Top Most Promising Health Websites For 2021

Li Creative is launching an online magazine with the Top Health Sites for the Year 2021. Our bloggers have written about health based on a variety of topics.

The editorial team at Licreative has gathered facts from a variety of writers in order to propose their health advice to others.

We’ve also compiled a list of different health-related blog sites with their perspectives, as well as those who answered our survey about their interest in creating health-related blogs. In addition, we have published our online magazine with all of these responses.

Leading Health Post of 2021 

Here are the responses from several writers to certain health-related issues we posed. So have a look at those intriguing responses.

★★ Blogaberry ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

I include a lot of healthcare topics because when I was losing weight after my first pregnancy, I realised that people, especially mothers, were not aware of many things like healthy diets, keeping fit, taking care of yourself, etc…So, whenever I find a good topic to write on, I publish it. I also get my doctor friends to write guest posts with some interesting topics which are ignored by many.

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

No advice, keep it up and make sure you are writing something that helps people.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Healthcare topics?

Cindy D’Silva has been writing for Momspresso since 2015. Prior to that she was a full time customer service representative in the Middle East (Kuwait). Now, she lives in Bangalore with her husband, and two kids aged 9 and 5 years. Cindy is not only an influencer, but a belly dance instructor and blogger, too. You can find her writings on her Woman’s Lifestyle blog called Blogaberry.

★★ Rottweiler Life ★★

Why did you start Rottweilerlife?

If there was anything I was sure of since my childhood was that I love dogs. For most of my life, I had a Rottweiler. I couldn’t really pursue that as my job at the time but after some time, I decided to fight for my passion. Since I cared for Rottweilers, I knew how nice they are as companions. It always used to bother me that the breed had this scary and negative reputation. So I decided to merge the two questions into one, and began Rottweilerlife. It was the first website of its kind that catered to Rottweilers specifically. It embodies my mission to convey the joy of having a Rottweiler by your side to the entire world.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

The first advice I would like to give is if you want to be a proper successful blogger, you have to treat it like a full-time job. There are no shortcuts here. At first, you will have to do everything on the website on your own: from writing the posts to maintaining the website. Also, make sure your research is as sound as possible. This is particularly important for topics like health care. You don’t want your readers complaining about something you said actually being dangerous or harmful.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

my name is Ahmed Sobhy, as you would know, and I would like to introduce myself as a dog lover first and foremost. That love for dogs has made me successful in my other job: a very successful blogger. I began blogging to change how the world views Rottweilers. Today, it has grown into a self-sufficient business that helps out hundreds of dog-owners.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

First of all, the first secret isn’t much of a secret. I could only make the site so successful because I devoted almost all my time when it had just started out. So hard work and dedication, I would say. Secondly, just making a website is not enough.

You have to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. That means making the articles as entertaining, and informative as possible. Also, it should try to give some information that is not easily found on the net. It will be even better if it’s something you are passionate about.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, a website prospers depending on the number of viewers it gets. It’s no use putting out great content if no one knows it exists. So I made a facebook page along with the website where it would be easier to let people know about it, as well as build up a community. Today, there are many more social networks you can take advantage of. Get your website out there.


Why did you start Dkoding?

DKODING is a response to an unfilled gap, and an unmet need. We bridge the gap between the storyteller and their audience in unique ways. We address untold stories, especially the ones that have been drowned in the commotion of numerous voices and present them with a stage. We have an obligation; to make unsung journeys the hero of our story. We understand the demand of revealing personalities in a fresh new light and are driven to do it.

Our Passion For Blogging

We’ve made a commitment, to begin from the point, the moment where others conclude. In one of the most turbulent times of world history on issues of racial and social injustice. We have tried hard to be disciplined and to cover a complex set of truths. Even then, we have a crucial responsibility, to move beyond primary discussions of whatever is taking place. Since it is our mission to make a difference, we don’t just report on things as they appear to be, but also on what they can and should be, bringing our readers the other side of the story.

Things That Sets Us Apart
To help you soar above the curve — and spark change.
We will certainly never tell a story that another national or international publication has already covered.

The DKODERS will always tackle issues with a diverse and global perspective. We continue to be smart, rigorous and truthful in our reporting and storytelling. We embrace a multi-partisan approach to the issue of the day and bring multiple voices to every conversation.

We won’t always agree with them, but we will give you the opportunity to hear multiple approaches and then make your own mind.

★★ Broke And Chic ★★

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

I’m 33 and live in Los Angeles, California. I fell in love with blogging over 10 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. When I’m not blogging, you can find me on my Peloton, teaching a spin class, salsa dancing, or spinning vinyl at a fun DTLA bar. Find me on Instagram: @brokeandchic

Why did you start Broke and chic?

