how does content curation help seo 2017

Curating content delivers quality traffic, generates lots of backlinks, enhances your online presence and, therefore, boosts your SEO. It turns out that curating content can help you generate over 13k views, over 40k links or 250k social shares, as you will see in the examples below.

How does content curation help?

Content curation is a valuable strategy for all social media marketers. More than simply re-sharing other people’s content, curation is a way to provide extra value to your followers while highlighting your own industry expertise. But that’s the key to successful content curation: Value. See it, like it, share it.


What are the 3 pillars of content curation?

The 3 Pillars of Content Curation (Redux)
Alogrithmic curation :- Explicit – the bit we are more actively involved in
Professional curation:- Explicit – the magazines and newspapers we choose to buy, the sites we choose to visit
Social curation:- Explicit – the people we choose to connect with.


What curated SEO?

Content curation is the process of finding and compiling existing content on topics that are relevant to your audience and industry or niche. Put simply: you turn content that has already been created (by you or others) into your own new piece of content.


What are some of the benefits of curating your online presence?

17 Benefits Of Curating Content For Social Media
A Variety of Perspectives
Expands Your Content Offering
Extends Your Reach
Saves Marketing Resources
Offers More Content for Your Audience
Supports You as a Well-Thought Leader
Builds Industry-Wide Connections
Saves Resources.


Why is curatorship important?

Often working behind the scenes in an opaque job, curators actually greatly influence the art we see in galleries and museums, and, as a result, help determine which art critics write about.


What is the meaning of content curation?

Content curation is the process of finding and collecting online content and presenting the best pieces in a structured way. Unlike content marketing, curation does not involve creating your own content.


What is an example of curated content?

Curated content is created by a reputable source and shared by another brand. Think blog posts, news stories, research reports, industry updates and so on. Of course, the curated post should give credit where credit is due. (We’re not fans of plagiarism in the content marketing world.)


How do you do content curation?

Step-by-step plan to do content curation the right way
Decide on a content curation/creation ratio
Create relevant content categories
Find relevant sources for Content Curation
Take the time to read the content
Share the selected content
Analyze the performance (and iterate)


Why should you include content curation in your social strategy?

Content curation brings you more traction and helps you grow your audience. On social media, you have a potential to make a large audience a part of your user base. It’s really just a matter of how much effort you’re willing to put to spark their curiosity, to fan their interests and to build credibility.


What are the tools used for curating?

What are the tools used for curating?
Twitter Lists.


What is a curated audience?

Addressable audience curation allows advertisers to target messages to users and devices at the household level without having pre-created address lists.


What is highly curated?

Definition of curated

: carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized or presented I changed the digital art on the wall multiple times, scrolled through curated playlists by DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, London, and Paris, and then switched the lighting mode from “Romance” to “Business” to “Party.””


What are some benefits and drawbacks of curating your online presence?

Pros and Cons of Creating an Online Presence for Your Business
Larger audience. Going public with your company profile gives you the ability to reach a larger audience
Creates trust
Free Advertising
Brand Building
Bad Reviews.


What is digital content curation?

Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence.


Why is content curation important for training?

Content curation provides a repository of relevant and meaningful resources that can be accessed easily from a central location. It empowers L&D teams, Subject Matter Experts, and learners alike as they can play an active role in the process of content curation.


What makes a successful curator?

You need to be bold, charismatic, fearless and willing to take risks and make mistakes. Great curators will see around corners, embrace and expose unusual and unexpected themes and sources, and make bold predictions about their passions and beliefs.


What are curatorial methods?

1. Curatorial activities refer to the activities that forms part of the core functions of museums, namely research (research, interpretation), collection management (documentation, conservation) and communication (exhibitions, education and public programming).


What are the qualities of a curator?

Qualities of Highly Effective Content Curators
Focus on Goals. What are your goals around content curation? .
Have Empathy
Be Careful, Cautious and Selective
Provide Attribution
Understand What’s Timely and Trending
Have an Eye for a Great Title.


Why is digital content curation important?

Curation of content is helps to become a trusted referrer of valuable information. Curation helps us to extract the best available content. The process of finding, organising and sharing online content has become conventional and well-practiced by mainstream marketers.


Who performs content curation?

designated curators
Content curation can be carried out either manually or automatically or by combination of them. In the first case, it’s done by specially designated curators. In the second case, it’s done using one or more of the following: Collaborative filtering.