Where is the best resource for finding and hiring a digital marketing consultant?

Where is the best resource for finding and hiring a digital marketing consultant?

In this period of change, companies are more than ever subject to the need to make digital an effective acquisition channel. Also, the next few months will prove to be decisive for e-commerce and companies that are still not very present on the Internet. However, improving your website to attract and retain visitors, establishing a content strategy that converts prospects into customers and creating an active community of subscribers via social networks are great challenges! SMEs do not always have the talents and know-how in-house to understand the field of web communication and digital marketing. Fortunately, a solution exists: hire a digital marketing freelancer, in particular a marketing consultant.. Focus on this professional who works with companies of all sizes and in all sectors to understand his missions and his added value.

The reasons why companies seek an independent digital marketing consultant:

The current context challenges companies by asking them to constantly and quickly adapt to new consumer habits. The web has become an acquisition channel like any other, if not the preferred channel in certain sectors of activity. However, companies do not always know how to transform themselves at the marketing level to make digital channels a lever for development.

Indeed, investing the web correctly in order to attract new prospects and convert them requires specific skills. Digital marketing is a field in its own right, which includes within it a range of varied professions: community managers and social media managers manage social networks, content managers manage content strategy, SEO consultants natural referencing, SEA consultants paid advertising (google ads), etc In other words: a world that is becoming more complex day by day.

Lack of internal resources: when the freelancer initiates the company’s first digital marketing actions

Many small and medium-sized businesses unfortunately cannot afford to hire one or more collaborators to take care of their digital marketing. In the best of cases, an internal employee juggles between different activities. Unfortunately, he will have neither the time to take part in a big project nor the time to train to stay up to date on all the areas mentioned above.

In addition, to recruit the right person, it takes time: between the passage of the announcement, the interviews and the integration of a new employee, generally count between one and six months to hire a new employee – without counting the fact that a young recruit is rarely operational from the start, also needing training and time to assimilate the corporate culture.

Calling on a consulting firm avoids this problem! The digital marketing consultant arrives, autonomous, ready to work. It is also easier to fire in the event of a disagreement. It is therefore less expensive for the company, while saving the time and potential worries of traditional recruitment.

When the marketing consultant helps internal teams deploy a new solution or improve what already exists?

Even large companies choose to hire freelance digital marketing consultants when they could be content to reinforce their teams. This is the proof that the consultant is considered as a source of added value for the company that solicits him.

The self-employed are adapted to our economic and technological context where the outlook can change in just a few months. Autonomous, flexible and competent, they strengthen internal teams and put their expertise at the service of their customers.

According to his professional experience, the digital marketing consultant has highly specialized skills, necessary when it comes to analyzing the existing possibilities to improve a project (Lean Six Sigma), to participate in the implementation of a new service or to structure a communication plan. He then takes on an advisory role and federates an internal project team in order to deploy a suitable solution within the defined period of time.

The advantages of a freelance digital marketing consultant:

As the algorithms that govern social networks and the rules for indexing web pages continue to evolve, it is difficult to find qualified workers, especially in the field of tech where good talent moves quickly from one employer to another. Unlike a lamba employee, a freelance consultant has, with equal seniority in the profession, superior experience and efficiency. Indeed, the consultant moves from one project to another and, in doing so, acquires valuable experience as client cases arise, which then allows him to deal with increasingly complex issues. .

A senior digital marketing consultant therefore has a panoramic view of the digital marketing issues of a particular sector or type of business. The consultant is then a specialized worker, even, sometimes, over-specialized. Finally, to stay up to date, the consultant is continuously trained, both in the field and academically. Since the consultant sells his expertise, he has every interest in carrying out regular monitoring and maintaining his level.

The ace of project management for flawless monitoring:

The consultant, through his missions, masters and applies the principles of project management. He is able to work on each stage of a complex project, from the ideation phase to the deployment of the project, including its implementation and the development of an initial strategy.

Moreover, since his salary depends on his results and because he seeks to retain his clients, the consultant is loyal: he does not count his hours and gives 100% to bring the project to completion. Another advantage: he is not part of the team and is therefore less subject to political issues internal to the company. Also, he focuses on the project and on this one only. If the latter gets bogged down or if the teams do not contribute to meeting the specifications, deadlines or budget, the freelance digital marketing consultant will not hesitate to sound the alarm, or even warn the hierarchy.

This is not always the case internally, where some may monopolize the work of others, bury files or problems or be reluctant to work with members of another department. From words to deeds: concrete and rapid action to help clients reconnect with growth. Whatever the problem encountered, the freelance marketing consultant must first carry out an audit of what has already been done in the company.

The objective is to take stock and understand how the latter invests in digital channels. This preliminary work will allow the digital marketing consultant to identify priority areas and send an action plan to his client. Then comes the creation of a project team, followed by the creation of a schedule with milestones and then the validation of a budget. That’s it, the project starts and the ideation phase ends.

When the hierarchy gives the go, the project can finally start. The consultant then supports the teams in the deployment of a more effective digital marketing strategy, capable of solving the problems encountered, such as:

  • Creating a content strategy that truly attracts, converts and retains prospects;
  • The redesign of a corporate website to make it clearer or more understandable for customers (in a word, customer centric);
  • The investment of a new channel and the articulation of the latter with the channels already used by the company (omnichannel or cross-channel communication)
  • The creation of footbridges, bridges and junctions between the teams in order to ensure the transversality of essential information. Here, the work focuses on the processes behind the company’s digital marketing actions;
  • Throughout the project, the consultant verifies the smooth running of operations. Finally, he submits the requested deliverable on time or analyses, with the client, the results of the key performance indicators determined upstream (otherwise called KPIs).

In conclusion:

If the missions on which the freelance digital marketing consultant may be called upon to intervene are particularly diverse and cannot be summarized in one article, the professional is involved in all of them in the same way. Through the care he brings to his client and thanks to his desire to quickly find solutions to each problem, the digital marketing consultant guides companies on projects with high added value. It supports employees and internal collaborators in order to help them gain skills.