Digital Marketing Company in India

Top 21 Digital Marketing Company in India

Digital marketing companies develop effective Digital Marketing Techniques in 2019 to achieve effective results in the digital marketing field. This strategy impacts website visibility, long-term outcomes, positive reputation, Promotion and branding for various industries. They provide companies with 360-degree advanced digital marketing strategies. Through digital marketing companies in India, you can make your brand visible to the targeted audience.

The list of India’s top digital marketing agencies can effectively plan your online marketing techniques and succeed in it. Carrying out marketing and SEO on social media has become an important process for improving online branding and to reach the target audience. Generally, it’s all part of online brand management as most of the works in today’s world streams on online platforms. GoodFirms is truly aware of the value of digital marketing and has compiled a list of the best digital marketing firms in India through ranking.

Digital marketing’s primary function is to enhance online business popularity, integrate with various online platforms, and conduct all market research to the competition.

Top Digital Marketing Company in India

1.Veiview Solutions: 

Veiview Solutions is one of the award-winning digital marketing agency located in Delhi India. They worked days and months to be the best service providers across the country. They never fail to share the best services for their customers. It offers customers with quality and efficient work. By finding the right technique for all your digital marketing difficulties, online reputation management, web design development, mobile app development, social media optimization, search engine marketing, conducting marketing campaigns, they help brands to transform digitally. It’s one of the best results-oriented and efficient strategies for you. Using SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM, ASO, Amazon SEO, ASO, affiliate marketing facilities to b2c and b2b companies, Veiview Digital Marketing solutions help you in improving ROI. They help you to provide your target audience and help them to increase keyword rankings with customized Online Marketing Services. 

Location: Hyderabad. 


Contact: 9618422442.


CIS is the best Delhi- based marketing agency from India. They are the best digital marketing agency in the city. It is empowered by more than 14 years of IT experience, CIS has the right knowledge to assist you with all your technical needs. For their broad global customer base, they continuously provide optimal solutions. They care for their client business and helps them to increase their organic traffic by using their targeted keywords. Take advantage of their rich experience to meet your IT needs. They help in maintaining the best web page revenue for their customers. They share the pride in providing the best services for top rankings on the search page.



call: 731-6664000. 

Digital Marketing Company in India


The Soot Order Pvt Ltd is the top and experts among digital marketing organization. It is the part of Ivent Information Technology Solutions, which is located in Hyderabad. It is a digital marketing agency that is owned and their services are shared privately. From the outset, they ensured that they set foot in the massive universe of the internet. Being a digital marketing expert they have made progress towards innovative, strategic benchmarks and creative work across the digital marketing agency with a skilled pool of talent and for perfection in keyword rankings, providing the best results, the top page rankings, bringing new market trends and buying more. 

Location: Hyderabad India. 


Call+ 91-40-49524419

4. Pinstorm: 

t is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in India who are experts in internet marketing and advertising. They provide expert digital marketing solutions for their clients and they also help their brand to reach the targeted audience. They always believe that the key to success is focusing on performance marketing.  Their motto is always clear that “Business needs to be changed like the changeover in the market.” They are the best service provider and their approach includes research, user experience, search optimization, web design, increase traffic, social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, which means to keep the brand to a spotlight every time

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra India.                                                                                            


Phone: 022 6739 3888.


iPrism Technologies is a worldwide technology that provides software-driven mobile and web app solutions. This digital marketing agency provides customer-centric solutions with IT and digital marketing lifecycle knowledge and experience. They maintain the best set of customer reviews throughout their digital marketing journey. To provide cost-effective and innovative solutions, iPrism Technologies global provides profitable tools like iterative processes, expert framework, and agile methodologies. 

Location: India, United States, KSA. 

Call+ 91-8885617929  



iProspect is today’s leading digital marketing agency and they are the experts among the numerous digital marketing agency. This agency is well-known all over the globe and has received awards for their hard work and dedication that the company is investing to complete the project. iProspect conducts digital marketing campaigns throughout the world for the famous brand and is known for maintaining the purity of trust with its customers. They glow with new ideas; they never go with every company’s current plans; they believe in the individuality that carried them here. The CEO of this company is Mr.Vivek Bhargava and it was established in 1996. Their customers are Clear Trip, HDFC, Citi Bank, etc.                                                 

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Contact number: 91 022 3314 9833.


Digital Marketing Company in India

7. The Nest Big Thing: 

Exceptional growth involves persistent analysis and detailed testing combined with brave, innovative thinking. Their goal is to improve their customer’s appreciation of their products and services. They are guided to measure, deliver and delight the task. 

