Top Most Promising Casino Websites For 2022

    Classy Website Builders is launching an online magazine that will feature the Top Most Promising Casino Sites for 2022. Our bloggers have covered a wide range of information about casinos.

    The possibility to make money without leaving your house is one of the main reasons why online casinos have become so popular. People can unwind while playing their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own houses.

    Our authors analyzed at the most intriguing portions from a number of perspectives and gathered information from a variety of resources to create the greatest review on the market about how casino are altering the world.

    Leading Casino Post of 2022 

    Here are the responses from several writers to certain casino-related information . So have a look at those engaging responses.

    ★★ Under Scoop Fire ★★

    Why did you start Under scoop fire?

    I created Under Scoop Fire as an online social community that loves to share and discuss gaming, movies, television, comic books, toys, retro pop culture and other featured content. There is no site in the world like Under Scoop Fire, and our readers are as dedicated to us as we are to increasing our reach and extending our influence.

    ★★ Tag Flocks ★★

    Why did you start Tag flocks?

    We have started with the aim to spread knowledge and
    educate our readers. There are a lot of misconceptions, spamming on the
    web that are misleading people towards dark corners. Our team of writers
    and editorial staff working hard to provide best-in-class content with
    up-to-date information. Our informative guides are dedicated to online
    gambling enthusiasts. Our Casino blog offers insights and the latest
    news in the world of gambling.

    ★★ Ultras Bet ★★

    Why did you start Ultras bet?

    As vivid sporting and gambling fan I wanted to create a space where I can help people with my experience and knowledge over the years.

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers?

    Have fun when you watch sports but be cautious when you gamble and when the fun stops you need too.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

    As described earlier I watch almost all kinds of sports from a very young and also gamble (I know it was not legal but don’t tell anyone). That’s why I tried to combine passion and work and created Ultras Bet.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much?

    Consistency, Love what you do & Тransparency.

    ★★ Betting Guide ★★

    Why did you start Betting guide?

    We wanted to create a one-stop-shop for all gambling related questions to help users gamble safely all over the world. 

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Focusing on what our users want

    Working closely with our partners to understand the current and future trends

    Working on the ease of use. None of our users should have any problem to understand our content or use our comparisons

    ★★ Saeed Developer ★★

    Why did you start Saeed developer?

    My name is Saeed and I am a website developer so I start Saeed Developer to make my portfolio to develop websites but after some time I learn SEO and content writing then I start writing on this blog so it gives me much more benefits than I was never thought a website can give a website owner. I am very happy to get these results.

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    I will advise the Casino care bloggers to focus on their work its not about the hours or days it takes time to be a success in the business of websites especially the Casino niche. You have to share a unique knowledge with people, give the solutions of the problems and Search engines will accept you as a blogger with your hard working

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

    I am a Saeed Developer who is a professional website developer and SEO expert with great skills in writing about tech and casino topics. Now I have a team of professionals who work for my websites to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Never be sad if you are not earning from your website.
    Work even harder and consistently.
    When you launch a website don’t aspect money from a new site just work on it.

    ★★ Shared ★★

    Why did you start Shared?

    What started as a small performance-based advertising network, quickly grew when we saw opportunity in the digital content industry. Driven by the desire to enrich our audience’s day with great content, we let the likes, views, clicks and comments influence us and help guide us onto the next chapter.

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    Post content that you find interesting or informative. Remember what it felt like to be new to the industry and welcome anybody who wants to learn more.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

    My name is Emma Craig and I love podcasts, plants and learning. I got into blogging by fluke when it was mentioned to me that I would be good at it and found my calling.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this successful?

    Care about your audience.
    Have integrity.
    Be aware of trends in your industry and how to market them to your audience.

    ★★ Newznewmd ★★

    Why did you start Newznewmd?

    As a Graphic Designer and MEdia Analyst this is my Passion to give knowledge to my readers so i give birth to

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    Rock the World by giving real information to the readers

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

    Miles to go and more to achieve. This is about me when I started my dream project after graduating from Open University of British Columbia, CANADA.

    Though good offers in job were offered yet I decided to start my own because I wanted to achieve satisfaction in what I do. Designing was already in my mind so there was no second thought about it. Also there is a saying “God Help those who help themselves”. And under the guidance of that Almighty and with my inner strength I achieved lot of mile stones.

    From Pollywood to Bollywood the region most favourite was CP Grafix. Satisfaction and achievement came hand in hand from Multinational to joint corporates everybody recognised my company. After Serving Music Industry for almost 13 years it was time to rekindle the light towards demand and need of the hour.

    A New concept cropped up “”. Presenting first news as it happens. The only thought of presenting without twisting and as quickly as possible. My own initiative is to collect information, analyse and present.

    Welcome to NewZnew !

    NewZnew works 24*7 to stay ahead of the news curve and to provide the best source of open-platform news and analysis on the Web.


    Let’s join hands to make it better. Be in touch. We will be thankful.

    Feel free to Contact Us with thoughts, concerns, ideas, complaints, thank yous, suggestions and anything else you might want us to know!

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Top of the World

    ★★ CASINO. NL ★★

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging? has been up and running ever since 2008 when Peter Visser and Tim Veneman got together with the fun idea of launching a website about land based casinos, online casinos, and everything in between. Peter and Tim each gained this experience in their own way: Peter as a creative iGaming marketing entrepreneur and Tim as a passionate hobbyist who still spends a lot of his spare time playing cards, moving chips, and visiting both Dutch and international casinos. Like a lot of people working in the online gaming industry, we enjoy brick and mortar venues as much as online casinos, but our focus has gradually shifted to the online industry as this is where you’ll find most players today.

