how do descriptions help youtube seo

A good YouTube description can spike your audience’s interest and result in longer watch times, better view counts, and even new subscribers. Plus, it can help with YouTube SEO, allowing YouTube’s algorithm to understand your content and suggest it to new users, further boosting your YouTube stats.

Do YouTube descriptions matter for SEO?

Video descriptions are important in not just the usual ranking in SEO keyword search results but also serve as a place where you can get your viewer to
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11 Tips for Writing YouTube Descriptions | Sprout Social
Along with your video title and tags, the description plays a major role in YouTube SEO and rankings ” but only if it’s done right.
How To Write An Effective YouTube Description – The Ultimate Guide – Tubics


How do I write SEO friendly on YouTube description?

YouTube SEO Tips
Select a great keyword.
Include accurate closed captions.
Add a transcript to your video description.
Offer subtitles in multiple languages.
Write a keyword-optimized title, description, and tags.
Say your target keyword in your video.
Use a compelling thumbnail.
Add cards and end screens.


How long should YouTube descriptions be for SEO?

An effective YouTube description that gets your video more views should include: Relevant text featuring at least 1,000 characters.


How do I increase my SEO ranking on YouTube?

The 16 best tips for YouTube SEO
Conduct keyword research first
Choose keywords with good reach potential
Use a good video title
Add tags to the video
Write smart descriptions
Edit the file name
Create transcriptions and captions for the videos
Make longer videos.


What is a good SEO score YouTube?

Videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title description. And videoMore


What makes a good YouTube description?

Aim to use two or three related keywords in each channel and video description.
17 Tips for Writing Effective YouTube Descriptions (Free Template .
Including relevant keywords in your YouTube description will help your video rank better in search engines and help people who are searching for
How to Write YouTube Descriptions That Capture Attention – Agorapulse


How do I get my YouTube video to go viral?

Recommendation. System in action from 40 000 views per hour to just 50 views per hour in less thanMore


How long should YouTube descriptions be?

That’s why you want to write long, thorough video descriptions (at least 200 words). YouTube’s algorithm puts more weight on keywords that show up in the first 2-3 sentences of your description. In fact, YouTube recommends that you: Put the most important keywords toward the beginning of your description.


How do I increase my YouTube viewership?

16 Proven tips to promote your YouTube Channel
Write engaging, must-see titles
Optimize your videos for visibility
Figure out what your audience wants
Engage with the YouTube community
Customize your thumbnails
Cross-promote your own videos on YouTube
Target Google search results
Run a contest or giveaway.


Should you put hashtags in YouTube description?

According to YouTube, hashtags can improve a video’s discoverability on the YouTube platform.
YouTube Hashtags: How to Use Them To Get More Views – Backlinko
Video descriptions give you a place to add hashtags that might otherwise seem out of place in your video title.
Youtube Hashtags: The Complete Guide for Marketers | Sprout Social


How many words should a YouTube description have?

about 800 words
How Long Should a YouTube Description Be? YouTube gives you 5,000 characters (about 800 words) for the description; therefore, you should use every bit of it, or at least make it as long as possible. Just remember to keep the text relevant to your video.


Do you put hashtags in YouTube description?

You can add hashtags in a video’s title and description when you upload a video or record a Short on YouTube. To add a hashtag to your video: Enter a symbol in the title or description. begin entering the topic or keyword you want to associate with your video.


What is the most effective SEO tactic?

1. Conduct Competitor Analysis. One of the most effective SEO tactics that can help your rankings is extensive competitor research and analysis. The first step is simply to identify your key competitors, either by industry, geography, keywords, or any other relevant factors.


Do longer videos do better on YouTube?

Longer videos have more room for ads, and more ads mean an increase in revenue for creators.
YouTube videos keep getting longer – The Verge
Surprisingly, people love watching the longer lengths and creators haven’t seen a dip in views when they make longer videos.
Do Longer Videos On YouTube Rank Higher? – Octoly Magazine


Do longer YouTube videos rank higher?

Our data shows that longer videos tend to significantly outrank short videos.
We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here’s What We . – .
Video Length

Like with text-based articles in Google, longer videos rank better.
YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2022 – Backlinko


How many tags should I use on YouTube?

A good rule of thumb is to use three to five hashtags in the description of your video.
How many YouTube tags should you use? – Yoast
Use 3-5 hashtags per video

YouTube has stated that if you use more than 15 hashtags on your video, it’ll ignore all hashtags.
Youtube Hashtags: The Complete Guide for Marketers | Sprout Social


Do backlinks help YouTube videos?

Yes, it is well worth the time.
SEO Backlinks For Youtube Videos – LinkDaddy
For YouTube videos, more backlinks mean more credibility in the eyes of the search engines, and the result is a higher ranking on the SERPs (search
12 Ways To Create Backlinks To Your YouTube Videos – Outreach .


How do you get found on YouTube?

How to Get Found on YouTube
Create a production plan.
Optimize your YouTube video titles for search terms.
Write an optimized YouTube video description.
Tag and categorize your YouTube videos.
Choose your YouTube video thumbnail wisely.
Include closed captions and subtitles on your YouTube video.


How can I increase my YouTube channel subscribers?

Here’s how to increase your Youtube subscribers by optimizing your YouTube channel.
Tip 4: Optimize your YouTube channel
Tip 5: Create high quality videos
Tip 6: Add a subscriber watermark to your videos
Tip 7: Engage with your audience
Tip 8: Promote your videos on other platforms


What should we write in description?

7 Tips for Writing Descriptive Sentences
Cut out obvious descriptions
Use surprising words
Remember sensory details
Make use of figurative language
Think about who is doing the describing
Be wary of over-description
Read good examples of descriptive writing.