how did jang han seo die in vincenzo

This essentially paved way for a host of other characters to die in the finale. Han-Seo died thanks to his brother shooting him in the stomach. Han-Seok then hired two goons to stab Seung-Hyeuk at the courthouse. He received a knife wound to the stomach and another to the shoulder.

What happens to Jang Han Seo In Vincenzo?

Through the death of Jang Han Seok, viewers were able to feel the catharsis. Jang Han Seok was hated by everyone and his gruesome death, even though it was not justified, in a way, it delivered justice.


Does Han Seo brother die in Vincenzo?

Vincenzo fires up a device he calls the “Spear of Atonement,” a dental drill that will penetrate Han-seok 5mm every five minutes until he dies. Han-seok definitely earned such a brutal death after all his misdeeds. However, what’s really important here is the scene’s final shot: a crow pecking at Han-Seok’s body.


Does Jang Han Seo survive in Vincenzo?

Jang Han Seo becomes a hero

It was with that mindset that Han Seo sacrificed himself to save both Vincenzo and Cha Young. By holding Han Seok’s gun against him, he made sure that Han Seok ran out of bullets, ensuring the survival of both Vincenzo and Cha Young.


Why did Han seo shoot Vincenzo?

A prosecutor from Seoul Southeast District Prosecutors’ Office. He works with Cho Young-woon to obtain the Guillotine File and helps Vincenzo fight Babel. He later betrays Vincenzo and works for Jang Han-seok. He is killed by Vincenzo for his betrayal.


Who killed Jang Han Seo In Vincenzo?

This essentially paved way for a host of other characters to die in the finale. Han-Seo died thanks to his brother shooting him in the stomach. Han-Seok then hired two goons to stab Seung-Hyeuk at the courthouse.


Who is the traitor in Vincenzo?

Mr Nam
Vincenzo and Cha-young have found a traitor (Mr Nam) in the union ranks; they want to use him to their advantage against Babel. Mr Lee pretends to be part of The Twin Swords Gang. They tie up the traitor (Mr Nam) for interrogation and act like they will throw him in cement.


How did Choi Myung-hee die?

Choi Myung-hee tells him to shoot her as he’s taking it too far. The sprinters were filled with fuel. Vincenzo throws his lit lighter behind him and walks out. Choi Myung-hee is burned alive ” another one bites the dust.


Who got the gold in Vincenzo?

The series ends with Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki) flees to an island near Malta after getting his revenge against the Babel Group head Jang Jun-woo (Ok Taecyeon). However, the gold he was after is still with Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been). This leaves the door open for his likely return to Korea.


Which characters died in Vincenzo?

Male Deaths
Unknown Actor 1 [Emilio]
Hwang Tae-kwang [Seo Woong-ho]
Kim Woo-jin [Paramedic]
Lim Jae-geum [Pharamaceutical researcher]
Kim Jin-bok [Researcher Yu Min-chul]
Yoo Jae-myung [Hong Yoo-chan]
Andreas Fronk [Paolo’s henchman]
Jang Tae-min [Lee Chung-Il]


What happened to Paolo in Vincenzo?

Offended by his words, Paolo tried to kill Vincenzo. Paolo sent three assassins to kill him in the dark of the night, but Vincenzo expected betrayal and killed his killers instead. While flying to Seoul, Vincenzo called Paolo and intentionally blew up his car after he left it.


Who is the villain in Vincenzo?

2PM singer-actor Taecyeon has opened up about his experience portraying the antagonist on Vincenzo. The star spoke to W Korea about his role in Vincenzo, which premiered earlier this year, where he played its main antagonist, Jang Han-seok.


Is Mr Cho In Vincenzo a traitor?

It turns out Cho is actually a corporate spy and works for an International Crime Bureau. He’s pretty cunning and admits that he’s not a good guy. As we soon find out, Vincenzo knew and suspected this deception the whole time.


Does Vincenzo tell his mom who he is?

Vincenzo learns who killed his mother, and he goes to the man’s house. He chokes the man and repeatedly punches him. Pure anger fills his eyes. He tells the man that the woman he killed was his mother, and he asks who gave the order and starts torturing him.


Who dies in episode 17 Vincenzo?

Vincenzo has one last order of business before he leaves. Joon-woo scrambles back as Vincenzo advances. To give him a taste of what’s to come, Vincenzo shoots him in the ear.


What happened Vincenzo mother?

Vincenzo’s Mother Is Murdered

To hit him where it truly hurts, Babel Chairman Jang Han-seok and Wusang lawyer Choi Myung-hee send out an order to kill Vincenzo’s sick mother at the hospital. Similar to Hong Cha-young’s arrival at her father’s crime scene, Vincenzo visits his eomma just a little too late.


Will there be another season of Vincenzo?

Despite its commercial success, Song Joong Ki revealed that there are no discussions for season 2 and there might never be in the future. “There are no discussions about season two at all. I’m thankful that there seem to be many people who want it.


What does C mean Vincenzo?

Cassano family
When Jun-woo realises that Vincenzo is a feared consigliere back in Italy, it is also revealed that the letter “C” actually stands for the “Cassano family” and that it’s his signature move before killing someone.


Who is the crystal ball in Vincenzo?

Intern Jang, or should we now call him Babel Group master mind (aka Lawyer Choi’s crystal ball), watches the building burn. Vincenzo, Cha Young, Mr. Nam and the test subjects watch the building burn as they drive away. They smile in satisfaction.


Who is the owner of Babel in Vincenzo?

Kwak Dong-yeon (Jang Han-seo) Kwak’s Jang Han-seo might be one of the most memorable characters for many Vincenzo fans. Initially introduced as the arrogant chairman of Babel Group, he is later revealed to be a meek and innocent young man who is a mere puppet to his manipulative half-brother, Jang Han-seok.


Did MS know Vincenzo is her son?

Though Vincenzo has not told her that she is his mother, we see later on that she does know that he is her son. We know this because she told Jang Han-seok (the bad guy) this when he went to see her. Yes, the bad guy has found out that she is Vincenzo’s mother and went there to meet her.