We, from Li Creative Technology take pride in announcing our launch of our brand new online magazine. This amazing travel magazine is completely based on top blogs of 2020. And this article comprises the best blogs which are completely based on travel in which these blogs are well optimized. 

We have created this amazing list by shortlisting thousands of travel blogs that are entirely handpicked by our most talented editorial team. After the editorial post, this interesting and informative online magazine will be launched shortly

We have asked some of the important questions to those sites which have been shortlisted and these info will definitely be useful for the newbies to reserve their place in our list in future. Without any further delay let us move on to learn about their challenging and successful journey. 


We have asked a set of questions for all the blog owners and their answers have been shared here.


Why did you start THRILLINGTRAVEL?

It had become a norm for my co-workers and friends to ask me for advice on places. I found myself giving them tips and suggestions based on my own experience. It was during one such conversation that a friend remarked that I should start my own travel website and so, came in Thrilling Travel. The website shares my experience along with tips and suggestions on various destinations across the world.

Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

Keep an open mind and enjoy what you see and experience. Interact with locals for only then you get authentic stories. And finally, have your own voice and style that brings your unique personality in your blogs.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

For me, travel has been a part of my life since I was a kid. It has been something that gets me excited enough to get up at wee hours of the morning. The adrenaline rush of seeing new places refreshes me and keeps me going for days together- even after I have come home. As a corporate employee, I made use of my long weekends to take a break from the monotonous routines and now as a full time travel writer and blogger, I enjoy it as a key aspect of my job.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

  • Consistency, Content and Constant improvisation!

★★ ENIDHI ★★

Why did you start ENIDHI ?

Back in year 2006 I used to send articles to newspaper and magazine by post. It was a long process- I won’t know if the article has been received, if it is accepted for publishing, when will it be printed etc. As I discovered the blogging platform the ability to reach audience instantly was exciting to me. Thus I started sharing my thoughts and content on the blog.

Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

Read a lot before you sit down to write. Do not expect overnight success or money, keep writing regularly and success will follow over time.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

SH: Several years ago I realized experience is more valuable than material things. Since then I have spent most of my savings on travel, mostly budget travel. I have visited 40 countries till date. I manage to find cheapest flight tickets and complete my travel in lowest budget possible. My travel blog is 14 years old.

Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

  • Genuine first hand experience and reviews- always put reader first and give them true information to help them make a decision.
  • Write for passion, not for money. Success and recognition follows if you keep doing good work consistently.
  • Be humble and polite in real life, do not show off, lead a simple life.


    Why did you start AAIEDUTOURZ?

    AAI EDUTOURZ was the product of my passion for travel. Right from my teen days, I have been fascinated every time I look at the world boundaries and practical experience it provides to young minds. So our initial family holidays proved my outlook towards the vast advantages of traveling in a student’s life.
    Once I completed my education at Bristol University, I got an opportunity to arrange international educational travel for Indian students to Bristol University. That was the beginning of my journey and since then AAI EDUTOURZ has no looking back.

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    My simple advise and submission to all the young travelers and bloggers is keep yourself moving. Just travel and explore as much and as and when you can. Different languages, culture, food habits and lifestyle will give you huge experience and adaptability which will help you in your lives. After all this is what a global citizen is all about.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    As mentioned earlier, I have been a travel enthusiast from very early days of my life. Luckily, my family understood and respected my interest and provided an opportunity to study in Bristol University, England after I finished my graduation. Studying in a reputed international university was an eye opener for me and it helped me in streaming my interest into a career option. So I can say I fall in the category of fewer lucky ones, who loves what they do and do what they love.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    • My first secret has been doing something totally synonymous to my interests. It keeps me motivated and ready for any kind of challenges as working is not a burden.
    • I believe in changes and adaptability. I keep on changing with demand and customizing anything and everything is of much interest to me. Hence, my clients are more happier and satisfied as we at AAI EDUTOURZ address their personal requirements.
    • I study a lot about the changes in my industry and keep myself updated different sectors of travel. For eg – Weather, language issues, kind of hotels available, best deals etc.
    • Training of my staff which makes them confident about what they offer to the clients. Fortnightly meetings with the staff are conducted in which we discuss about our past experiences and future ventures. They are provided detailed information about every package so that they can address all queries professionally.


    Why did you start MAHARANA CABS?

