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Internet Live Stats, 2022 keeps a running tally of Google queries in real time; you won’t believe how quickly it updates as you read this article.

According to Similarweb, Google received 86.5 billion monthly visitors in the past month, making it the most popular website in the world.

In addition to Google Search, Google also provides a wide variety of other services that are used frequently by people all over the world.

Thus, it is fair to say that billions of people rely on Google search for a wide range of queries.

How many people use Google?

Google has a near-monopoly on the search engine market, with a share of roughly 92%. That accounts for 88% of all mobile search engine traffic and 92% of all mobile web traffic.

The use of “Google” as a verb for “to search” has spread rapidly; for example, you might hear someone say, “I’ll just Google it” or “can’t you Google that?” or “isn’t it on Google?” It’s not an exaggeration to say that Google is the uncontested leader of internet search engines.

The next closest search engine, Bing, has 2.5% of the market, and Yahoo has 1.5%. Google’s thorough search results, in-depth analytics, and constantly growing list of services have helped it keep a commanding lead in the market and keep distribution fairly stable over the past few years.

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How many Google search per day?

In terms of search volume, Google does not disclose this information. But it is estimated that Google processes about 63,000 search queries every second, which translates to about 5.6 billion searches per day and about 2 trillion searches per year across the globe. Three or four searches per day is about average for the typical user.

Google also takes steps to customize search results, which hopefully will lead to more people using Google the next time they have a question. Even if Google can’t get into a user’s Gmail or other Google account, it can still figure out some things about them from their browser cookies.

One simple application of this method is found in a given location. If a user has enabled location services, Google will tailor search results based on their precise location. Chrome’s browser history provides the data necessary for Google to construct a profile based on age, language preference, gender, and search preferences, which in turn informs the type of search results returned for users signed into their Google account. Let’s take a closer look at the search trends that should be influencing your marketing strategy by analysing some of Google’s top statistics from this year.

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Every month, Google’s trending topics are different.

The biggest engine in the world experiences a new pattern every month. According to Google’s monthly report on trending search terms, rapper Juice Wrld was the most-searched topic in the United States in December 2019. Black Friday, however, was the topic that people were most interested in researching online in the month of November 2019. Previously, from October 22nd to the 30th, the World Series was held. As a result, “Duterte Russian Vaccine” skyrocketed to the top of Google’s search results, with unsurprising spikes in interest coming from the Philippines. Then in early 2020, COVID-19 struck, making searches for “coronavirus” the most popular term online from February to April.

Finding Out How Many Searches Are Made Daily in Google and More

Google dominates the market for search engines by a wide margin. In 2017, Google held a net market share of 74.54%. With the largest monthly market share, this is not surprising.

How many searches on google per day

What Drives Google Search Popularity? 

It’s reasonable to assume that a number of factors contribute to Google Search’s massive user base. That it works well on a variety of platforms and is easy to access is just one example.

Specifically, leadsquared’s experts say that Google Ads distort natural search results. Google Ads are therefore able to affect Google’s ranking algorithm.

Take a moment to consider the activities you regularly engage in on the internet. Advertisements are so pervasive that it would be more accurate to keep track of how rarely you encounter them.

There are many different types of advertisements that you will see even if you use an ad blocker.

Remember that even while driving, you are constantly bombarded by advertisements. In this age of technology, businesses use billboards to advertise their products and services.

The same number of commercials play regardless of whether or not you subscribe to a cable service. There are advertisements in the newspapers and magazines you read regularly.

You can’t get away from commercials anywhere. Perhaps you can avoid commercials if you read a book in peace and quiet. Ads are a necessary evil in most video games, and players must suffer through them.

 searches on google per day

What’s Most Searched on Google Today?

Possibly you’re curious as to the most popular queries. After all, that data is essential for everyone from decision-makers and politicians to SEO specialists and marketing pros. Topics may range from current events to pop culture to general musings on life.

“India vs. South Africa” was the most-Googled term of 2019, followed by “Cameron Boyce” and “Copa America.”

In 2018, “World Cup” was, not surprisingly, the most searched term on Google. To follow ‘Mac Miller and ‘Stan Lee,’ ‘Avicii’ was the runner-up (all three celebrities passed away in 2018). Google Trends says that “Black Panther,” which was praised by critics, has fallen to fifth place.

For those interested in looking back in time, here are the top Google search terms from 2014 through 2018: 2017 Hurricane Irma, 2016’s Pokemon Go, 2015’s Lamar Odom, and 2017’s “Robin Williams” are all recent examples (2014).

Then there are seasonal searches, which are more prevalent at certain times of year. The fact that they relate to regular occurrences makes them simple to anticipate. It’s safe to assume that by the end of January in the United States, “Super Bowl”-related Google searches will be among the most popular.

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Insights from Google’s data can spark lively conversation. Above all else, though, those figures show how this massive tech company became the most popular search engine in the world.Further, we expect these figures to increase annually going forward.How many times do people query Google annually? This equates to about 1.2 trillion searches per year, given the number of searches performed every second (over 40,000).