I started Broke & Chic back in 2011 after moving to New York City. Not only is New York City one of the most fashionable cities in the world, it’s also one of the most expensive. I had already spent my entire savings moving there, so I had to figure out a way to stay on-trend without going into debt. It originally started as a thrifting blog—I would thrift in NYC on the weekends and document what I found…the rest is history. Fashion, Beauty, and Decor for the empty wallet has been Broke & Chic’s motto from the start, but it has grown over the years to include health, fitness, wellness, career, and finance advice.

While I’m no longer the broke college student I once was, I still strive to live frugally. No matter your age, no matter your income, Broke & Chic is there to help you live your best life—on a budget.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site successful?

Use Pinterest: Pinterest is my secret ingredient for success since most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Use it often, and not just to pin your own articles. While you should definitely pin every post you publish, you need to actually use Pinterest. Pin your own stuff like crazy, but pin others just as much. You won’t find success with Pinterest if you only pin your own stuff. Since Pinterest is visual, you need to make sure the photos on your blog are on-brand and hi-res. It’s also not a bad idea to include your logo or website on the bottom of some pictures—Canva is a good service to use for that if you don’t have Photoshop skills.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Bloggers: You’ll get discouraged if you start comparing yourself to other bloggers which may turn into you giving up. Some bloggers become overnight sensations while others don’t start finding success until years later—and that’s okay! Broke & Chic is now my full-time job, but it took me 9 years to get my blog to a point where I could quit my 9-5. Trust your journey and find your niche. If you are offering something valuable to your readers, they will come back.

Collaborate and Network: Become friends with other bloggers in your area and support one another. Don’t feel other bloggers are a threat or an enemy, that attitude won’t get you very far. Collaborate with them instead! You should also look into collaborating and networking with local businesses that you think are on-brand for your blog. For example, if there is a new yoga studio in town, reach out to the owner to see if you can do a feature on them in exchange for a free class. You’ll be promoting them, and they will likely share your post—which then gives you more traffic. It’s a win-win!

★★ EssentialOils.Life ★★

Why did you start EssentialOils.Life?

As a former military research analyst who recovered naturally from severe autoimmune health issues, I originally created Essential Oils. Life to document my research and provide a simple resource to provide to other people looking for answers on how to identify and replace harmful chemicals from their homes, how a natural lifestyle may help them, and to provide encouragement through knowing living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to be challenging.

Your advice to Health Care Bloggers:

My advice to health bloggers is to view your blog as a public service, helping to solve problems your readers are searching to remedy. Narrow down who exactly your serving, and be as thorough as possible, setting a new standard of depth while staying on topic. Focus a lot on what your ideal audience is searching for, and become intuitive enough to predict what they will be searching for in the next 3-4 months, so when they are looking for your information, Google and other search engines will have your posts indexed and ranked.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for blogging?

My name is Nicole Graber. I previously served in the US Navy conducting information research analysis. I left the Navy after developing 13 severe, complicated autoimmune and neurological disorders, and spent the following 5 years depressed with no relief to my pain, seizures, and physical weakness. After exhausting my medical resources, I decided to try the alternative wellness route (changing my food habits, cleaning products, and personal care products), and was shocked to endure a rapid recovery experiencing my very last seizure 90-days later in September of 2013.

During that time frame, I watched a documentary discussing other veterans with my same health issues, which was shocking because the 32 specialists I saw at the veterans hospital insisted my case was unique. Back then there were not many testimonials or studies available online, so I decided to start sharing my results to give hope to other people hope and encouragement, showing them healing was a possibility and inspiring them to implement simple lifestyle shifts that could produce significant results, as it did with me.

Since then, with routine emails from my readers sharing their health success stories, my passion for blogging continued to grow. I honestly see my blog at Essential Oils. Life as my contribution to helping others see the simplicity in taking back control of their wellness journey, especially with so much misinformation and difficult to understand information flooding the internet. With having an expertise in research analysis, I feel it is my duty to continue serving by finding and sharing the truth through a flood of contradicting information.

3 Major secrets which made your site successful:

First and foremost sharing from my heart while genuinely caring about each and every person who lands on my page is at the core of my success. I create content specifically to help my readers, often creating content out of their requests or questions. I write knowing I’m speaking to someone, not just to lecture. I view my readers as if they’re family members, seeking to give them the most thorough yet simplified content and feel it shows in my writing. Too often mega websites provide basic information or sterile how-to directions that the personal touch is lost and info falls flat. It’s my prerogative to change that.

Second, I find creative ways to share that content in a manner that can easily be found on search engines. The best content in the world will be stuck in the shadows of the internet if it isn’t also optimized for search engines, or if the sitemap isn’t submitted to the search engines.

Third, I’m constantly updating old content to keep it relevant with current information, adjusting for search engine algorithms, adjusting content for new ways readers are searching, and updating with new testimonials.

★★ Mother Of Health★★

Why did you start Mother of health?
We started MOH because we wanted to help people master the art of natural living and self-care using Ayurveda as a guide.