    Hi I am tejas sahu, and when I was in 3rd year of my engineering I was searching for some business idea in travel industry. that’s when i realized that there were no quality services among taxi providers in Udaipur. everyone was charging huge amount for outstation and sightseeing tour taxis. and yet they were not providing expected services. even after paying customers were not getting proper services and customer support. so overall their tour experience was ruined.
    That’s when I decided to start an online taxi service. I was in udaipur and it is a good tourist city so i got advantage and launched my business by the name of Maharana cabs. My father is also active in taxi industry in other city so i got starter knowledge from him. as i was computer science student so it was easy for me to launch my services online.

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    for all those who are looking to travel around india, do take care of your safety first. because while traveling you will come across a lot of people and you should prevent yourself from the crooked ones. as for the travel bloggers, I love them. traveling has always been my passion and i also run a travel related youtube channel along with maharana cabs. for travel bloggers i would advice not to post same copied articles that are around the web, try to create your own blog and stories. go out and explore places, you will get a lot of exposure and stories.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    My Name is tejas sahu. I am a small town boy near udaipur. i ran away in my 12th class to explore south india before my board examinations on my own. now you can get an idea how much i love to travel. then I joined engineering college and tried a lot of blogging until third year but it didn’t work. then I decided to enter in a business with my digital skills. i started Maharana cabs and Now here we are. now we are operating in Goa, shimla, manali, Jammu and Katra also. and many more cities to go.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Three formulas that made my business successful –
    Marketing – you need to do marketing as customer are never going to pop up out of the sky. it includes digital ads, SEO, SMM etc.

    Best experience – At maharana cabs we try to provide best services to our customer. from the moment they call us they get our full support in planning and executing their travel plan. we under promise and over deliver. if there is any issue between driver and traveler then we solve it immediately. this is our first priority.

    Feedbacks – try to be in touch with your customers and take their feedback. as this generate more business

    ★★TRAVEL MAX ★★

    Why did you start TRAVELMAX?

    I started travelmax in 2013 after my Bhutan trip. The country really inspired me to pen down my thoughts so I can relive the experiences whenever I want!

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Don’t wait for the perfect time to travel or have a lot of savings. You’d never have satisfactory savings or the perfect time to travel! Just go for it and try to experience as much as you can!

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    I have been a travel blogger since 2013 and traveled extensively through India. I have also been to 12 other countries. As a profession, I am a digital marketer.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    • Consistency. Don’t let your blog die away, it will be 2x harder if you let your blog fade into oblivion and then try to revive it
    • Marketing tools & skills: Learn marketing skills & tracking tools such as SEMRUSH, Google Analytics, Ahrefs. Ignorance of SEO is not really a bliss
    • Be unique: Everyday, there are millions of blog posts published throughout the world. Be unique. Figure out a niche for your blog to stand out in the crowd.


    Why did you start WALKINGWANDERER?

    While I was on a trip to Jibhi which is in Himachal Pradesh, I realized that there are so many places like Jibhi in Himachal which I know of but several other people don’t. So why not let the others know the beauty of Himachal which is unheard of, and I could have done it better or I thought so since I have been born and brought up in Himachal. This is how I thought of starting a blog which grew up further to be that you know of today.

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    I would advise the young travelers like myself that they should follow their heart, travel all around, go to places, enjoy the view, breathe in, breathe out, have the time of your life and obviously, stay safe and don’t forget to keep your loved ones by your side(not physically of course, you get my point!).

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    To the new bloggers, I would suggest them to select a niche area for which they are passionate about and just go with it. Perseverance is the key! The results can take a lot of time to build up but one has to be persistent. Don’t do it for the money, do it for your passion and money will come as a by product of your hardwork.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    My name is Rahul Sharma. I have been running since 2016. I started it as a hobby for putting my love for traveling into work. As far as my education background goes, I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. These days I am working as a Digital Marketing Analyst.


    Why did you start the Headlines of Today?

    Vision: I had a vision of establishing the media company, which should be helpful for everyone who is looking to stay informed about national and global trends and technologies.

    Mission: To provide a global news, opportunities for writers, and an informative platform for readers.

    The company, Headlines Of Today started with a hope to share knowledge with millions. And the journey started with a dot to make people first aware of current trends, connecting with knowledge blogs in the field of travel and tourism, lifestyle, education, economics, and many more. And These small dots have made our company the fastest growing and leading platforms of the ultimate source of information with global and national news in hands.

    Your advice for young travelers and bloggers there outside.

    The traveling experience might look and feel different once the world reopens. Health will be the first priority and therefore being updated in view of cities and colonies where COVID-19 cases were high is tough! Border restrictions will be the common word and states will go for quarantine for travelers.