Location: Singapore, London, Hyderabad.                                                                                 Contact:

Call: 040 29700055.

8.Infinity Reach: 

Their team of experts continuously delivers appropriate results by combining their vast experience with creative ideas. By engaging clients with your brand using social networks, they can build a meaningful and sustainable relationship with your customers. 


Location: Hyderabad                                                                                                                      

Call+ 91-850066366

9.Purples Syntax:

PurpleSyntax is a full-service digital marketing company in Hyderabad. They believe that each brand and it’s business goals are unique, so they pursue a quote that “No one size fits all”. They approach to assure those business goals are achieved and aligned through ROI optimization. They have been working with hundreds of brands from various industries around the globe. This expertise in handling various self-innovation and portfolio’s made them one of the major digital marketing companies. They are transparent, fast, accurate and reliable digital partners capable of delivering solutions in a short time. They offer the best product services, app marketing, ad services, paid search, and logo design. They are the leading digital marketing agency and SEO company in the country.

Location: Hyderabad. 

Call: + 91-7993162207.

10. Ogilvy Public Relations:

It is an award-winning agency that improves the experience, communication, and design. Their founder has a very unique concept, one-time investment system, and creative designs when it comes to marketing and he believes that “we’re looking for people who are bigger than ourselves,” the quote is very simple but it has a huge meaning hidden inside, this is the secret behind the creation of a giant agency. They offer the best seo services through varied channels. They help their clientele for maintaining the top page rank. They have the expertise employees who never fail to maintain a close competition with their competitors.

They are always looking for people with talent and good hearts; this simple strategy made them so popular today. They offer services such as customer engagement, consumer marketing, digital transformation, public affairs, product marketing, brand strategy, product marketing, etc.  They always maintain perfect customer details. Clients: American Express, LG, Ford, Niddk, BO, Dupont, and Xerox WPP Group which is the world’s largest public relations group and Ogilvy Public Relations is now part of it; now they’re talking about brand and contacts connections. 

Clients: American Express, LG, Ford, Niddk, BO, Dupont, and Xerox 

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Contact: 022 4434 4644 

Digital Marketing Company in India

11. Digichefs:

A digital marketing company having a strong quality and focused 27 teams to promote brands at its best. They are ideal digital marketing company works to promote the brand or company on the digital site; people in the team are known to be the best in their field. They get a solution for everything from marketing, to speed up them in the stage of growth.

Due to their efficient internal processes and the subject-wise expertise in the digital promotion market, they become best-extended marketing partners. They are known for the chain of command’s flexibility and agility. The services they offer include online marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, SEO, paid marketing, SEM, PPC, and more.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Contact: 91 8097531225.


12. 8Views: 

They assist their consumers in creating a full-fledged digital marketing company. They didn’t just call the firm as 8 views – they probably planned for 8 views on the digital marketing strategy. They have a standard approach to any issue involving eight steps starting with the examination of competitors, online market study and proper customer business psychology research. They come up with such an online approach after all that detailed analysis. To spread the word online they use social media, Search Optimization and paid agencies. Finally, they ensure that they have all the data analytics in position.   


Location: Hyderabad                                                                                              

Call: 8099708888

13. KWebMaker: 

Kwebmaker is a full-service digital marketing agency that was established in 1998, offers coherent and particular solutions for businesses and brands using  Mobile (mCommerce, mobile applications), Web(portals, websites), eCommerce, Google AdWords, email marketing, Digital Marketing(social media, search engines, digital media buying) and also helps you to grow your business. 

Location: South Africa, Denmark, USA, India, Singapore.

Contact:+ 91 98212 17850.

Digital Marketing Company in India

14. Interactive Avenues:

This is a fully-fledged firm that is involved in almost all domains and fields, such as Telecom, Automobile, Finance, FMCG, Logistics, Digital Marketing, Education, etc. Interactive Avenue is so focused compared to other digital marketing firms. Interactive Avenue is the top contender and they optimize their strategies to become the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai.

In the digital world, their services include web design and development, digital marketing, digital strategy, creative and media planning, campaign management,  advertising, SEM, SEO, SMO, PPC, interactive marketing.

Clients: Sony, FedEx, BMW, Wipro, Coca Cola, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Jockey, Book My Show, etc. 

Location: Mumbai. 

Contact: (022) 62645000.