Your advice to the Health Care bloggers
Find a smaller niche within the Health niche and focus all your efforts there. Don’t go too broad in your topics.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?
I’ve been learning and practicing natural health and Ayurveda for more than 20 years. My passion is digging deep into natural solutions for chronic health problems.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?
Post regularly
Continually find ways to grow your list
Keep learning

★★ World Wild Hearts ★★

Why did you start World Wild Hearts?

We fell in love 3 years ago in a masters program where we were studying international business together. During the program, we realized how much travel had changed our lives in a positive way. We wanted to do something that would both cherish our travel memories as well as encourage others to travel as well and reach their full potential of personal growth / knowledge of the world.

Your advice to health care bloggers

We believe that travel can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. Our advice to health care bloggers would be to always keep holistic approaches in mind when showcasing options for healthy living. It doesn’t always have to be about the latest advances in medicine, but simple things like traveling or hiking can really make all the difference for some people’s healthy lifestyle.

Can you give a brief introduction about yourself and your passion for blogging?

We are Zac and Ine, an international couple from the US and Belgium who fell in love through travel. We have a passion for helping others experience that same adventure of learning new things through our blogs and videos. We want everyone to have the opportunity to travel and hike safely while growing personally at the same time through these experiences. Our informational videos and blog posts help achieve that.

Can you share your 3 major secrets that made your site so successful?

Our first secret is persistence. It took us at least a year before we saw any real traffic coming to our website, so we had to stay focussed and know that our blogs would get read at some point if they had good quality information in them. Second, we committed to a theme. Adventurous travel and hiking are things we like to do and have a lot of knowledge about, so committing to that really helped drive traffic to the site with people who actually cared to read it or watch out videos. Finally, our last secret is that we have a passion for the subject. It would be so boring for us if we were writing about things that we didn’t actually write or believe in. We would likely burn out very quickly. Since we love to travel and hike (and think there are many others who also like that), it helps us to keep writing great content and make even better videos for our viewers.

★★ Rotten Panda ★★

Why did you start Rotten panda?

As a hobby, I like reading simple health hacks and ideas for home and wellness. So I thought why I don’t give my share of ideas to someone who needs it. That’s how I began and growing day by day.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers?

Do your research, keep the words simple as possible and write a long content. Use references in-between, or statements by experts. It create trust in your platform.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

This is Emma, I started blogging from 2012, sold of few of my blogs and my passion grew once I saw the demand for good content. I learned SEO myself, and published great content that my visitors like. Now we are getting ton of guest post submissions, advert revenue as well. Also I am working on couple of new blogs as well.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?
Being patient and consistent.
Love whatever you do, it work without it.
Build your network

★★ Rūt Essentials ★★

 Why did you start Rūt Essentials?

Rūt Essentials is a premium essential oil brand. And we are here to add beauty and wellness to your daily routine.
Inspired by the personal journey of founders Adnan Adada and Nour Khodr (myself), Rūt Essentials started as an exploration of the many ways we could combat the rise in stress and anxiety levels throughout the past few years. Rūt Essentials works to boost your wellness routine to the next level with essential oils and aromatherapy. We have worked tirelessly to responsibly source the highest quality of 100% pure natural oils and make them widely available at an accessible price and with flexible recommendations to incorporate into everyday life, both enhancing mental wellness and offering health and beauty-boosting solutions.Our products can be enjoyed by adding a few drops of our essential oils into your favorite diffuser or enjoy mixing them into your body lotion, essential oils are a great way to enhance your mood, boost your mental health, and fill your space with natural aroma.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

Blogging was never a passion of mine until I started writing about what I love, and that being wellness, beauty and aromatherapy. I enjoy helping people become the best version of themselves and guiding them to better their self-care practices.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

From a technical side: Influencer marketing, SEO optimization and consistent high value content.From a more human point of view: its passion, motivation to persevere through the toughest of times, and integrity; we stand by the quality of our products.
Let me know if you need me to send over anything else.and please do share the editorial with us when its been published, we would love to read it!

★★ Innfinity ★★

Why did you start Innfinity?

Innfinity was started with a pure passion for writing and the long form of it. In today’s world of 180 character information available, innfinity wanted to be a storehouse of information and knowledge. In details we held our head high.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

Our advise to health care bloggers is presentation of factual content at any cost. Also fact checking a must do for all bloggers before presenting them before a world wide audience. Creating awareness of health issues should be the main aim and not providing medical solutions or treatments by promoting brands.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

Innfinity is forever, a realm where everything converges, feelings, ideas, thoughts, serendipity, stories…Create and recreate smiles and memories…..
Unfolding your world of imagination and possibilities…
This is us and this is our passion.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

Our success is originality in content, detailed information and an attitude of providing quality against quantity. We do not believe in following the quickbait trends of the internet world.

