how old is lee seo ive

How long did IVE Leeseo train for?

2 years
She is a former member of SM Entertainment’s Kids Model 1st Generation. She trained for 2 years.


Who is the youngest member in IVE?

The last and youngest member of Ive is Leeseo. Despite being only 14, she’s already been in the entertainment industry for quite some time. According to K Profiles, the vocalist is a member of her school choir and her role model is Jennie from Blackpink.


How old is Leeseo?

15 years (21 February 2007)


How old was Leeseo when she debuted?



Who is the leader of IVE?

An Yujin
Name Position(s) Color
An Yujin (안유ì„) Leader, Vocalist, Dancer Green
Rei (레ì´) Rapper Purple
Jang Wonyoung (장원영) Vocalist Red
Liz (리즈) Vocalist, Dancer Orange
2 more rows


Who is youngest leader in K-pop?

The youngest kpop leader as of 2021 is Juhyeon from LIGHTSUM. She was born on April 7, 2004, and debuted last June 10, 2021. She also trained for 7 years, making her the member who had the longest training period in the group.


Who is the most popular in IVE?

The two highest-profile members of IVE are Yujin and Wonyoung, formerly of IZ*ONE, a very popular, if temporary, girl group born out of the popular Produce competition series on TV.


Are there siblings IVE?

Wonyoung was a member of IZ*ONE, she is re-debuting as one of the vocalists of IVE. Wonyoung was born and raised in Seoul. Her family consists of father, mother, and an older sister (born 2001).


Is IVE group permanent?

IVE will reportedly also be a permanent six-member troupe and will not be an evolving girl band like J-pop’s AKB48 which routinely has graduates and adds new members regularly.


Does Leeseo go to school?

Her family moved to Seoul after Leeseo became a trainee. She is attending Bangbae Middle School. Leeseo is the only IVE member who is still attending middle school.


What animal is Leeseo?

LEESEO WORLDWIDE on Twitter: “LEE SEO’s animal emoji (based on k-netz) is FOX 🦊 IVE 아ì´ë¸Œ LEESEO ì´ì„œ” / Twitter.


Which K-Pop group is the youngest?

Hi Cutie is the youngest K-pop group!

In terms of collective age, they average at just 12.6-years-old. The oldest member of this girl group was born in 2003 while the youngest in 2006.


Who is the richest KPOP Idol?

Kim Jaejoong “ Richest K-Pop Idols (Male)

Kim Jaejoong is considered the richest K-pop Idol. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, director, designer, and businessman. He was a member of the Kpop group JYJ and TVXQ. However, he also had a strong career as an actor in dramas.


Who is the shortest KPOP Idol?

1) Youngchae of CoCo (4’6″ or 141 cms) Youngchae of CoCo stands at just 4’6″! The


How do you pronounce Leeseo?

ì–¸ë‹ˆë“¤ì˜ ì• ì •ìœ¼ë¡œ 수학사 필요한 ì°í•˜ê³  ì‹ê² ì–´ìš”.More


How popular is IVE in Korea?

IVE recently surprised fans by announcing their first comeback, just three months after their debut. The second single album, LOVE DIVE, peaked at No. 1 on the Gaon charts. The album sold 338k units on Hanteo charts, ranking No.


Who is Kep1er leader?

The nine-member group revealed Yujin, the most experienced member of the lot and the former idol, the leader of Kep1er. Sakamoto Mashiro was announced as the co-leader. Managed by Wakeone Entertainment and Swing Entertainment, the group will be promoting for two and a half years after debuting in December 2021.


How old is Liz IVE?

17 years (21 November 2004)
LIZ / Age


Who is the best K-pop leader?

6 K-Pop group leaders who have the most admirable leadership.
NCT Taeyong.
Stray Kids Bang Chan.
TWICE Jihyo.
Super Junior Leeteuk.
2NE1 CL.


Can a Maknae be a leader?

Every K-pop group has a leader and a maknae. The leader is usually one of the oldest members, but there are times where the maknae finds themselves in the leading position. On rare occasions, no leader is appointed and the group simply works together in synergy.