how to add seo post meta description in blogger

Log in to your WordPress site and click on Pages or Posts in the left hand WordPress menu. Locate the page or post you want to set the SEO description for and edit it. Scroll down to the All in One SEO box and enter your description in the Description box. Now Publish or Update to save your new SEO description.

How do add a meta tag to my Blogger post?

Go to the point you placed your cursor at in the Blogger HTML code and paste the meta tags by pressing “Ctrl-V” or choosing “Edit” and then “Paste” from your browser menu. Click the “Save Template” button under the HTML text field for your blog. Your blog template will be updated to include the meta tags.


How do add meta description to SEO?

Best practices for creating quality meta descriptions
Make sure that every page on your site has a meta description.
Create unique descriptions for each page on your site
Include relevant information about the content in the description
Programmatically generate descriptions
Use quality descriptions.


How do add SEO keywords to Blogger?

How to Integrate Keywords in Blog Posts for Maximum SEO Value
Get Familiar with Long-Tail Keywords.
Use Long-Tail Keywords in Blog Post Titles.
Place Long-Tail Keyword Variations in Subheadings.
Optimize Blog Post Images with Keywords.
Use Keywords in Title Tags & Meta Descriptions.


What is meta description in Blogger?

A meta description is the snippet of information below the blue link of a search result. Its purpose is to describe the contents of the page to the searcher. Any words that match the search term are bolded in the description. The end goal is to convince and persuade the searcher to click through to your website.


How do you add meta keywords in HTML?

Click SEO Basics.
Click the Advanced SEO tab. Click Additional Tags. Click + Add New Tag.
Add your meta tag code in the HTML Code field. Click Apply.
Important: It’s not possible to delete the default meta tags that Wix adds to your site. You can only delete additional meta tags.


Where is head and head tag in Blogger?

Go to Theme > Edit HTML and the tag should be couple of lines from the top. NEW BLOGGER UI: Go to Theme > click the 3 dots button > select Edit HTML. The tag at same position as above.


Do meta descriptions affect SEO?

Do Meta Descriptions Affect SEO? The short answer is no, they don’t technically impact SEO. However, they are an important part of your SEO strategy as they are one of the first things searchers see when they encounter one of your pages.


Is meta description important for SEO?

A compelling meta description has the power to raise the click-through rate of your organic search results. That means more of the people who see your page in the search results will actually click through and land on your site. That means more traffic for you, even if your ranking stays the same!


Where do put meta description?

A meta description is an HTML tag used to describe the content of a web page. This description will show up below the title and URL of your page as it appears in the search engine results. In order to remain visible within Google, your meta description should be kept somewhere between


How do SEO target keywords?

Now, How Do Target My SEO Keywords?
2) List All Your Keywords and Group Them into Categories.
3) Turn Your Keywords into Real Titles and Headlines.
4) Include Synonyms and Different Variants of Your Search Term (Not the Keyword)
Search Engines Are Smarter.
Search Engines Learned.
Search Engines Understand.


Do blogs Help SEO?

Blogging is good for SEO because it helps with a number of things that are important ranking factors. When you have a blog that’s updated regularly with blog posts that are high quality and on topics relevant to your audience, it can make a huge difference to how your overall website performs in the search engines.


How do you write a meta description for 2022?

Best Practices For A Good Meta Description Length in 2022

Meanwhile, your meta description length should be kept descriptive and between 150 and 160 characters for optimal length, and this includes spaces. Additionally, you also want to make sure to: Accurately summarize the page content.


How do write a description on Blogger?

Here are some of the tips.
The blog description limit is 320 characters. It can be shorter though.
Use conversational words; like you and I. People like to be addressed
Use impact or power words
Cut out filler words
Include your main keyword in the blog description.


How do put meta tags on my website?

To add meta tags to a web page, you need to edit the section of the HTML file. There are two methods you can use to edit HTML files: If the file already exists on your website, you can download it using an FTP client and then edit it using your preferred text editor.


How do use header tags in SEO?

H1 SEO tips
Always include an H1 tag.
Use only one per page.
Include the primary keyword for your content.
Avoid populating the tag with too many keywords.
Ensure that your target audience can easily read the H1 tag.
Use up to 70 characters in the tag length.
Make the tag unique.


How do edit my Blogger head?

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard. Click the link for the blog that you want to edit. 2.
Go to Blogger Dashboard.
Select one of your blogs.
Click on the Settings.
Click on the search preferences.
Look for the custom robots header tags.
Click on the Edit button.


How do paste Adsense code into Blogger head?

Click the blog you want to show Auto ads on.
If you’re using a Classic theme
In the left menu, click Theme.
Go to Edit Theme HTML section.
In your HTML, copy and paste the Auto ad code between the and tags. If you’re not sure how to do this, see our Code implementation guide.
Click Save theme.


Why does Google ignore my meta description?

There are many situations where the search engines won’t display your title tag or meta description. Here are a few potential scenarios: The title or meta description you specified isn’t relevant to the search query. The title or meta description you specified is too short or too long.


Does Google read meta descriptions?

Google does not use the meta description as a search ranking signal and hasn’t since sometime between 1999 and


How many words are in SEO description?

First, let’s define what an SEO meta description is. The SEO meta description of a page is between 60 to 90 characters optimized and up to 160 characters in length.