★★ Be Wise Professor ★★

Why did you start Be wise professor?

Be wise professor started with core relationship, marriage and health articles, to solve as many as possible the questions people ask on different search engines and to get satisfied with reasonable answers.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

Be wise professor is an online site that serves men & women with all the best on relationship, marriage, health and life advice. Its our work to give you the best guide and advice that you need above, for you to know how life and things around you is going. To also solve all your relationship and Marriage related questions. We started on October 2018

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

We make intensive research, before any article is published, so it can be relevant to the readers. 
Search engine optimization and keyword research, to enables us get the exact question/problem the audience need to be resolved. 
Consistency is the major attribute to our success since we launched the blog.

★★ Women Triangle ★★

Why did you start Women triangle?

We started Women triangle to let me and my other female friends have a platform where they can share their views and knowledge.

Your advice to the Health bloggers.

Be detailed. One need to understand not all female bodies are same. We need to do our research well so that we are not passing wrong information. 

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Health?

I am Software Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. My sister was constantly searching for different health and beauty blogs to follow and grow as per her needs. But there was lack of right information hence we started our own.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

Perseverance. Hard Work. Ambitious is all need to be successful. 

★★ Addiction Resource ★★

Why did you start Addictionresource?

We started AR in 2014 as a project that would have a real social impact by raising awareness about addictive substances. Beyond raising awareness, we also envisioned a place where people could get free, community-based resources so they could take the first step towards getting the help they needed by reaching out to someone.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

Our advice would be to gain trust, above all else. Addiction is a very serious issue that impacts so many lives and people need to know that they can rely on you as a resource for information and help, ultimately. Having a great team of enthusiastic contributors and collaborators who have experience across a wide variety of fields is also a good way to engender trust. They are the ones who provide you with the verified, evidence-based information that your readers need.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

We are a small and dedicated team committed to educating people about addiction and other substance abuse issues to motivate them to get the help they or their loved ones need. The site was the best way to share knowledge with a community that needed free resources.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

They’re not really secrets. Anyone with an informative page on the internet can follow the same Google guidelines to gain a readership and rise in the rankings. They can also analyse what their competitors and other similar sites are doing to find out how best to attract readers. And, of course, the best way to attract readers and viewers is to provide content that no one else can by collaborating with the most trusted and valued contributors.

★★ Medic Tips ★★

Why did you start Medictips?

Medictips is a fitness platform for those who are looking for home remedies, quick but reliable solutions to their everyday health problems. This was the main motive of starting medictips. We wanted to reach millions of souls who are searching for the answers to their mental or physical health issues which sometimes they feel uncomfortable discussing with anyone else. We wanted to spread more knowledge about the benefits of adopting natural healthy ways like YOGA, AYURVEDA, MUDRA GYAN to heal the body.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

Be true to what you do and do not just do it for Money. Health is a very important part of life and many people will read your content, so it should be correct and verified before coming online. Understand the reason for being a health blogger and try to share the best info with your readers. Try to understand the problem and then give the solution. Giving a good solution is the way you can help your readers.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

I have been blogging since 2012. My initial mistakes in blogging helped me a lot in learning about various things like SEO, plagiarism and social marketing. We started the blog almost 6 years back. We were just 2 people then who had a fitness mindset but today we are a big team. Everyone in our team strives to share the best health and fitness knowledge with our readers. My passion for blogging can be understood from the fact that I have been blogging almost every day since I started working on this website.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

1) Consistency and Patience are the main ingredients that went into building this successful blog/website.

2) Another secret is, we do not give/provide any unresearched content to the reader. Whatever goes online is well checked, verified and result oriented. We give readers the best solutions that show results and not just any solution.

3) We share not only solutions but ways by which our readers can lead a more healthy and fitness oriented lifestyle. Why be just normal, when you can achieve great results mentally and physically. We share various workout, yoga practices that can help you in every possible way to build a sharp mind and strong body.

★★ Ayurvedic Home Remedies ★★

Why did you start Ayurvedichomeremedies?

Ayurvedic Home Remedies blog is created to share useful natural health information where you can learn how organic herbs and substances help to treat various disorders and to approach toward healthiest living. The AHR blog is an online health guide of herbal remedies with the herb’s detail like names, identification, and introduction, etc.

Your advice to the Health Care bloggers

My advice to health care bloggers is to provide only helpful information for mankind. Try to serve online health seekers the best result-oriented health information for a healthy world. Share your best knowledge that helps others.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

I am Mukesh Kumar, an Ayurveda Pharmacist with extensive knowledge of natural herbs’ benefits and their uses to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love to share my natural health knowledge to make you healthy at home using your surrounded organic herbs and plants at no cost

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

1. My blog is purely a natural health blog with only relevant health articles.
2. The most natural remedial solutions are helpful for users and help them to fix their health issues.
3. My health blog is an informational health guide and is absolutely free for all online users.