    But, even the situations are tough, it is only you.. who can give hands to the people who love traveling, build relationships, and discover new cultures in front of millions. I would advise all young travelers and bloggers here, go outside, and discover something new. We, The Headlines Of Today will keep you updated with health and safety norms, travel tourism inspirational quotes, and also the new places you can visit for.

    Publish some unknown points about travel, share your travel experiences and adventures. Sharing inspirational tips and travel secrets from your experiences is very helpful to your readers. Sharing them candidly provides very appealing content to the followers.

    Introduction to myself and passion for travel :

    I am an Aircraft engineer and traveling is my passion. Traveling is not just a word, a whole lot of emotion for me. I have traveled to many cities and have gained knowledge not about the place only, but the cultures and the mindset the people follow. But the knowledge is to be shared I believe and therefore our partnership will be a great contribution.

    3 major secrets that made your site this much successful?

    I believe in 3 mantras: Consistency, Innovative, and Competitive that can help anyone to reach heights.


    Why did you start SVR TRAVELS INDIA?

    Our passion and profession traveller

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    For youngest I preferring camp site and Adventure trips, Trekking, bike tours, mountain trips.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    I am Experience holder to Global Geographically , always looking to travel from childhood.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Noting Secrets, looking to my ideas upload to the site and can Everyone understand so easy


    Why did you start TRIPSURPRISER?

    The journey of TripSurpriser started in 2016 with 4 friends, all a part of the same social circle. All of us were absolute travel enthusiasts – we took a lot of interest in planning trips for friends, family etc in our individual capacities. We believed in the travel industry, we were passionate about it and we knew it was ever growing and that we to wanted to be a part of it – but just wanting to be a part of it was not enough, so we though what extra could we do? That’s when we thought of adding a differentiating element, by bundling travel with the element of surprise – and that’s how we came up with the concept of TripSurpriser.

    Imagine the adrenaline rush one gets when they know, they have to travel + and they know they’re in trusted hands. We ran a survey with 500 ppl, and discovered that the results were skewed in our favour between the age group of 25-40, if we offered a unique specialisation in the idea by sending people to off-beat and undiscovered locations, locations which are typically not available easily on travel portals, that’s when we would get the edge.

    So we took a leap of faith and started it, ever since then its been a lot of learning, a lot happiness, dealing with some amazing customers, we’ve made mistakes and we’re still learning. We’ve got featured in the Hindu, TOI, Pune times, delhiplanet, whatshot Bangalore without shedding a rupee, I don’t think we have any regrets whatsoever!!

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Our advice to young travellers and bloggers out there is simple. While seeing and experiencing the usual sites and cities is great! Many of these sites and cities have other unique things to offer! Go and experience those things. experience the extra ordinary!! Become an explorer and not just a tourist!

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    • High quality – vendor touchpoints tabulated in an easy to access ERM software.
    • Traget marketing and word of mount referrals for organic customer acquisition
    • The idea – Uniqueness of coupling the surprise element with travel.


    Why did you start TRAVELXPLORIA?

    Me and my friend Manojit have started our travel agency with the vision to provide hand-crafted value for money travel itinerary to our customers. Travelers used to spend lots of time in preparing the best itinerary for holiday but due to scattered information across the net they always end up in confusion and choose the wrong package which is not matching their taste or budget. Sometime travelers are misled by false promotional offers. We believe automation and “do it yourself” booking systems will always provide hassle free experience in booking but it can not help travelers to choose the best matched itinerary as experienced consultants could.

    Your advise to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Life is short and there is lots to see in the World; so earn, save and travel. The only asset in your life is your valuable memories. And try to be an explorer not the tourist.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    After completing my MBA, I had started working in bank. I had to visit lots of places during my service and therefore I got opportunity to meet various people in my life. Eventually I have started loving interacting with new people, learn new cultures, experienced new cuisines etc. and in that way I grow my passion for travel. I have visited almost every states in India (though it is not enough), South East Asia, Europe etc. So I felt that I should make my passion my profession and use my experiences to add value to the industry.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    We believe in T.R.I. (Transparency, Responsiveness, Informative) model. In tourism industry gaining customers’ trust is epitome of all tasks. So we always transparent to our customers as we never deviated from our policy. We always try to be responsive to our customers’ queries and we can be easily communicated via call, message and mails. We are very informative and always try to educate our customers as much as possible.


