how much does a long url affet your seo

The direct answer is no. The URL length doesn’t matter. We use URLs as identifiers, it doesn’t matter how long they are. Personally,try to keep them shorter than 1,000 characters, but that’s just to make monitoring easier.

How much do URLs affect SEO?

While using a URL that includes keywords can improve your site’s search visibility, URLs themselves generally do not have a major impact on a page’s ability to rank. So, while it’s worth thinking about, don’t create otherwise unuseful URLs simply to include a keyword in them.


How long is too long for a URL SEO?

Browsers’ URL length limits

The appropriate page URL is 75 characters long. As for indexing documents with long URLs (over 75-120 characters), they are generally indexed quite well, although there may be difficulties in the ranking.


Is it bad to have a long URL?

If you have long and confusing URLs, you run the risk of users breaking the links. For example, they might accidentally break the link when copying and pasting the URL, missing parts of it the process, or remove some of the parameters from the link which they deem to be unnecessary, resulting in the link not working.


How long is too long for URL?

What Does “URL Too Long” Mean? A URL is considered too long if it is longer than 100 characters.


Does Google care about URL length?

The direct answer is No, the URL length doesn’t matter. We use URLs as identifiers, it doesn’t matter how long they are. Personally,try to keep them shorter than 1000 characters, but that’s just to make monitoring easier. The number of slashes in there also doesn’t matter.


Is changing URLs bad for SEO?

The SEO Impact of Changing URLs

The short answer is very much YES – any significant changes to URLs and URL structures across your website can have a significant impact on how visible you are on Google and ultimately affect your traffic.


How domake my URL SEO-friendly?

How to create an SEO-friendly URL slug
Start with your page title.
Remove special characters.
Remove numbers.
Remove superfluous information.
Boil it down to a keyword.
Add keyword modifiers (optional)
Make it readable (optional)
Make it lowercase.


What is a good URL for SEO?

URLs that are simple, easy to read, and include keywords that describe the content on a web page are SEO-friendly. For example, if you’re searching for information about pancakes, a URL like


Does a URL help with SEO?

URLs for SEO Purposes

URLs are a good way to signal to a potential site visitor what a page is about. The proper use of URLs can help improve click-through rates wherever the links are shared. And keeping URLs shorter makes them user friendly and easier to share.


Are long domain names bad for SEO?

A long domain name or short domain name will not be the determining factor of your SEO success in 2021 and beyond.


Are short URLs SEO friendly?

According to several ranking specialists, it seems that using URL shorteners doesn’t lead to any negative impact on your SEO. As a matter of fact, shortened URLs are considered by search engines as any regular 301 redirects and they will thus act upon it.


Why are URL shorteners bad?

Risk: Creating inaccessible social media content

Most link-shortening tools produce links which are a random mix of letters and numbers that tell users absolutely nothing about the content of the link, or where it is hosted. That’s another user trust issue: people like to know where they’re going.


What is the longest URL in the world?
And won the title of the longest website URL in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.


How canchange my URL without losing SEO?

5 tips for changing domain names without losing your search engine ranking
Keep the same domain owner.
Create a site map and make it available to search engines.
Create 301 redirections to new pages.
Update backlinks.
Inform Google of the domain name change.


Canhave 2 domains for one website?

With most registrars, it’s easy to forward multiple domains to your website so you can simply create one site and then redirect visitors who type one of your other domain names to that one website.


What is highly frowned upon by Google?

Google Hates A Site Full of Ads

If your web site’s real estate is covered with trash it is not very welcome in Google’s neighborhood. It’s not a bad thing to want to make a little money by having advertisements on your site.


How long should a domain name be?

Short Is Better Than Long

All of this data shows that you should keep your domain name concise. Aim for


Does Google penalize long domain names?

Google rolled out a new algorithm update in which they will penalize low-quality exact match domains (EMD penalty). Many Webmasters who are into micro niche blogging, for the exact match domain penalty seems like one of the worse updates.


Are shorter domains better?

Generally speaking, the shorter and more concise your URL is, the better. A shorter URL is easier to remember, fits easily on printed material, and is more likely to stick in someone’s head so it can be recalled.


Is it better to have a short domain name?

When it comes to a domain name, less is more. Shorter names are easier to remember and to type, which means users are more likely to find you. It’s also easier to stand out when there’s less to read. It’s a good idea not to exceed 2-3 words.