how tall is johnny seo

His profile height was 183“184cm (6’0) when he debuted and now it says he is 185cm (6’1).

How tall is NCT Johnny actually?

1.85 m
Johnny / Height


What is Jaehyun’s real height?

1.8 m
Jaehyun / Height


How old is Johnny SEO?

27 years (9 February 1995)
Johnny / Age


Is Mark Lee tall?

1.75 m
Mark Lee / Height


Who is the tallest KPOP Idol male?

1) KNK Seoham (193 cm)

KNK Seoham is the tallest male K-pop idol to have graced the industry, standing at 193 cm or 6’3.9″. He is a part of the group KNK, which is now under 220 Entertainment.


Who left NCT 127?

While most people asked why the two members were not on the teaser, some fans addressed the real reason behind their absences. According to a Twitter user, WinWin is currently busy with his acting project in China, while Lucas remains on hiatus following his scandal.


What is Jaehyuns MBTI?

ESTP (The Entrepreneurs): Sungchan (NCT U), Jaehyun (NCT 127) Sungchan is a good example of an ESTP.


How tall is Lucas WAYV?

1.83 m
Lucas / Height


How tall is taeil?

1.71 m
Taeil / Height


Is Johnny Full ?

John Suh ( name: Seo Yeong-ho; in Hangul: 서영호) known by his stage name Johnny (Hangul: 쟈니) is a -American singer and rapper, born in Chicago, Illinois on February 9, 1995. He is a sub-vocalist and a rapper of NCT 127 and NCT U.


Who is Johnny ideal type?

– A kind person. For Johnny, kindness is very important, so he would like to date someone who is kind and considerate of others. 6. – With a calm personality.


Is Johnny full American?

Johnny was born in Chicago, United States. He is the second generation of -American.


How tall is Lee Jeno feet?

1.77 m
Jeno / Height


Who is the leader of NCT?

Lee Taeyong is undoubtedly NCT’s overall leader and pillar. Rapper, dancer, singer, visual, composer, etc.


Where is NCT Johnny from?

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Johnny / Place of birth


Who is the smallest K-pop idol?

Here are the shortest female idols in K-pop right now.
The Shortest Female K-pop Idols
IU. Photo: dlwlrma / Instagram. Height: 5’3″ (162 cm) .
Jisoo. Photo: sooyaaa__ / Instagram. Height: 5’3″ (162 cm) .
Hwasa. Photo: _mariahwasa / Instagram. Height: 5’3″ (162 cm)


Who is the shortest male K-pop idol?

1. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi. At 164 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 4 inches) Woozi is the shortest member in SEVENTEEN.


Who is the tallest 4th Gen K-pop idol?

8 4th Generation Male Idols Who Are Over 185cm Tall
2Z’s JungHyun – 195cm.
TEMPEST’s EunChan – 187cm.
CIX’s HyunSuk – 186.9cm.
EPEX’s BaekSeung – 186.2cm.
ATEEZ’s YunHo – 185cm.
TXT’s SooBin – 185cm.
TREASURE’s Haruto – 185cm.
CRAVITY’s MinHee – 185cm.


Is NCT 4th gen?

NCT Dream, a 3rd gen idol with average age of 20, has became a 4th generation K-pop leader.


Why was WinWin removed from NCT?

SM Entertainment has issued a statement to explain that WinWin is unable to participate in promotions because of schedule conflicts, as he’s currently preparing for Chinese activities that were already planned. It was announced this summer that NCT is gearing up to launch a NCT China unit this year.