    Why did you start WORLDTHROUGHERICA?

    “World through Erica is my attempt to tell people how I see the world. Whenever I talk to people about travelling, their greatest concern turns out to be budget. So, I started the blog with the idea to convey how travelling can be inexpensive because I believe you don’t have to be rich to travel. Big dreams and a little budget would do. World through Erica is a budget travel blog that shares budget travel guides, tips and stories to inspire passionate travellers removing those unwanted barriers.”

    Your advice to the young travellers and bloggers there outside.

    “The most significant thing that every passionate traveller seek is inspiration. So, keep inspiring others by sharing your stories. Be yourself, be honest, connect with your readers and we can all build a world where people can travel carefree eliminating all the difficulties.”

    Let me know if you require anything else. Also, I would really love to know your planned launch date.

    ★★ PHPTRAVELS ★★

    Why did you start PHPTRAVELS?

    I worked in travel industry for more than 8 years and after I left travel industry I worked in the technology business after working in IT industry I became to point where I tought I should combine technology with travel where after some research

    I finalized PHP as a programming language and Travel as a industry where we started PHPTRAVELS

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside.

    Based on the current situation its very hard to advise people for travel and exploration of the world but if one take security measures properly and enough passion for travel I think they should start the travel from local areas instead of international travel. back in 2015 I started traveling locally to explore my own country where I used to take my little family every Saturday to the nearest city of my country and we explore the city as much as we can in 2 days.

    I recommend doing same for everyone. most people love to travel internationally and wanted to explore other languages cultures heritage and so one but they failed to under their own culture people religion and much more. I believe in traveling starts from home 😀

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    My Name is Qasim currently I’m 36
    Travel is not my passion it is the way of my life.
    I believe everything starts with travel and if we stop we die.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    we offer opensource code platform
    our support is lifetime
    our pricing is onetime and lifetime product updates


    Why did you start LOCALADVENTURER?

    Esther started Local Adventurer just as a hobby to start sharing our travel photos. As she grew a larger audience, I came on board to help create content and run the business side of things. From the beginning, our hope has been to inspire people to explore their greater backyard.

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Figure out what your goals are as a travel blogger. It can look like a lot of different things and setting goals helps you figure out what you need to do to reach those milestones.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    Hi, we’re Esther and Jacob of The idea of Local Adventurer was hatched when we moved out west and regretted not exploring more of Atlanta, the hometown we had lived in for most of our lives. It’s easy to get comfortable and take your home for granted, so we wanted to practice finding adventure in our every day and open our eyes to the awe and wonder like our visitors do. Since then, we’ve been traveling full time but with a focus on exploring locally or in our greater backyard.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Put in the Hours. There’s no easy way to create a successful travel blog. It takes a lot of work and having the discipline to do that will help you in the long run. We still spend the majority of our time behind a computer screen working on the site.
    Develop Your Skills. Like running any small business, you have to wear a lot of hats. It’s not just about your love for travel. You have to learn SEO, accounting, sales, photography and more. It’s important to develop different skills to help build your business.
    Find a Community. Find other bloggers around your size that you can talk and meet with regularly. It helps to keep each other accountable for your goals, but also to share what is and isn’t working. We’ve learned so much from other bloggers as we grow together and still stay in touch regularly.

    ★★ DAYTOURS4U ★★

    Why did you start DAYTOURS4U?

    We started Daytours4u because we wanted to facilitate travelling in South America, South America is an incredible place full of breathtaking places and fascinating cultures, we always aspire to give our lectures the best content and to serve our customers the best activities there are in order for them to fulfil their dreams of travelling the world and get to know new places and new cultures.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    1. Accessibility- We are always available to help, a client that bought a tour, a traveller who needs information or a person who lost his flight and needs help in talking with the air company. We are willing to help and support in the language of the people that contact us and in each method they choose, mail, phone call, chat, whatsapp etc.
    2. User experience- We develop our sites to guarantee an excellent user experience with the facility of reserving an excursions in 2 fast steps, and the velocity that permit navigating from browser or cell phone, no matter where you are.
    3. Curated activities- Each excursion offered on our site is tested and verified by our staff, that permit us to offer excellent experiences from high quality tour operators.
      All these and more convert us into the best site for tours & activities in South America.


    Why did you start DRINKTEATRAVEL?

