If you have been using Google Analytics for a while now and have been tracking your website or blog, you would have come across these terms entrances and bounce rate. This blog attempts to explain these two concepts in detail, helping you to understand how they are calculated and what they mean.

With Google Analytics, you can see how people are entering your website. This can be very useful in understanding how users are coming to your site and how they’re interacting with it. In this blog, What Are Entrances In Google Analytics?

Google Drive has been improving almost on a monthly basis, and I’m a giant fan of it. Google Drive is my primary cloud storage service and so I’m very happy that Google seems to be actively working on it to make it even better. 

Google Analytics is a great piece of software. I love it. However, its power can only be harnessed through the use of reports. Reports can only be created if you know how to access the data. This blog will hopefully help to answer your question on how to access the different entrances in Google Analytics.

What Are Entrances In Google Analytics

What Are Entrances In Google Analytics

Here is a detailed review of the Google Analytics Entrance

Where Are Entrances In Google Analytics?

  1. Google Analytics can be found in your Google dashboard, it’s the same dashboard that you use to check your mail and calendar etc. You’ll see an icon for Google Analytics in the left column of your dashboard.
  2. Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics service that enables you to track your website visitors. In order to track visitors, Google Analytics uses cookies to collect certain usage data, and sends it to Google’s servers. Google Analytics uses this data to provide you with reports on your website’s traffic and usage patterns, allowing you to discover your website’s strengths and weaknesses in order to make informed decisions on how to market your website. What Are Entrances In Google Analytics?

What Are Entrances On A Website?

  • Entrances on a website are the way into your website. The pages that a user first comes to when using an entrance on a website is called the entrance page . If the entrance has a navigation bar, then the entrance is a navigation entrance.
  • If the entrance has a list of links that you can click to go to other pages, then the entrance is a list entrance. What Are Entrances In Google Analytics? If the entrance leads to a blank page without links or a navigation bar, then the entrance is a blank entrance. In general, the first entrance a user sees on a website is the list entrance. It is the first thing a user will see when a website opens up in a browser window. If no one comes to your website from a search engine, they will come to your website in this manner.
  • Entrances on a website are used to direct customers to areas of the page. It’s where people enter to another page of your site. An entrance is a menu at the top of a website that is used to navigate between the different sections. They are often found on larger sites, where the navigation is complex. An entrance is a way to break up a large navigation into smaller pieces that are easier to use. 

What Is Entrance In Previous Page Path In Google Analytics?

  1. Entrance Path is the sequence of links that a visitor used before landing on a specific page in your website. This is available in Google Analytics Breakdown report, Traffic Sources > Sources > Landing Pages > Paths .
  2. In Google Analytics, an entrance is defined as the point in time at which a user lands on a page. You can see the entrance point of visitors in a previous page path report. This report will show you the entrance point for users who visited each page in your site.
  3. If you use Google Analytics on your website, you might have wondered what is entrance in previous page path.  It is a part of your website analytics panel.  If you expand the Content section, you can see the entrance in previous page path.  
  4. This section shows you how many visitors are entering the website because of a link to the page that you are looking at. What Are Entrances In Google Analytics? For example, if you are looking at your blog post, the entrance in previous page path shows you how many people came to your blog post, clicked to your blog post, and then left your blog post without making a purchase.

What Does Entrances And Exits Mean?

  • An entrance is the movement into a stock or commodity by a new player who has not previously owned large quantities of it. An exit is the movement out of a stock or commodity by a player who has not previously owned large quantities of it.
  • Entrances and exits refer to your income sources.  When you make money on one source, it is an entrance.  And when you spend money on one source, it is an exit.  Over a lifetime (or any time frame) you can have multiple entrances and exits. An example is : You build a website and you sell advertising on it.  This is an entrance (you are making money) and this is an exit (you are spending money to advertise your website). Another example.  You have a job, which is an entrance (you’re making money).   And you spend some of your money on a surfboard for $200.  
  • This is an exit.  You can see there are two entrances (job and website) and two exits (job and surfboard).  Entrances and exits balance out, but the main thing to remember is that the more entrances you have, the more exits you’ll have.  The more entrances you have, the more money you will make.
  • What Are Entrances In Google Analytics? Entrances and Exits are the two places most neglected in copywriting. Entrances are the first step that the reader takes in your copy, while Exits are the last step the reader takes before taking action. That is why entrants and exits matter a lot in copywriting. Entrances are very important in copywriting because that is where you need to capture reader’s attention.
  • Exits are equally important because you don’t want your reader to get bored with your copy and leave before taking a desired action. To write a good copy, you need to focus on the entrances and exits of the copy.

What Is Entrance In Google Analytics Goals?

