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More than 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google each and every single day, which is equivalent to the 1.2 trillion searches that are conducted annually across the entire planet. On the page that follows, you will see a graphical representation of the number of search queries that Google processes in one second. You can view this information at your convenience. The following chart provides a year-by-year breakdown of the total number of searches that were performed throughout all of Google’s business years:

1. How many times do you search Google every day?

The following information and statistics about Google search results are going to blow your mind.

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At some point in our lives, the vast majority of us have used these words when speaking to members of our family, our friends, or our colleagues.

Google was established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both of whom were students at Stanford’s Ph.D. programme. Over the course of the past twenty years, Google has travelled a million miles to secure its position as the most popular search engine in the world.

Google has the highest market share and monthly visits of any company in the world (86.9 billion monthly visits). Numerous companies now employ it as a means of expanding their customer base to include individuals from all over the world.

Google is relied on by nearly nine out of ten people who use the internet to search for a variety of answers.

The search engine makes use of approximately one thousand computers in order to respond to a query in 0.2 seconds, and the query itself travels nearly 1500 miles in order to provide the user with a valuable solution for their query.

Let’s take a look at these statistics and facts about Google searches to determine the average number of Google queries performed each day in the year 2022.

how many googles per day

2. Key Statistics for Google Searches in 2022

  • Every single day, Google processes 9 billion different search queries.
  • The United States accounts for more than 27 percent of all traffic that Google Desktop receives.
  • The Google Search Engine currently holds an impressive 86.19 percent of the market share compared to its rivals.
  • In India, Google Search Engine holds a market share of 95.45% of the country’s total market.
  • The typical person conducts three to four Google searches per day.
  • After 18 months, Google Auto will delete the web and app searches it has performed.
  • Google Chrome is used by 2.65 billion people around the world.
  • Nine out of ten people who use the internet prefer to perform their searches using Google.
  • Voice searches make up 45.3% of all Google Searches conducted via mobile phones.
  • The Google Search Index comprises hundreds of billions of web pages and has a storage capacity of more than 100,000,000 GB.
many googles per day

3.The Google Search Engine holds a market share of 86.19% compared to its rivals in this industry.

According to the statistics from February 2021, the Google search engine holds more than a 92 percent share across all platforms, making it the undisputed leader in the global market.

The search engine Bing comes in at number two on the list with a meagre 2.69 percent, followed by Yahoo (1.47 percent), Baidu (1.3 percent), and Yandex (1.31 percent) (0.65 percent).

With an 86.19 percent market share in the desktop search engine industry, Google has solidified its position as the industry leader.

According to the statistics from StatCounter for 2021, the next most popular search engine is Yandex, followed by Bing (6.7 percent), Yahoo (2.7 percent), and DuckDuckGo (0.9 percent) (0.64 percent).

Google has a market share of 95.03 percent when it comes to the number of Google searches that are performed daily on mobile devices. Baidu comes in second with 1.8 percent, and Yahoo comes in third with 1. (0.8 percent).

According to the statistics provided by Google Search, the company holds the leading market share among tablet users with 90.35 percent.

how many googles

4. The Indian market is controlled by Google Search, which has a market share of 95.45%

The Google Search Engine holds a dominant market share of more than 80 percent in most of the world’s most important countries.

According to the statistics, it dominates the market in India with a market share of 95.45 percent, beating out Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex in that regard.

In Brazil, it has a market rate of 92.58 percent, and in Italy, it has a rate of 91.34 percent.

The market share statistics in the United States currently stand at 82.95 percent.

5. The Average Person Conducts Three to Four Google Searches Daily

It is estimated that a person may use Google Search approximately 120 times in a month, based on the typical number of times they use the service each day.

The customers of Google benefit from a more individualised experience thanks to a specialised search method developed by Google.

Google thinks that its upgraded search system will convince people to continue using the same search engine for their subsequent searches, and this will benefit Google’s bottom line.

People who do not have a Google account or who are not currently logged in will have their browser cookies stored anonymously if they use this feature.

It enables Google to offer improved search results to users who make use of its service.

When a user is signed in to their Google account, the company creates a unique profile for them. This profile is able to provide the customer with the results they are looking for by using information that has been saved about the user, such as their age.

If activated, Google’s location filter will assist in the sorting of search results and will lead to an increase in the percentage of successful searches across all geographies.

how many googles per day

6. After 18 months, Google will automatically delete your web and app searches.

When you consider how many times people use Google every day, you can’t help but wonder how long the results of those searches remain accessible online.

Google has programmed its systems to delete users’ search histories automatically in the event that users do not manually clear their histories. After 18 months, all of the searches from both the website and the app will be deleted for good.

7. 2.65 Billion People Have Google Chrome Installed on Their Computers

More than 63 percent of the global market share for web browsers is held by Google Chrome, regardless of the device type.

According to the statistics, Chrome only has a market share of 46.3% in the United States, which is relatively low when compared to the market share rates for other countries.

With 19.37 percent of the market share worldwide, Safari is the second most popular browser after Google Chrome.

There were 1.29 million Chrome users in 2014, but that number is expected to reach 2.65 billion by 2021. This has a direct impact on the number of Google searches performed each day across the globe.

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Ever since the company was established, Google has been persistently making progress, and there does not appear to be any signs that the company will show any signs that it will stop making progress in the foreseeable future. [Here’s a good example:] Google has just released a new product that enables users to search the internet by using voice commands, and it’s called Google Voice Search.