    We started Drink Tea & Travel as a space to share our tips and advice for exploring the world. The blog started as a hobby back in 2014, but over the years has grown into a business and now contains over 700 articles on destinations all around the world. Today, we focus on sustainable travel practices and are on a mission to inspire our followers to travel responsibly and to make a positive impact on the destinations they visit.

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Travel slower and look to be more conscious about how you travel. Go beyond the main attractions and strive to see more than the Ista-worthy sites.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    We are Max and Oksana, a nomadic couple inspired by the world, fuelled by curiosity, a sense of adventure, and a desire to make a positive impact on the destinations and communities we visit.

    In 2015, we quit our jobs, sold our possessions and left the 9-5 life behind to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives. We’ve been traveling full time for over 5 years and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    There is no secret sauce to making a travel blog or any other online business successful, aside from hard work and dedication. It takes time to establish yourself and your site and many years before you start seeing any income. A good niche will help, as will the ability to write unique content or provide a different perspective. These days most successful blogs, like ours, also have a strong focus on SEO.

    ★★ MAGICPIN ★★

    Why did you start MAGICPIN?

    Magicpin was started in 2015 to help people across the country (and beyond) find all the coolest places to go to, the funnest things to do there, and at the cheapest cost possible! We wanted for people to be able to simply open the app and find all the hidden treasures that their neighbourhood, city, state and country has to offer. We wanted to be the one-stop shop for all the things that make life enjoyable and fun. From the hippest bars, coolest joints, curious cuisines, experimental food, secret vacation spots, creative fashion, newest products, best brands… We wanted our users to be able to discover them all through us, and we wanted all these things to be accessible to everyone, through all the major discounts, deals, and savings on the app. Today, we have over 5 million users who can enjoy massive savings on 11 lakh retail merchants and brands on magicpin, across food, fashion, fitness, beauty, entertainment, travel, and all other lifestyle needs.

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    If you have the will to do something, to discover something that’s been hidden away, you’ll find a way, especially when there’s an app like magicpin to help you collect rewards and enjoy massive savings on every step of the way!

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    magicpin is India’s largest discovery and rewards platform for local experiences and retail. Our passion for all things experiential is nurtured not by a handful of people, but a 1000-people strong community of magicians from across India and Indonesia who are the curators of all things cool and happening, wherever they are. Our magicians lead the discovery of new places, people, and things on magicpin. It is their passion for fashion, food, beauty, fitness, entertainment, and passion that translates into recommendations on the magicpin app and website.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    1.We, at magicpin, believe that discovery should be a democratic process — when people see and hear unfiltered, straight-from-the-heart recommendations from a community filled with passionate peers, there is greater faith in the content.

    2.We, at magicpin, believe that different people experience the same product, service, brand, or place in vastly different ways and we have created an eco-system that allows for all these experiences to be amplified and heard by the people who will most benefit from hearing it.

    3.We have ensured that there is something for everyone, and for every budget, on magicpin. Every month there are hundreds of thousands of opportunities to discover incredible deals, discounts, and general information across the food, fashion, beauty, fitness, entertainment, lifestyle, and travel categories on magicpin!


    Why did you start CCTSRILANKA?

    Because I love Sri Lanka and its history, Nature, wildlife and adventure and holiday-making!

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside.

    Do your research online. But always stick with a reputed and trustworthy local travel agency for your services, from hiring a vehicle, room reservation to activity arrangements. In this way, the you make sure you are an ethical traveler and all your hard-saved money is spent where your carbon footprint is left. Specially any developing country like ours need conscious and sustainable holidaymakers like you to benefit their local economies.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    I was born into a family of holiday-making. Up until 2006, our initial operation consisted of about forty vehicles operating from Colombo Airport daily. In those days, my job was to wash up as many cars as possible per day. But I was lucky to cruise the country with our drivers and guests often. I learnt the trade that way. But after completing my higher education in Denmark and upon returning to the Island again in 2015, I released how uniquely beautiful my Island is with its pristine nature, history and wildlife. And I determined to promote my island across the world.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    Years of fun and hard work of bring all the holiday activities in the Island together in – this work will never end. Each activity we have created with full of passion. However, mostly it is the real professionals with passion in guiding/trekking/driving and hard working anglers in water & countless other stakeholders that make our site this much successful.


    Why did you start LITTLEGREYBOX?

    We started Little Grey Box as a hobby! It was an outlet for Phoebe’s love of writing that grew into our full-time jobs and a successful small content creation business.