★★ The Review Stories ★★

Why did you start The review stories?

As a website developer and a car enthusiast I always wanted to share my thoughts with everyone, so I started During my journey, I encountered quite a few guest authors who were interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas on my website. This gave me a boost to increase the reach of my website and by accepting various niche articles from different authors I grew my community.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

Always write with facts, because health is a very sensitive topic, you don’t want people to get wrong ideas. Try to add source or industry expert points in your article.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

I am a website developer and digital marketer, I have been working in this industry for the past 7+ years, and I always wanted to share what I learned with everyone. This is what kicked the passion in me for blogging, and I started Thereviewstories. I also have another website for reviews about digital products “” though it is at the initial stage.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this successful?

Content is what makes your website popular, focus on what you are writing, focus on how you are presenting your thoughts to your users. If you write good content rest will follow.Though in this competitive world you need to plan how you are going to spread your content. Choose the right channels and create short videos, carousel, posts around the topic.

★★ Glitz And Glam By Tiff★★

Why did you start Glitzandglambytiff?

I started Glitz and Glam By Tiff to share my personal experience as a Model in the industry and also share what I love personally in everyday life.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

A little bit about me… I am Tiffany Williams. I am a Model, Blogger and Content Creator who shares all things style and lifestyle. I love being able to share information that I learn along the way and help inspire others to be their best.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?
I don’t know if these are really secrets, but a few tips that I would like to share with having a successful website are:

1. Consistency is key

2. When sharing posts, give as many details and information as possible. Sharing references and links help so much.

3. Have fun!! The subject or pieces that you are sharing should be something that you are interested and passionate about, so that it doesn’t feel like a chore to share.

★★ Luminance Skincare  ★★

Why did you start Luminanceskincare?

At Luminance Skincare, we deliver completely natural, safe skincare and body care products. When we say safe, we mean safe for you and for our planet. We believe every ingredient should be fresh, a nutrient source for skin, and that each individual ingredient should serve a purpose.

Everything we make is naturally vegan, non-toxic, free from harsh synthetics, proudly cruelty-free, and is handcrafted by our passionate team. We will never compromise those standards.

★★ Austine Media ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

Because Healthcare deal on human life and we are passionate in breaking first class information to people who seek to better their life and improve their wellbeing by living a healthy lifestyle.

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

My advice to them is to be passionate about their craft and dig more to get contents and information that will help people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Healthcare topic?

My name is Austine Ikeru, I am a professional Blogger and a Journalist. I am the owner of Austine Media and also a graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. I became interested in health when I saw the alarming rate of death and sicknesses in the world, so I decided upon myself to create content that will change people’s life and enable them live a healthy lifestyle.

★★ The Stuff Of Success ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

Although My Degrees Are In Business, I Have Always Loved Health And Wellness Topics.  I Have More Than 100 Credits In Natural Health And Nutrition Courses And Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle As Much As Possible.

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

Keep Your Passion Alive.  For Me That Means Choosing Topics That Allow Me To Keep Learning All The Time.  Include Timely Updates In The World – Covid Is Life Changing And Definitely Deserves Featuring.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Healthcare topics?

Prior To Having Children I Was Working Towards My Ph.D. In Natural Health. I Had Every Intention Of Becoming A Natural Health Practitioner.  Through Twists In Life I Found My Greater Purpose Through Blogging About Health And Wellness.  I Feel I Can Reach A Much Larger Audience And Meet A Greater Need Through Blogging.

★★ Kaboutjie ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Health topics?

My blog is mainly parenting and family focused, and health is such an important topic and something that most moms place a huge emphasis on since they are often the number one caregiver and influencer when it comes to the health of families.

Your advice to the Health Bloggers.

Share about the things you are passionate about and that makes you happy. Blogging should be a creative outlet that inspires you.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Health blogs?

I started blogging 9 years ago when I launched my online baby store and fell in love with blogging so I changed my direction to be a full time blogger. I’ve had my fair share of health struggles over the years, in particular with my mental health. I am an addict and alcoholic, now 13 years in recovery, and I also have bipolar disorder. I’ve learned through personal experience over the years how closely intertwined our mental health and physical health is. I love sharing what I have learned.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

  1. Being highly engaged with my audience is a huge asset. I love to go live and interact with my audience as much as possible. It creates that personal connection which is essential to creating trust.
  2. Sharing my own personal journey has made me stand out, especially with regards to mental health and addiction.
  3. My main focus is to create fresh content and have good SEO on my website with my social media channels supporting my content creation. I try to grow my website and my social media channels grow too through those efforts. I don’t place focus on followers, likes and shares, I place emphasis on how much traffic I get to my website.

