PPC(PAY PER Click) Services Of The Top PPC Company

Would you like more sales, clicks, and leads? then you need a Top PPC Company's PPC services.

You might know that most of the population comes to search engine to check local services and products (97%, to be precise). What you might not know is that 75% of people think that paid ads make it simple to search the information online that they are looking for, and 63% of searchers say that they are clicking on paid ads. If you had no time for investing in pay-per-click services, then now it is the time to start.

PPC marketing is a completely cost-effective and controllable way to obtain a position for your company at the top of Google, Bing and on other digital platforms because here the target audience invests their time more. But to get the best return you need an experienced PPC company and a great strategy, they continuously optimize your campaigns and spend time in it and also they make data-driven decisions and look at all of your funnels to convert visits into sales. Who’s doing this? Licreative Technologies is doing that.

Our PPC Management Company is both Google Premier Partner and Bing Partner.

Our clients get the comfort and security when you choose us that all your PPC ads are managed by licensed Google Ads terms by a specialist and Bing Ads PPC expert. Furthermore, you get some special benefits of working with such a Premier Google Partner.

PPC Services

Characteristics we develop and that make a difference in the market.

Shopping Advertising Management

A shopping campaign will help if you want to sell many products, develop your company, and want to get many people to better know your brand.


Clients seeing retargeted advertising are more likely to switch to your website by 70 percent. Read more and start remarketing today!

Bing Advertising Management

You can be assured to get the best return on your ad spending as a Bing affiliate.

Display Ads Management

Online advertising powered by Google Display Network, display ads to users when visiting other websites. You've probably seen ads on famous weather sites, news websites, and also on smaller blogs, that you're following.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads is an excellent advertising platform to get targeting leads. Clients typically earn $2 in profits for each and every $1 they spend on Advertising.

Social Media Campaigns

Normal social media users invest two hours every day on social media websites. Many thanks for the algorithms of social media platforms, it's almost difficult for companies to get noticed unless they invest their money behind it.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is probably the 2nd popular search engine and the consumer preference towards video is not the trend now. Clients are 28 times more preferable in clicking on online video advertisements than regular banners, and businesses that use video advertisements in the marketing are increasing revenue 49% higher year over year than those that don't.

Paid Search Campaigns

In normal terms not only 75% of people believe paid ads are easier for finding the information that they need, but also 41% of clicks go to the first 3 paid ads in the page of search results. Pay per click advertising is the easiest way to get anyone's attention at the time they are searching for your services and products.

Local Services Advertising Management by Google

Local Services ads by google are targeted for particular industries and local businesses. We are slowly rolling across India working with different clients and using various strategy, and hundreds of effective campaigns have already been initiated by Licreative Technologies.

PPC Services That Our Company Is Specialized In : Paid Search Campaigns

  • Paid PPC Services and Campaign
  • Google Ads Management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Bing Ads Management
  • Display Ads Management
  • Google Local Services Ads Management
  • Nextdoor Advertising
  • Shopping Ads Management
  • YouTube Advertising

What's PPC About ? What Is The PPC Agency Doing?

PPC (pay per click), is a strategy of internet advertising and marketing for your business in which marketers view advertisements on various platforms and websites and pay the fee every time they click on their ads you don’t have to bid for payment. CPC (Cost Per Click) for the most profitable keywords will range anywhere between $0.05 to $50.00.

An advertising setup, copy writing, design, release, and optimization is done by a PPC company like Licreative Technologies for your business. We are a PPC management company that has wide range of packages to run PPC campaign and have worked with lot of clients, from corporate to minimal-cost packages for small companies. While we find ourselves to be a jack-of-all-PPC company.

Why We Love PPC?

At Disruptive, we’re on a one-click-at-a-time journey to change the world. We don’t find anything more rewarding than to see the businesses of our clients expand. It’s difficult for us to look at PPC management waste the potential of a company.

We create a clear and convincing message and get the most out of your ads that incorporates the right keywords, ad targeting, and web experience to maximize sales.