15. BC Web Wise: 

BC WEB WISE is a complete set of features when you want your brand to be at the top of the marketing game, they provide all the services; with a broad surface ranging from significant content creation to digital marketing to media planning and buying. The work is done efficiently by the best team in BC Web Wise. They are at the top of the fame ladder as one of the biggest digital agencies being ROI for their clients throughout the globe. They have a fish sense which distinguishes them from other digital agencies. They are also different from launching to promoting.

Location: Mumbai. 

Contact: 91 22 67674000–99.                                                                                              



In the digital market, the name is Watconsult is well-known. It is an award-winning company that delivers everything in marketing. In India, they have 360-degree solutions. They help to connect, grow and collaborate with the start-ups and brands. they communicate with the selected customer and enhance the brand in the best way. Being a leading agency, it participates proactively in all aspects of meeting and promotion of brand objectives. They provide Marketing for search engines, creative data, marketing of social media, Search Engine Optimization, writing of content; they have experts at your disposal in all promotional fields. Wat Consults is one of Mumbai’s most successful digital marketing companies. 

Location: Maharashtra.

Contact: 022-67099200.




MIRUM is a phenomenal digital agency having headquarters in San Diego with additional offices located in 25 well-known countries, so when they show their customers that they have a strong contact, they confirm their contact relationship, & PR is top in the game. To create and promote brands, they provide the best marketing company. A team made up of a creative mind provides excellent customer businesses experience with unique and classy solutions.

Location: Mumbai, Ghatkopar.

Contact: 022-49662000.

Digital Marketing Company in India

18. Webchutney: 

The development of any business is enhanced by Webchutney with their progressive ideas. They provide huge services, from implementation, development of business, business solutions, marketing campaigns, etc. These services boost the brand and get promotions online. They also provide services for mobile marketing, web design services, media buying, marketing influencer, etc. They are always the best in their game.

Clients: Microsoft, Wipro, Macro, Bardays, Airtel, etc. 

Location: Mumbai. 

Contact: + 91 22 6194 3666.

19. Amura: 

Amura was founded in 2009, and now it becomes a partner of Facebook. It is not only a partner of Facebook but also a partner of Adobe Community Solution. In addition, it has also become a partner for Google Premier. The agency’s level of success is enormous, so customers continuously coming to them. The agency provides complete online transformation by giving solutions, including SEO, content marketing, and Mobile Solutions. Amura deals with clients such as Ekta World, Cipla, Hiranandani, and Amanora. All about media planning, digital strategies, analytics, engagement, and marketing content can be found in one place-AMURA! This agency employs over 51-200 staff.

Location: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore.

Contact: + 91 20 6708 2742, + 91 20 6708 2729.

20. Bombayworks:  

Bombayworks is a well-known digital agency in Mumbai The agency helps its customers to succeed in their business while enhancing the brand of the business. They offer services such as content strategy, keyword strategy,  SEO, conversion optimization, Android web development and iOS. They provide excellent customer service for IKEA, Electrolux, and Toyota. Their agency is made up of 51-200 staff. Their only focus is to provide extremely good services without making the customer down, and they accomplish it. They are using proper strategy to analyze their clients and make decisions and succeed in it. In their services, project management and design can also be included.

Location: Mumbai.

Contact: + 91 8655019067. 


21. Antigravity: 

Antigravity is one-stop where all social media marketing services can be found. They ensure to provide innovative and creative tasks to enhance the company’s standard. They pay 100 percent attention on treating their customers. If any agency provides excellent service for an extended period of time, it really shows that the firm is interested to meet the demands of the customers. This agency is fully interested in satisfying the customer’s demands and needs. Because of this only reason Antigravity company stands in top most position.⠀ There is a high demand and supply for digital marketing services. Although there is high availability, the Anti-Gravity company is still at the top by increasing customer to it. Any customer will be looking for perfection, consistency and quality in services. The reputation of this agency makes it the best option. For every business, strategies and creative ideas are essential, for that only reason customers prefer anti-gravity. Therefore, the experience, skills, and reputation of a company are essential for emerging in industry. The supply and demands are high in this industry

Location: Mumbai. 

Contact: + 917506701431 



Here we briefly explained about the top 21 digital marketing companies in India, It is the perfect time to find the right digital marketing company that can fulfill the needs of your business along with the execution of new ideas. It provides services to targeted clients and having a strategy to promote a brand. Digital marketing agency makes a company from start-up to fully-fledged brand which is known all over the world.

If you have any suggestions about a digital marketing company in India, please feel free to comment below in the comment box