtags on Instagram have millions of posts, which makes your creations harder to find. In addition, they have a wide range, so even if you find yourself in someone’s feeds, it is very likely that they will not be your target audience. Instead, use more niche targeted hashtags, usually consisting of two words, as the competition is not so strong but they are still popular enough to be followed.

Create Better, More Consistent Customer Experiences:

Digital marketing pondicherry also advises to create better and more customer experiences. Not only digital platforms are changing and evolving, but also customers. The most important change happening at the moment is that people expect better experiences.

They expect more consistent experiences by jumping between platforms. They want to ask a question via Twitter, continue the conversation by email and quickly retrieve the information sought.

So What Can You Do To Be At The Forefront Of This Trend?

  • Think about the chat bot – every month over 2 billion messages are passed between companies and private people via Messenger on Facebook. Many customers prefer this communication channel to talk to companies and ask questions. Therefore, there are 100,000 active bots on Messenger and this number will certainly increase in 2019. This creates a better experience for customers as well as for you.
  • Add live chat to your website – live chat is now available for large, medium and small companies, which can help generate more opportunities and leads for your company.
  • Use marketing automation, not to save time, but to provide better, more targeted content that they need and exactly when they need it.


It is still too early and we are not entirely sure about all the changes, new platforms and features that will be introduced every year. However, a few things can be sure and these are the tips on which digital marketing company in pondicherry wanted to focus.