★★ NaijaCampusJams ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

Well, My name is Sodeeq Ambali. I will describe myself as a kind and easy going person, A DJ-turned-Healthcare Blogger’ because Healthcare topics is my passion. Everybody has a story worth telling. My mission is to bring it to you.

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

My advice to the Healthcare Bloggers…. Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life, because they may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

★★ Its Hemp ★★

Why did you start It’s Hemp?

Growing up in the mountains, we have shared a rather interesting relationship with cannabis. Right from our childhood, we saw it being used as a remedy for a plethora of diseases. The co-founders were doing market research for a European CBD company that was interested in entering the Indian market. It was then we discovered that a wide variety of hemp products were being manufactured in India but were not being marketed properly.

On the other side of this research, we discovered potential users who knew about the wonders of hemp and were willing to adopt it into their lives but had no access to products.ItsHemp was started with the idea of bridging this gap between the manufacturers and the users. It was an online hemp-exclusive marketplace where manufacturers could list their products and customers could browse and adopt them. In the last 2 years, however, it has grown into a cannabis-adoption platform that helps people discover and adopt a healthier lifestyle with different cannabis products.

Your advice to the Health bloggers

The common phrase Health is Wealth is the truest piece of information taught to us in schools. If there is anything that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is that nothing is more important than health. When we set out to talk to people about their health, it is important to understand the sensitivity of the matter. Unlike fashion, health is not something that can run on infinite trial and error. So, whenever you’re out there talking to or advising people about health, please ensure that it comes from an authentic and authoritative source. Have research, science, or technical literature to back you up.

Also, please remember that health is not just physical. Our mental, spiritual, emotional, and sexual well-being also play a crucial part in our overall health. Let’s try to be inclusive of all these aspects when trying to build a healthier life.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Health?

Apurva, one of the 2 co-founders, is a communications consultant who helps brands, services, and people design and implement social communication strategies. She was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 13 and it was after 10 years of extreme suffering and 1 suicide attempt that she realised the true value of health.

Stemming from the negligence of her own health for so long, she feels a particular connection to the act of helping people improve their state and quality of life. She discovered the potential of cannabis to help achieve this in an ever ongoing process. And has decided to let more and more people learn about it. As she often says, “I am constantly fascinated by the sustainability, health benefits, and versatility of cannabis.”

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

1. Commitment to delivering quality.

2. Carefully listening to what the users wanted and providing them exactly that.

3. Unconditional support from the team, family members, and the community we’re serving.

★★ Tipsfrom Tia ★★

Why did you start Tips From Tia?

I started to give a trusted source for readers to learn how to find quick tips and tricks for everyday life that actually works. The worst is finding bad information on the web that could ruin your home, relationships or lifestyle goals.

Your advice to the Health bloggers there outside

Research before you write. I have researched extensively or tried these tips myself before adding it to my collection of information. Be passionate about the topics you write about. Passion comes out in your writing as well as accuracy on the topic.  

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Health?

I’ve been a radio personality, public speaker and writer for a long time. I have a unique memory for tips and life hacks. I have a passion for health. And I have a gift for entertaining. I added the three together and got I have my boards in nutrition and the craft for researching. Using these elements to help others and their families has been an amazing highlight in my career.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

The readers. All credit goes to them. They gave me validation in my hard work and what I’ve been creating over the years. They’ve shown appreciation. And they continue to ask for more. Thank you to all my readers!

★★ Shiftedmag ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

Well, TBH I chose healthcare primarily because I was always interested in the healthcare & medicine industry. I had this desire of how to be a participant in delivering quality healthcare content for interested users.

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

First of all, identify the readers if they are doctors, patients, or any general public. Then write a effective statement right at the beginning so they can take interest in reading. There should not be any multiple topics, focus only on one which you are talking about. Use as Plain language as you can which could be read by any. I am sure by following these you would have an outstanding audience to your blog.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Healthcare topics?

I am an SEO guy from my profession. As I love doing SEO as well as writing. Writing on different topics makes me feel like I am the one in the story & writing about health is not just explaining what you know, it’s about understanding the nature of doctors or patients or some general audience.

It keeps me motivated that my writing helps others when they needed some kind of guidance in their hard time. So alternatively, it’s about helping others with just your knowledge.

★★ Feel More Gooder ★★

Why did you start Feelmoregooder?

I started Feel More Gooder in 2012 my last semester of college as a digital wellness space to share my ventures in fitness, nutrition & organic skincare. Over the years, it has evolved into a platform more specifically geared towards intuitive nutrition, mindful fitness, clean beauty & self peace This is my offering to my community as a way in to finding what wellness regime resonates best with them.

Your advice to the Health bloggers

My advice to health bloggers is to not compare yourself to other creators. Share the most authentic version of yourself with the world; that realness with resonate and have the biggest impact. 