Though, we’re not stopping there. We also check and evaluate and rigorously optimize every part of your campaign from click-to-close. The consistent mix of PPC leadership, automation, and analytics is how we grow companies.

Why Is Pay-Per-Click Successful?

There are more platforms than ever before to reach out to your clients and prospects. Simultaneously, there is more competition. Content is awash on social media websites and search results pages. Every second, millions of videos, graphics and blogs are uploaded. With so much information available, it’s more difficult than that to get your advertising in sight of the audiences who matter the most.

Unless you pay for a search engine. Paid advertising campaigns enable you to target specific audiences (depending on who they are, how they live, what desires they have, and much more) and ensure that your information gets them for sure.

Why Choose US ?

We Make Sure You're Actively Engaged

We've all heard the conspiracy theories: a campaign manager would take your money, vanish for weeks or months, and then reappearance with a brief summary of something he's been up to. Paid search, on the other hand, is a real-time technique. We believe you have the right to know what's going on in your campaigns at all times. Our proprietary software keeps you updated, and our on-the-ground project management team produces daily updates for your reference. You do have the right to be informed about what really happening, and also what our teams are doing to achieve your targets and produce the Return on investment (ROI) you want, whether our projects are progressing, wavering, or in a pause.

Developing a Strategy That Is Beneficial to You

Having a sophisticated yet practical strategy is the best way to achieve in PPC ads. Unless you want to do something new with your campaign, employing a PPC management company is the perfect way to avoid wasting money and time. A successful PPC management company will create a plan that is tailored to your company's needs. Although there are some best practises for managing a PPC initiative, there is no such thing as a perfectly effective approach for all types of companies. Even the best PPC experts are unfamiliar with the pros and cons of your market. They'll look over your current PPC strategy and ask you a series of questions. This will assist the experts in clearer understanding how to market your business.

Monitoring Involves Technical Expertise

Any successful PPC platform must have the ability to monitor not only sales but also where they come from. Luckily, many PPC programmes, such as Google Ads, have a plethora of monitoring options to help you keep track of your initiative. Good analytics will show you which search terms and placements are most likely to result in conversions. Our PPC statistics also allows you to evaluate your Return on investment (ROI) by calculating the price of each conversion. It's important to remember that in PPC, it's not about clicks alone, but also about the profits and leads. You can say how great your campaign is going and where you can boost it with expert monitoring. You can modify optimization or reassign funds if certain parts of the project are underperforming or consuming too much capital.

A Customer-Focused Solution

For your end users, we have a really customer-focused framework instead of carelessly drafting material, we do so with incredible precision. Our team will put themselves in your customer's shoes to determine their preferences, resentments, and overall taste. Following this research, we'll be able to create one of the most successful PPC campaigns in the industry. One PPC campaign isn't always enough. As a consequence, when creating a campaign for you, we keep remarketing and retargeting in our mind. This way, the conversion rates will skyrocket while your budget remains relatively unaffected.

Why Would Small Companies Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

You’ll understand both the effect and the effectiveness of PPC advertising as you work to match your marketing targets with your plan.

Companies that run PPC campaigns only charge when a customer clicks on an advertisement and reaches the website. So you don’t have to worry about your investment in PPC campaigns.

The marketing model is versatile enough to suit any budget, and the scope and aiming functionality make our PPC services a versatile way to achieve any goal.

So try out our PPC services for driving more traffic to your websites, posts & blogs and also to earn more from your websites.

We Give You A Promotional Boost

A tiny dash of advertising is the secret to a successful PPC campaign. Your end consumers are unconcerned about your business before you provide them with useful knowledge, services, or goods. 

We strive to strike a balance between the insightful and promotional aspects of PPC campaigns. Traditional PPC campaigns are all about marketing and don’t bring any tangible value to a customer’s portfolio. Our team is aware of the situation.

It just teases a hint of advertising while maintaining a sense of suspense to entice consumers back to your website or landing page. The sprint of marketing aids us in improving content quality and keeping it in line for future use.

We Maintain Optimization Of Your Conversion Speed And Landing Page

If your conversion speeds are slow and your leads are erratic or low-quality, you might need an Intense Makeover that is Landing Page Edition.

