Can you edit your Google location history?

You control what’s saved in your Location History. You can view the places where you’ve been in Google Maps Timeline, which you can edit or use to delete your Location History.

You can turn off Location History for your account at any time. If you use a work or school account, your administrator needs to make this setting available for you. If they do, you’ll be able to use Location History as any other user.

If you want to edit your timeline, simply open up the timeline by pressing the menu button and then your timeline icon. 

You can scroll down the timeline and click on any point you wish to edit. Once you press it, an option should come up allowing you to make an edit. If you want to change the locationyou can use the “Search for a place” feature.

Can Google location history be altered?

Google Maps Timeline shows an estimate of places that you may have been and routes that you may have taken based on your Location History. You can edit your Timeline anytime and delete your Location History in Timeline. Your Timeline is private, so only you can find it.

If you visit the Location History page in your Google account on a PC, at then it should show a similar map and listing of places as you see on your phone, but you can also click each recorded location to see how (in)accurate it was. When you click the blue dot for a locationGoogle draws a blue circle around it that shows approximately the (in)accuracy of that location fix.