An Operational Assessment Will Provide

An Operational Assessment Will Provide


Slack et al. (2007) describe five basic operations performance objectives that allow the organization to measure the performance of its operations. The performance goals are quality, speed, reliability, flexibility and cost.

What is an operational evaluation?

An Operational Assessment is an evaluation of operational effectiveness and operational suitability performed by an independent Operational Testing (OTA) activity, with user assistance if required, on non-production systems.

When a planning deviation occurs, should the planning manager notify the decision authority of the milestone?

When a schedule deviation occurs, the schedule manager must notify the stage decision authority within 90 days of the event.

What is operational analysis for?

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Definition: Operational analysis is a method of examining the current and historical performance of operations and maintenance (steady state) investments and measuring that performance against an established set of cost, schedule and performance.

What is an operational needs assessment?

What is an operational evaluation? Includes a comprehensive review of operations. Identify strengths and areas for improvement. It forms the basis of a performance improvement plan with specific action steps.

What is needed for a Milestone C decision exam?

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For Stage C approval, the following general criteria apply: An approved Acquisition Strategy (AS). Demonstration that the production design is stable and meets established and derived requirements based on acceptable development test performance. An operational assessment.

What are the three key decisions a project manager makes?

Key decisions in project management
Deciding which projects to implement.
Selecting the project manager.
Selecting the project team.
Project planning and design.
Managing and controlling project resources.
Deciding if and when to finish a project.

What is the purpose of step decision c?

Milestone C (MS C) is a review conducted by the Milestone Decision-Making Authority (MDA) at the end of the Engineering and Manufacturing (EMD) Development phase of the defense acquisition process. Its purpose is to make a recommendation or seek approval to enter the production and deployment (PD) phase.

What are operational needs?

Operational requirements are defined as “non-procedural responsibilities that consume human resources”. The difference between these tasks and indirect effort tasks is that they are further removed from the testing process and much more operational in nature. Examples: Planned leave (PTO) Unplanned leave.

What are the benefits of a needs assessment?

What are the benefits of a needs assessment

Needs assessment is important because it helps an organization identify gaps that prevent it from achieving desired goals. In A Guide to Conducting a Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis, Anthony J. Jannetti indicates that these gaps can exist in knowledge, practices, or skills.


Evaluation plays an important role in the process of learning and motivation. The types of assessment tasks we ask our students to complete determine how students will approach the learning task and what study behaviors they will use.