For businesses in all sectors, landing pages are the most important visitor conversion method. Our expert design along with analysis teams collaborate with you to build appealing as well as on landing pages. Following that, we run some tests on different creative components on a regular basis to verify that these pages reliably produce results.

We Make Population-Based Analysis?

To better understand the needs of our client’s end customers, we perform extensive demographic analysis. This study yields a lovely synchronization of attractive images and script that is entirely based on the intended audience. 

Our content creation and graphic design teams use the findings to curate examples that are especially appealing to the end user market. We also perform focus group research and analysis to ensure that our PPC campaigns outperform the competition.

Ethnicity, age, place, gender, and other key factors or filters that regulate our demographic analysis include these. We may identify one of the most oriented game plans in the industry using a combination of over 100s of such variables.


Most frequent questions and answers

Nice question! The best PPC management service for you depends and spend time on your particular buyer’s funnel, your goals, and your budget. Before making a decision, we strongly recommend having a audit for ppc services performed since it will offer you a clear answer.  PPC management agency manages all factors of your Pay Per Click services.

If your site does not appear prominently for multiple times on the first page, then you will lose the business to your competitors. There are 2 ways to improve visibility on the first page. They are PPC management and advertising services and SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is useful since more people like to click on organic listings than paid ads, but if it allows them to find the data they want easily, 75% of people will click on a paid search ad.

You will see all your ads in a couple of hours once you set up a PPC account on Google Ads. When you customize your sites to rank organically higher, the research you are doing now may not be noticeable for weeks or months or even years in the search engine results!

PPC / CPC platforms are self-service advertising platforms, such as Bing Ads and Google Ads. Technically, you do not have to hire professional PPC services to build and handle your PPC campaign; however, many small business owners do not have the resources, knowledge and tools needed to optimize ROI from a PPC ad campaign. We work for all kind of clients and have showed them results, you can believe us based on experience we will bring success to our client also we show them traffic with great conversion rate.

Adwords can be measured and monitored amazingly. The downside of this is, there are vast volumes of data to be processed and interpreted as well as complexity levels that the average company owner really has no time to handle. For example, many home business owners are unable to monitor phone calls created by their own PPC campaigns. The ratio of received phone calls versus submissions to the online form may be as great as 12:1. You will be losing more if you’re not monitoring the phone calls created by the PPC campaigns. You’re almost over-paying on a few keywords and asking for less bid on others.

Simultaneously, recruiting a full-time marketer to properly manage your campaign would cost you a minimum of $5,000 a month (and that doesn’t include the benefits, software programs and devices needed for optimization or advertising costs!). It is more cost-effective for outsourcing PPC set-up, ongoing optimization and management for the small business involved in PPC advertising services.

We’re trying to let our clients speak for us at Licreative Technologies. Look into our pay-per-click feedback and hear directly from them that why we’re the best PPC company to You. Above all, everything that we do comes from a business owner’s viewpoint, and we approach your business as our own. 

Did you do that? Good! Let’s get to the information. We can give you some promises that most businesses can’t: 

You don’t need to bother on long-term contractors. For a specific period of time we won’t handcuff you.

You’ll own the ad creatives. If you leave, certain PPC advertising firms will not allow you to keep your ads creative. It’s not us.

You’ll automate your marketing expenses. In order to improve, all your PPC advertisements are monitored, calculated and analyzed. This will lower the costs and yield results.

You get the security and comfort that we will bend for you. We truly believe in relationship building, and not on gaining customers.

You will have a dedicated manager to guide you, and also a support team comprising an analyst, a specialist, and a web designer / developer in PPC management.

You will get clear monthly reports, that has a complete PPC output.

We at Licreative Technologies are digital marketing company, our offers are incredible that we grow our clients website. Most of our project are successfull, because we do proper analysis of competition like keyword, etc so we reach top rated highest ranking channel and have control over everything.We also create content that helps in ranking.We have a team of office who provide quality work, you can simply contact us through email or follow us in facebook, instagram, etc.

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