★★ Root Journey ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

For me, clean living has always been a priority. We are all on a journey to improving our health, and I love sharing my life experience as well as new discoveries with my readers. My goal is to feed my mind, body and soul with only what’s pure, healthy, nontoxic and safe, while protecting the environment and the animals. A healthy, sustainable lifestyle means I consider the foods I eat, the ways I move, my relationships, my thoughts and what I put on my skin. Our journey to wellness works from the inside out, from the root to the plant. 

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

Education, real life experiences, and encouragement will guide your readers towards their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Healthcare topics?

I was born and raised in the fertile lands of Brazil, where exotic fruits, roots, nuts and vegetables were abundant, and tending to our home organic vegetable garden was a way of life. I am of both Italian and Indian descent, and was taught at a very young age about Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems) by my Indian father. I have spent over 20 years in the natural cosmetic industry, creating vegan and organic skincare and hair care products, developing corporate health and wellness events, and hands-on cooking classes emphasizing plant-based meals. I love connecting with people about food, health and wellness, which led me to pursue my Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I believe that each of us are capable of profound change. I am committed to helping my blog readers gain awareness, confidence, and more quality of life through the information I share with them.

★★ Deval The Coach ★★

Why you start deval the coach?

Deval the coach was earlier into service of counselling. If you don’t serve mental health, you fail to gain physical health.This idea is the “spark reason” to start all kind of mental health support system through one platform. I. E Deval the coach.

★★ The Last Fashion Bible ★★

Why did you start The Last Fashion Bible?

The Last Fashion Bible was started to give inspiration through highlighting sustainable practices and technological advances moving the fashion industry forward.

Your advice to the Health bloggers

Get in tune with yourself, your body, and trust your intuition. The rest will follow.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Health?

The Last Fashion Bible aims to educate readers on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, providing realistic advice on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle for yourself and the planet, in the most stylish way.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

  1. set goals
  2. learn from failure and implement changes 
  3. persistence

★★ The Pink Velvet Blog ★★

Why did you choose and focus on Healthcare topics?

Even in my personal day to day life, I love to read and know more about tiny little health care tips which play a really important role in our routine. Over time, I realised I have so much to share when it comes to everyday health and that is when I decided to include more health-tips related articles on my blog.

Your advice to the Healthcare Bloggers.

I am not a professional health care expert so I do not consider myself in a position to give advice to healthcare bloggers but as a reader and explorer of health based content, I love it when blogs are written keeping in mind to provide and share knowledge rather than simply adding the article on the Internet. After all, people are going to take away that knowledge and apply it to their life. 🙂 No wonder is one of my favourite blog to read.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your interest in writing Healthcare topics?

I am a big time foodie. I love to try and explore food. I sometimes wish to be on a journey where I am exploring different snacks. As much as I love food, I share the same interest in exploring cosmetics. Trying what is new in the market has always been by thing even as a kid. Also, I am a spiritual person and I believe in manifestation. 🙂 

Talking about my interest in healthcare topics, I have always loved the fact that we have so much in our home, in our kitchen that can contribute to our health. Those herbs, those spices, they have so many magical benefits that it led me to explore more and more about everyday health care and how we can use simple things to improve our lifestyle. All of this makes me want to write and share about simple healthcare.

★★ Theopinionatedindian ★★

Why did you start Theopinionatedindian? 

we started in May 2017. We wanted to address health-related issues that other blogs weren’t speaking about. We figured that there is still an audience which wants to hear from regular folk speak about health related issues & review products related to health, fitness, lifestyle, etc

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

With health blogs being dime-a-dozen, it is imperative you provide unique content in terms of insight, infographics, videos, etc. Be present on every social media platform & promote all of your social handles on every platform

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

I am a media professional by day & blogging is my passion. I take time out everyday to pass on my knowledge gleaned from my personal experiences & speaking to experts in this field. The money we make from tie-ups is the icing on the cake!

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

  • 1. provide unique content
  • 2. write well researched articles 
  • 3. be present on all major social media platform especially facebook, youtube & Instagram

★★ Amir Articles ★★

Why did you start Amirarticles?

There are some reasons why I started this site, Making money, loved to learn about blogging, its my passion as I completed some courses in graphics designing.

As you can understand, I am different and creative compared to other people. There are too many people who work for others, create sites for other people and make money. I decided to create my own site, in my free time, while making money by working for others. Now I have 25 sites and expanding with time.

Your advice to the Health bloggers

It’s always a good idea to create something unique compared to too many sites already available. I am sure if any topic is not yet covered and filled with high level content. To be successful in the market, you need to come up with something unique.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

My name is Michael Caine, love to read stories, watch TV series and make friends online.

My passion is to create blogs in almost every niche, make money and also provide latest 

and unique content for everyone. 

