how many languages does johnny seo speak

How many languages can Johnny NCT speak?

8 Languages The NCT Members Can Speak Fluently – Koreaboo.


What languages does each NCT member speak?

Ten is originally from Thailand and his native language is Thai, but his is impressively fluent as well. Both idols can speak English (even more so than what’s shown here), and Hendery’s native language is Cantonese.


How many languages can NCT ten speak?

NCT’s Ten. Ten is of Chinese ethnicity and was born in Thailand, so he speaks fluent Thai, as well as English from his years at an international school. He learnt as part of his idol training at SM and now as a WayV member he’s been improving his Mandarin too!


Who speaks German in NCT?

As we all know the lovely Liu Yangyang has lived in Germany for 6 years of his life and also speaks the language. There are some websites that says he was born there while others that says he lived in Germany for most of his teens.


Can Park Jisung speak English?

‘I still speak to Carlos and, together with Pat, I still see him,’ Park told United Review. ‘But I couldn’t text him about the draw because he still doesn’t speak English and I can’t speak Spanish.


Who is Japanese in NCT?

Nakamoto Yuta
Nakamoto Yuta (Kanji: 中本悠åª) better known as Yuta (Hangul: 유íƒ) is a singer, rapper, and dancer, born in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan on October 26, 1995. He is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and the sub-rapper of NCT 127 and NCT U. He is one of two Japanese members in NCT.


Can Kun speak English?

All the others have spoken English to some extent in videos but I don’t think I have ever seen Xiao Jun, Kun and Winwin speak English. I’m just curious to how how fluently they speak it. Xiaojun is pretty fluent. From their videos there’s occasional clips of him speaking English.


What language is from home NCT?

Thirdly, the song is sung in four different languages. While the song is mainly in (and there is a version), the song also features lyrics in Japanese, Chinese and English.


Which KPOP Idol speaks the most languages?

10 Language Master K-Pop Idols Who Can Speak More Than 3.
Rap Monster of BTS
HyeRim of Wonder Girls
Jackson of GOT7
Hani of EXID
Mark of GOT7. 3 Languages (, English, Chinese) .
Amber of F(x) 3 Languages (, English, Chinese) .
Ok TaekYeon of 2PM. 4 Languages (, English, Spanish, Japanese) .


Who in GOT7 speaks English?

Jin-young is one of Got7’s multilingual members, along with Jackson, Mark and Bambam. He says he taught himself English so he could easily communicate with fans around the world and be able to answer questions in interviews. He has been known to prepare goodbye speeches in English during the group’s world tour.


How long did ten learn Chinese?

SM told Ten to learn Chinese in two months.


Is WayV Mandarin or Cantonese?

They are considered different dialects, but the same language (Chinese). I personally speak Cantonese, but can’t understand or speak Mandarin. If the Mandarin is spoken really slowly I might understand some words if its similar to the Cantonese counterpart.


How many nationalities are in NCT?

There Are 18 Members

Others are from the United States (Johnny), Canada (Mark), Thailand (Ten) and Japan (Yuta).


Can Kun speak Hokkien?

KUN from FuJian he can’t speak Hokkien but he can understand.


Does Rain speak English?

Rain learned English from Lee Bum-soo’s wife, Lee Yoon-jin, a professional -English interpreter. Lee told The Korea Times she only had 100 days to teach Rain so she focused on how to deliver key messages. As a result, Rain did well and spoke fluent English in his press interviews for Ninja Assassin.


Which ITZY members can speak English?

Lia, the main vocalist of the group, can speak English fluently. She used to live in Canada for a while. She also studied in an international school in Korea. In a Spotify promotion of Itzy, Lia and Ryujin spoke in English.


Can Park Seo Joon speak English?

9. Park Seo Joon. The rising K-drama actor showed off his Spanish skills on reality television show Yoon’s Kitchen 2, and he’s also no stranger to speaking English in his tv shows.


Who in NCT lived in America?

Jaehyun and Mark debuted in NCT 127 in 2016 while Johnny joined NCT 127 in 2017. Mark is also in the sub-unit NCT Dream. Jaehyun is the only one who was born in Seoul, South Korea. But he lived in America for 4 years, that’s why he is here man.


Is NCT famous in Japan?

It is not a secret that NCT’s Yuta is a widely recognized figure in Japan. From becoming the most followed Japanese male celebrity on Instagram to advertising Tom Ford fragrances on Vogue, the member of NCT 127 has conquered the hearts of the Japanese public.


Who in NCT is Chinese?

Several of NCT 2018’s members are of Chinese descent: Kun, Winwin, Lucas, Renjun, and Chenle. SM Entertainment has focused on the Chinese market for years.