    Why did you start

    We started back in 2008 when online gaming started to gain popularity in The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Initially, we launched the website as a fun project, but over the years it turned out to be serious business. And as we’ve been around for more than a decade and we plan to add at least another decade, we believe it’s fair to say that it still is. Given our history going back to 2008, is one of The Netherlands most experienced platforms covering (online) casino related news.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Peter: “joined forces, experience, and probably lots of patience”.

    Tim: “I would add our strong domain name to that as well”.

    Peter: wouldn’t have been one of The Netherland’s most popular casino websites if it weren’t for our team. This doesn’t only concern the two of us, but also includes the rest of our team that has been delivering one heck of a job over the years. In addition, online gaming’s path to legalisation in our country has been quite a bumpy ride. So we’ve had to be very patient. Tim: other than that, I also believe we have the strongest casino domain in The Netherlands. It doesn’t really get any better than

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    We both agree on this one and would definitely say to stick to legal online gambling only, to always promote responsible gaming, to stress the risks that come with excessive play, and to be fully transparent. We’ll briefly dive into the latter remark.

    A lot of online casinos offer great websites and so do game developers with their games, but we barely encounter any games or casinos that don’t have any flaws and that’s okay if you ask us. Yet, most casino reviews tend to focus on the pros only and overlook the drawbacks. Our recommendation is to give the reader the full picture.

    If a casino offers a great bonus or a superb catalog, be happy to share your thoughts, but do the same if the customer service department lacks responsiveness or the game assortiment fails to impress. is a website that is meant for players and is managed by players.

    ★★ Crypto Runner ★★

     Why did you start CryptoRunner?

    We started CryptoRunner to help people make decisions to save, invest and make money with cryptocurrency. With our comparison service, you can compare exchanges, casinos, wallets, and more in the crypto space. For casinos, you can see the best bitcoin casinos here.

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    There are many casino sites online and casino sites for cryptocurrency are no exception. Be original when writing, try to be you, and don’t copy ideas from others. Start with the end goal in mind and by doing so you’ll gain a bigger purpose.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this successful?

    1. Think about the customer first. As in focusing on the usability and user experience.

    2. Keep posting and continuously update relevant content.

    3. Continuously listen and learn from the audience.

    ★★ Casino Range ★★

    Why did you start Casino range?

    Casino Range was established in 2019 with the goal of providing our users with the most accurate and honest casino reviews possible. Before expanding to new regions, we will continue to establish ourselves as a leading brand in the UK and the US.

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    CasinoRange has become rather selective about the companies to which we send players. Ensuring the destination platform is fully licenced & regulated and has a good reputation. A tremendous effort is being made to produce valuable and honest evaluations and blog pieces for our visitors.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

    As part of our investment in R&D, we also spent some time developing a unique user experience that we feel will revolutionise both the affiliate and blogging markets or perhaps even the approach to blogging in such a heavily regulated sector.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Our tips to aspiring bloggers: Adaptability is vital in every industry because it allows us to be reactive and adapt our strategy based on regulation, technology, or market conditions.

    Communication and teamwork are essential.

    Curiosity, and the willingness to attempt new things without fear of failure.
    However, the most important lesson is that nothing comes easily, and that hard work always pays off in the long run.

    ★★ Hellbound Bloggers ★★

    Why did you start Hellboundbloggers?

    We started our “HellBound Bloggers (HBB)” blog to share our knowledge with others no matter how simple or advanced it is. We wanted to make it in our words so that we can optimize it accordingly and make it reach as many people as possible. 

    Your advice to the Casino care bloggers

    Running a casino blog is tricky since the rules and regulations may vary to different countries, but if you are passionate about this, then make it interesting so that people easily understand how classy it is to do it in style both online and offline along with the monetization model. 

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

     My name is Pradeep Kumar, I started our HBB blog more than a decade back, a lot of things changed, a lot of topics changed but we always wanted to publish interesting content that’ll reach the right audience no matter what.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    If I can point out 3 things that would be: 1) Consistency 2) Interesting Content 3) A lottt of support from our members and readers 

    ★★ Fight Book MMA ★★

    Why did you start Fightbookmma?

    I started FightBook MMA because I wanted to showcase other promotions that wouldn’t be noticed from the world. So many websites promote the UFC. I want to promote other smaller promotions and fighters from all over the world.

    Your advice to the Casino bloggers.

    Stay focused and reach out to freelancers that write about Casinos and Sports Betting. Some of these writers will even do it for free just to get their name out there.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

    I used to fight, I got injured and I didn’t want to leave the sport completely. So, I decided to write and started becoming friends with fighters, managers and owner’s of different promotions. With these connections I was able to publish their work from their writers and the rest is history.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?


    Never give up

    Engage with your audience

    ★★ Stork Sports ★★

    Why did you start Stork sports?
    There were no serious predictions being made using data and artificial intelligence for football matches. We first created the predictions to use ourselves and later we decided to post them.

    Your advice to the Casino bloggers
    Don’t try to get an easy big win. Winning in gambling comes with a strategy, hard work, and discipline. The key is not to always win but to win more than you lose.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    • We don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Most gambling contents are just scams. We do serious work and we don’t make false promises.
    • We use data and artificial intelligence to help us make the best bets.
    • Strategy. No easy ways to win but a winning strategy.

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