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?


a) Keyword Research is the main reason for my success. You must know that 10 articles with high level proper keyword research are better than 100 long articles without keyword research. I can see blogs with thousands of posts and almost no good traffic at all.

b) Make friends in this field that can help you, guide you at any stage you ever need help. There are too many secrets behind a succesful blog, its really stupid for someone to spend years leraning by testing, making blogs and fail, and dont find 1 mentor that can explain years of work in week or less.

c) Look for multiple ways to make money, it’s not always about making ads as most people do. You can earn from adsense, guest posting, affiliate marketing, place ads in fixed spaces and more. 

★★ Infolist ★★

Why did you start Infolist?

InfoList was started without any intention of creating anything at all – it began as simply helping friends and letting them know when I came across jobs or opportunities that might be helpful to them.  After letting many of my friends know about many opportunities, soon information began coming to me, and it grew organically from there – now it’s become a full time business!

Your advise to the Health bloggers

All opportunities I post on InfoList (castings, film shoots, etc.) must comply with all local and federal Covid-19 safety protocols, and I highly recommend everyone do this!  Additionally, I strive to bring castings and opportunities to light which promote and advocate not only physical health, but mental health as well.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Health?

I am a firm believer in observation of health and safety protocols such as masks and vaccines – not only to protect one’s own health, but that of one’s loved ones, friends, family, and community as well.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

a) All business is based on a win-win scenario for both sides.  Short term gains at the expense of another do not lead to sustainable or ongoing transactions.   b)  Networking is not about “what can you do for me,” but rather, “how can I be of help to you?”   c)  Giving first, before asking for anything, is a much more direct path to success!

★★ Douvall’s ★★

Why did you start Douvalls?

Myself and my mother both had terrible skin, with two very different skin problems. On our travels we discovered argan oil and were amazed by its benefits and it solved both our skin issues. Initially we bought 500kg just for friends and family but found a gap in the market for argan oil and everyone wanted it! We went on to launch in Harrods and have been growing ever since.

Your advice to the Health Care bloggers

Believe in what you post and be genuine. An honest blog that really educates your readers will leave them going away and coming back for more!

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

Douvalls founders Alicia and Georgia Douvall, mother and daughter team with a passion for health, beauty and wellness. We focus on natural, organic, eco and ethical products and lifestyle. We absolutely love the people we meet and the information you learn from blogging!

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

– Always have a multi-channel approach (use your social, podcasting, blogs etc all together)

– Collaborate with others and link to each other’s sites

– Research and post about interesting and unique topics that aren’t always covered – add detail, links and your own views.

★★ Shilpa Ahuja ★★

Why did you start Shilpaahuja? is one of India’s most-read digital fashion magazines, with a focus on inspiring confidence through fashion and lifestyle. We are a new age media channel for the modern millennial woman, your source of up-to-date news, solid research-based fashion trend forecasting, opinionated pieces, runway reviews and relatable style advice. Shilpa Ahuja is the best friend every woman needs, simplifying runway trends into quick and easy styling tips, making sure you always step outside looking great and feeling awesome!

We have a team of 7, over 250,000 social media followers and over 400,000 organic monthly unique visitors who are spread in over 150 countries.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel happy and confident about their style. Confidence can be the key to positivity and self-awareness, which in turns makes one happy from within. We believe that fashion should not be a dictatorship bound by strict rules; fashion should be a democracy where everyone has the “right to style” and not be judged. That’s why we publish unbiased fashion reviews, style-guides (not rules), and fashion basics that help you form your own opinion. is a go-to destination for things that matter in the life of the contemporary multitasking woman. We want you to feel empowered with your fashion choices, and develop your personal style that accentuates your strengths and embraces your imperfections.

So be more mesmerizing, more curious, more inspiring and anything you ever wanted to be with us! Read commentary on runway fashion, creative arts, culture, travel destinations, Ask Shilpa your style-related questions and laugh with our comic, Audrey O.

★★ Healthsoothe ★★

Why did you start Healthsoothe?

I started Healthsoothe in 2016 right after finishing college to enlighten us in every aspect of Health and Dental care. As dental nursing & assistant, I noticed we have issues identify dental instruments and select for dental use. That’s how the healthsoothe website is established and gradually move to other aspects of health care.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

My advice to Healthcare bloggers is to be consistent in your field and niche. Be willing to do more and never give up.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

Am isreal olabanji a dental nurse, Digital marketers | Graphics Design, and passionate about blogging, and SEO.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

3 major secret
A. looks at were working.
B. Follow your competitors in the field
C. Rinse and repeat. Continue.

★★ News Fashion Blog ★★

Why did you start a News Fashion Blog?

I started a News Fashion Blog to bring fashion, health and news trends updates to audience.

Your advice to the Health care bloggers

My advice to the Health Care Bloggers :They should write informative health blogging to readers.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Blogging?

I am a blogger and have been writing since last 5 years. It is my passion to write for people .

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

Three secrets of success:

1-To bring real news

2-To write about health

3-To write latest fashion trends