  1. This is very simple question What Are Entrances In Google Analytics. If you want more conversions and sales on your website, you need to know your visitor’s behaviour on your website. As Google Analytics does not provide any direct method to show your website goal results, you need to set up goals for your website. A goal is a way to track your success on your website.
  2. You can setup goals for any specific action on your website. For example: if you have a shopping website and you want to track how many user purchase your products, you can setup a goal to track your e-commerce sales.  Once you setup a goal, Google Analytics will automatically track your goal conversion. To get more information about how to setup a goal in Google Analytics, you can refer this link.
  3. So, you have set up Google Analytics on your website and you have lots of traffic flowing through your website. You see it all on the dashboard but there are not much engagement happening. You do not know What Are Entrances In Google Analytics. Then there are some of the goals that you set up through Google Analytics. The only thing is even you do not know why to set them up. So, here we are going to explain what Google Analytics goals are, what they are for and how you can use them for your business.
  4. Entrance is a type of Goals in Google Analytics. The term Entrance means a visitor enters the website. Entrance is used for measuring the total number of website visitors.

What's The Difference Between Pageviews And Entrances?

  • Pageviews are the total number of times a page has been visited, e.g. a news story or blog post. Entrances are the number of times a visitor has gone to a page, e.g. an article or blog post, to read something specific. What Are Entrances In Google Analytics? For example, if you click on an article and read a few paragraphs, then click on another article, that is one entrance, but two pageviews.
  • Pageviews tell you how many times your content was viewed, as in for any particular web page. It shows the total views for a given time period, instead of the total number of times a page was opened by someone.
  • It’s important to note that Google Analytics uses pageviews by default. Entrances, on the other hand, tell you how many times your content was viewed by a person. It indicates the number of times your content was viewed by a person within the time period. Both Pageviews and Entrances are important metrics to understand the value of any web page. It gives an indication of your content performance and ultimately, your website’s performance.
  • If you look at an article on Wikipedia, at the top you will see three numbers separated by a colon, Outbound Links: 15, Internal Links: 4, Total Links: 19. These numbers usually indicate how popular a website or a page is. Outbound Links show how many links that page has and Internal Links are how many links are within that page. Total Links is the total of both. They often indicate how popular that page is.

What Is Entrance Bounce Rate?

  1. What Are Entrances In Google Analytics :Entrance bounce rate is the percentage of visits in which a visitor comes to a site, sees one page and exits. This number is not expressed per page, but for the entire website. Website pages that each have more than one page views are not excluded.
  2. A good bounce rate for Google Analytics is anything less than 85%. This means that 85% or more of the users are simply landing on your page and not leaving. If your bounce rate is over 85%, there’s a good chance your website is not effectively conveying the message you want it to. In order to fix your high bounce rate.
  3. When a user enters your website, they have 2 choices. They can either click on a page, or they can skip the page. The bounce rate is the percentage of users who entered your website and then they left without visiting anywhere else on the website.
What Are Entrances In Google Analytics
What Are Entrances In Google Analytics

Google Analytics Entrance – Pros And Cons

Google Analytics enables you to see the traffic to your website and how your visitors interact with it. More than that you can use it to guide your SEO efforts. With each new user to your website, you have the chance to reach a new customer that knows nothing about your product or service. If you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to use your Analytics data for sales and marketing purposes. If you’re someone that’s looking to increase sales and traffic, read the following points to learn more about the pros and cons of tracking entrances into Google Analytics.

What Are Entrances In Google Analytics? There are number of entrances in Google Analytics at the top of the page. We can use them to either monitor a single website, or multiple websites in one view. But they have few limitations, which should be kept in mind.

This is a very common question asked in Google analytics community. Entrances in Google Analytics is a very important metric and its very vital to understand the pros and cons of Entrances. Entrances in Google Analytics is a metric that measures the number of visitors who enter your site through a particular entrance. This number includes direct visits, referrals, search engines and any other way your users may find you.

The main reason why people use this metric is to find out the effectiveness of the traffic generated from different sources. If you have a landing page, then you may want to know the effectiveness of your marketing campaign to know how many visitors are coming from your advertisement and What Are Entrances In Google Analytics.


An entrance is when a new visitor enters your site. This is different from a page view, where someone is continuing to browse the same site. An entrance is the first time a visitor has entered your site. If someone visits your site and then returns later the same day, they are counted as two entrances. Another great question! An entrance is any time a user comes to a specific page on your website. Entrances can be useful in telling you where on your website people are coming from, and they can also be useful in telling you how well a specific landing page is converting

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on What Are Entrances In Google Analytics. In this article, we talked about a google analytics, how you can easily calculate your google analytics and how you can improve your website or app.