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Be consistent and professional with everything you do. Treat your blog like a business, pour your heart and soul into it and create content that helps others.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    We’re Phoebe and Matt. Phoebe is a presenter and writer and Matt is a videographer. We love to travel and share our experiences and tips in our YouTube videos and written guides to help others #TravelWell!


    Why did you start EATSLEEPLOVETRAVEL ?

    We started EATSLEEPLOVETRAVEL as an outlet to share our travel adventures. We had always read blog posts prior to taking any trip and thought others may benefit from our experiences when deciding where to visit and what to do. As frequent travellers who also have full-time jobs, we wanted to show aspiring travellers that it is possible and give advice and tips regarding how it can be achieved.

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    Our advice is to write down as much as possible while travelling in order to write well informed and detailed blog posts. We have found that people enjoy reading about personal experiences and recommendations. One of the major things we have learnt is that even the most random of destinations which you may not have even considered visiting usually have a lot of great places to visit. Another major piece of advice we would give is to work out a travel budget. By doing this it allows you to determine where you can visit and for how long.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    We have both travelled extensively from a very young age and have recently hit the 75 country mark. We both have a passion for travelling, learning about history and other cultures, together with trying new cuisines. We believe our shared passion for travel not only makes us work as a couple but also as travel companions. We have similar interests which always helps when on the road as we usually want to visit the same places, historic sites and attractions. We went on our first date to Florence, Italy at the beginning of 2007 and as they say, the rest is history.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    a) Work hard and don’t expect something for nothing. Blogging can be a full-time job if you want to make a success of your site. We are in the position now where we undertake paid work and are invited on press trips. This (usually) doesn’t happen straight away and you must be patient and keep creating content.

    b) Engage on social media. Social media is a great tool for self-promotion and driving traffic to your site. It is also a great way to connect with fellow travellers and people with similar interests. Our use of social media has lead to a number of opportunities which we are very thankful for.

    c) Envolve. We established eatsleeplovetravel in 2014, we and our lives have changed a lot since then and that’s ok. When we first started we were very budget-conscious travellers. Personal circumstances and the opportunities we have been given because of the blog now means we are no longer those travellers. As long as you are honest and genuine, your followers and subscribers will understand and continue with you on your journey.


    Why did you start PRACTICALWANDERLUST?

    We started Practical Wanderlust for two reasons: first, we wanted to keep my friends and family in the loop during our year-long honeymoon. And second, we wanted to give back to the community of travelers who had helped provide all of the information we needed to plan that once-in-a-lifetime trip! Without the first-hand experience and helpful information of other travelers that we found online, we may never have actually taken the leap and quit our jobs to travel for a full year. We wanted to give back to that community by sharing our own experiences and on-the-ground travel advice as we backpacked through South America. We never imagined that our blog would ultimately grow and be read by millions of readers every year!

    Your advice to the young travelers and bloggers there outside

    The hardest part of blogging is just getting started and publishing that first blog post. It actually took me a full two years to publish the first post on Practical Wanderlust! When I first started the blog, I didn’t understand how to use WordPress and somehow managed to break the site while I was still setting it up. It sat as a sad, empty, white screen for 2 full years until I finally dusted it off and tried again. The second hardest part of blogging is continuing to publish posts – if you’re still blogging after a year, you’ve already gotten further than the majority of bloggers ever do. Just keep going! And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect – every single blog in the history of blogging started out as a terrible, crappy site with short, poorly written posts and blurry cell phone photos. It’s basically a rite of passage.

    Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your passion for Travel?

    We’re Lia and Jeremy, the accident-prone travel bloggers behind Practical Wanderlust. We got married in 2016, quit our jobs, and left on a year-long honeymoon. Although Lia grew up traveling, Jeremy had never left the time zone he grew up in! Our honeymoon was basically a disaster, but we had fun anyway. Today, we’re settled back down in Oakland, California and travel frequently Jeremy is a high school teacher and Lia works on our blog and podcast full time sharing our passion for travel with millions of blog readers each year – and helping them avoid making all of our terrible, terrible mistakes.

    Can you share your 3 major secrets which made your site this much successful?

    First and foremost, we ensure that all of our posts are deeply informative and incredibly detailed. We research and fact-check everything we include in our blog posts – when it comes to travel, inaccurate information isn’t just an annoyance, it can also be a safety hazard! Secondly, we make sure that our posts are as entertaining to read as they are informative, because nobody wants to spend 45 minutes of their life reading a boring-a** blog post. And third, we put our readers first and foremost and prioritize creating value for our audience above all else.

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