for seo what should i use for site name

Your domain name should be based on your brand. This is how users will find, remember, share and identify your business online. Typically, you should choose a domain name at the same time your choose your business name. In other words, if you already have a business name, you should use it as your domain name as well.

How do I choose a SEO name?

Make it easy to remember and marketable.
Short & Sweet. In general, an SEO friendly domain name should be short and sweet
Consider Your Keywords. Exact match domains aside, you should still try to include the root keyword in your domain name
Avoid Dashes & Duplicates. Avoid dashes if possible
Make it Memorable.


What should I put for website name?

To make the process easier, we have a simple 14 step framework that you can use to pick the best domain for your website.
Stick with .com.
Use keywords in your domain name search.
Keep your domain name short.
Make it easy to pronounce and spell.
Keep it unique and brandable.
Avoid hyphens in domain name.
Avoid doubled letters.


What should I put for SEO on my website?

Let Google see your page the same way a user does.
Create unique, accurate page titles.
Control your title links and snippets in search results.
Use the meta description tag.
Use heading tags to emphasize important text.
Add structured data markup.


Does a domain name affect SEO?

So, does your domain name affect SEO? Yes, it does. However, keep in mind that other factors determine your SEO ranking. Your website also needs to load fast, have high-quality content and backlinks, to name a few ranking factors.


Should I use my name as my domain name?

If your purpose is purely personal branding and does not intend to sell your website, then using your own name is fine. If your goal is to build a business and you might consider selling it in the future, using a creative name is the best approach.


What is domain in SEO?

‹A domain name defines the location of your website on the Internet. For example, is the domain name for Elevation Headwear. Choosing a domain for your website is an important first SEO step.


What is Site name example?

An example of a domain name is This is made up of a second-level domain (“usps”) and top-level domain (“.com). It is one of the most visited government domain names, according to Statista. These are just a few domain name examples ” there are literally millions more.


How do I name my personal website?

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name
Use The Right Domain Name Extensions (.com, . org,
Brandable Over Generic
Short Is Better Than Long
Make Sure It’s Easy To Type
Make Sure It’s Easy To Pronounce
Avoid Hyphens And Numbers
Consider Using Niche Keywords That Reflect Your Website
Think Long-Term Over Short-Term.


What is domain name examples?

For instance, the domain name might translate to the physical address 198.102. 434.8. Other examples of domain names are and Using a domain name to identify a location on the Internet rather than the numeric IP address makes it much easier to remember and type web addresses.


How do beginners do SEO?

Using this beginner’s guide, we can follow these seven steps to successful SEO:
Crawl accessibility so engines can read your website.
Compelling content that answers the searcher’s query.
Keyword optimized to attract searchers & engines.
Great user experience including a fast load speed and compelling UX.


Can I do SEO on my own?

You can absolutely do SEO yourself or DIY SEO (Do It Yourself SEO). With some research and lots of practice, anyone can learn how to do SEO for their business. A quick way to get started with SEO is to enter your URL here and then focus your SEO efforts on the recommended action items.


How can I SEO my website for free?

DIY SEO: 7 Legit Ways to Do Your Own SEO for Free
Know your target audience
Understand keyword research and planning
Build up your site with keywords in mind
Build authority and backlinks through quality content
Create, build and maintain social media presences
Understand Google Analytics.


Is .com or .co better?

When it comes to commercial business purposes, . COM is the top choice, while . CO is used when country-specific domain extension is required.


What is the best domain extension for SEO?

Remember that the domain name is one of the things new visitors use to gauge a brand’s credibility. Most SEO experts recommend the ‘.com’ TLD because most ” if not all ” users are familiar with it.


What is SEO friendly URL structure?

URLs that are simple, easy to read, and include keywords that describe the content on a web page are SEO-friendly. For example, if you’re searching for information about pancakes, a URL like


Does my website name need to match my business name?

Do Your Domain Name & Business Name Have To Match? Your business name and domain do not need to match. The primary difference between business and domain names is that a business name is used for identification, branding and legal purposes, whereas a domain name is a digital website address.


What is the best domain to use?

org, . net, and so on. For many sites, .com is the best choice, since it’s what most visitors will expect and is easiest to remember. However, it’s getting harder and harder to find quality .com domain names, and users are becoming more accustomed to other extensions.


Do multiple domains help SEO?

As you can see, a multiple domain strategy is all about adding more power to your SEO strategy. Instead of ranking with just one domain, you can rank with multiple domains. This increases the chances that a user will click on a result that links to a site you own. It’s a bit of an outside-the-box SEO strategy.


Do domain names matter anymore?

A misspelled stand-in for something that looks like a keyword-rich URL. Sure, if you squint you might not notice, and it gets the point across, but the truth is that it really doesn’t matter at all! See the misspelling? The truth is that SEO and Domain names have very little impact on each other these days.


What are the 7 domain names?

Different types of domain names
.com: shorthand for commercial, .com was the first top-level domain in common use
net: shorthand for network,
edu: shorthand for education,
org: shorthand for organization,
mil: shorthand for military,
gov: shorthand for government, .