How Many WordPress Developers Are There?


The world’s most popular and widely used content management system now powers 43.3% of all websites on the internet; however, few people outside of the community of the most committed WordPress users are familiar with the tale of how it first got started.

Since it was initially released in 2003, WordPress has undoubtedly come a long way; similarly, the WordPress statistics that assist to characterise this powerful software tool have also progressed significantly over time.

1. How long has WordPress been around? 17 Years

WordPress was originally derived from the b2/cafelog blogging system, which was debuted in 2003 by its co-founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress has been around for 17 years as of this moment.

how much wordpress developers are there

2. What Exactly Is Included in the Bill of Rights for WordPress? 4 Freedoms.

The General Public License, which is issued by the GNU, describes how the open-source software can be used and modified by other people. WordPress is licenced under this licence.

The WordPress Bill of Rights is built on top of this licence as its foundation. It includes the following four liberties:

in order to be able to bundle the software and sell it on to other people.

So that your own content management system and integrations can be shared (e.g. plugins, themes, customised admin panels, etc.)

to have the ability to use WordPress for whatever one chooses.

to be able to make adjustments to it so that it meets your requirements.

3. How much is the website platform WordPress worth? $3+ Billion.

The value of cannot be determined using the information that is currently available. (Hosting is a separate issue, but the software that you’ve come here to learn about is not that.)

how does wordpress developers are there

4. How much does it cost to use WordPress? $0.

Downloading and using still does not cost any money at any point in time. The WordPress content management system is not one of the prices involved in the construction of a website using WordPress; nevertheless, there are other expenditures involved.

5. How Many Different Versions of WordPress Have Been Released Over the Years? 420+.

Up until this point, there have been a total of 420 different versions of WordPress. 37 of these were released to the general public.

When they are deemed necessary, minor releases are made available. In most cases, they will address problems, provide patches to vulnerabilities, or make many other minor improvements to the platform.

Every four to five months, major versions are made available, bringing with them new user features and new capabilities for developers.

7.How many people does the WordPress team consist of? 1,2k.

WordPress is a website that is built using open-source software. Because of this, the majority of the code that has been written for it has been provided (that is, it has been done so for free) by thousands of different developers.

There is no information available to indicate whether or not WordPress has any workers. On the other hand, it possesses a sizable Community Leadership team that monitors everything in an impartial manner. These individuals make up this squad:

  • Co-founder Matt Mullenweg
  • 5 lead developers
  • Principal developers as well as committers
  • Support forum moderators
  • Staff in charge of documentation
  • Theme reviewers Plugin reviewers
 wordpress developers are there

8. How Many Different People Make Contributions to WordPress? ~50k.

Again, there are no accurate numbers available on the number of people who contribute to WordPress. Because there is consistently a request for additional contributions, the figure is almost certainly in the thousands.

The Five for the Future project was launched in 2014 with the intention of persuading more businesses to dedicate 5% of their workforces to the development of WordPress plugins and themes.

how many wordpress developers

9.Approximately How Many WordPress Developers Are Available for Contract Work? ~8,300.

The New York Times, 10up, Automattic, Human Made, and Conde Nast are just some of the huge organisations and companies that have contributed code, which means that the figure might possibly be in the tens of thousands at this point.

10. What Year Did the First WordCamp Take Place? 2006.

The people that contribute code to the core of WordPress are only a small part of the WordPress community. The WordPress community is made up of a wide variety of people, including developers, designers, company owners, and fans.

WordCamps are one of the locations people go to increase their knowledge of WordPress, network with others who share their interests, and make connections with WordPress-based businesses. The very first one of these was held in San Francisco in the year 2006.

11. WordPress is used by 35% of the websites on the web.

According to and Netcraft, a content management system that was formerly considered to be relatively unknown is now responsible for powering more than 35 percent of the websites on the internet. This assertion may sound incredible, but it’s a fact. This achievement is due to the exceptional adaptability of the WordPress content management system, which enables it to be used for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from individual blogs and websites for small businesses to the blogs of Fortune 500 companies such as Sony Music and Forbes.

Taking into account the fact that there are about 1.3 billion actively operating websites, it can be deduced that there are approximately 455,000,000 websites that use WordPress at this time.

12.Every month, users create 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments on those posts.

That’s a total of 97,222 new posts every hour, 1,620 new posts each and every minute, and over 2,333,333 new posts every single day! When you consider that the typical length of a post is somewhere around 300 words, we are talking about approximately a half a million words being written every minute through the use of WordPress. (source)


13. Each and every Month, WordPress Is Hit With 487 Billion Spam Messages

The number of comments that are clearly just spam has significantly increased over the past few years. According to the statistics provided by Akismet, the number of spam comments that are generated in a single month is 6,208 times larger than the number of comments that are valid. To put it another way, WordPress is subjected to an onslaught of 487 billion spammers. To our great fortune, Aksimet is effective against 99.9% of the spam.

14. Each and every six months, there are more than 1.1 million newly registered WordPress domains

According to a survey conducted in 2015 on the global adoption of content management systems (CMS) on the internet, WordPress is responsible for approximately 1.1 million more domains every six months. Users adore the ease of use and the fact that it is practically straightforward to develop an online presence. Since WordPress’s market share has increased since then, it is plausible to assume that the current figure is far more than one million.

 many wordpress developers are there


WordPress is improving in leaps and bounds and appears to be well positioned to maintain its leadership position in the CMS market for many years to come.

The most important facts regarding WordPress, which shed some light on the current situation of this sophisticated software tool, are presented in this article.

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