how to affect seo with medium blogs

Is Medium blog good for SEO?

Is Medium Good for SEO? Medium is good for SEO because Medium stories can include canonical links that pass link equity to a target page on your website. Medium is also good for SEO by adding contextual backlinks that help search engines crawl and index your content.


Does Medium Hurt SEO?

Will Syndicating Content on Medium Hurt Your Site? No, syndicating content to will not hurt your website’s rankings. If you import an article using Medium’s import tool, Medium will automatically add a canonical URL that tells all search engines the URL of the original publisher of the article.


Can Medium articles rank on Google?

If you get views on your Medium article, Google will rank it more highly. Publications on Medium mean that even if you’re a total beginner with 0 followers, you can still get some views on your article.


Do links from Medium count for SEO?

For example, a backlink from a publisher like Medium or Huffington Post will provide SEO value, whereas a link from Facebook or LinkedIn will have value, just not necessarily from a technical SEO perspective to purely increase a page’s linking authority.


Can I get backlink from Medium?

Medium is good for backlinks because you can add backlinks into the content and create canonical links that point back to the original source URL. Medium is also a good source for referral traffic rather than just building backlinks through it.


How do you index a Medium blog?

You can achieve faster ” even near-instant ” results by following seven steps to get your website even cozier with Google than it already is.
Set Up A Google Webmaster Tools Account
Submit your sitemap and/or RSS Feed
Submit your page by clicking ‘Fetch as Google’ .
Set Up Google Analytics.


Should I use Medium for my blog?

While Medium is a great blogging platform for starting quickly, it’s terrible if you want your blog to grow, drive qualified traffic to your site, and generally be a core part of your customer acquisition strategy. Here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t build your business’s blog on Medium.


Should companies use Medium?

It has a very engaged audience of readers, and if your content resonates with its community, it can really help get your content out there. Medium is a great place for long-form, educational and intellectual content, so if your blog or website fits into those genres, Medium is certainly a platform to consider.


Is Medium good for company blog?

Like we stated at the beginning, Medium might be better than nothing for your blogging platform, but it’s definitely not a great, or even good, alternative to hosting your own blog. Creating content for a blog can be a great way to develop your company or brand as a trustworthy authority in your space.


Why is my Medium article not showing on Google?

What this means is that your Medium article could get indexed by Google in under 24 hours, if you’re regularly posting Medium articles. But if you’re infrequently posting or pretty new, those signals may be taken into account by Google when they crawl the web.


How long should Medium articles be?

While there is no designated word count for any story on Medium, stories of 400 words and up have generally been the most popular.


How long should a Medium title be?

On Medium, you have 100 characters to convince a reader to read your story. Use them.


Does Medium give dofollow links?

Medium has a very high domain authority and gets a do-follow backlink from Medium is heaven for bloggers or writers. When a website is giving too many do-follow backlinks, It impacts its rankings, that is one of the reasons why Medium automatically adds the no-follow attribute to the links posted in stories.


Are links on Medium nofollow?

All links on medium are set to ‘nofollow’, which basically means people are not getting any backlink authority from Medium, unless of course Google make an exception for Medium but that seems unlikely.


Do LinkedIn articles help SEO?

LinkedIn continues to be overlooked as a vital asset for empowering SEO. Here’s the kicker: LinkedIn has its own SEO capabilities AND the social media platform can be used to improve SEO for a brand’s website.


Does LinkedIn count as backlinks?

LinkedIn links do count as backlinks and indexed links will show up in your website’s backlink profile. When you write a LinkedIn article that includes backlinks, those LinkedIn links are crawled by search engines for indexing and ranking.


How do you get do follow backlinks?

10 Ways To Build High-Quality DoFollow Backlinks in 2020
Guest Blogging. Matt Cutts, the SEO spokesperson for Google, once announced: .
Turn Business Mentions into Links
Email Outreach
Interview Influencers
Get Interviewed
Ask for Attribution
Find Broken Links (and Offer Your Own) .
Make High-Value Comments on Other Sites.


Does Medium own your content?

Can you own the content that you publish on Medium? Yes. Everything you publish on Medium, that is rightfully yours, belongs to you and you can republish, delete or choose to convert it into other forms without worrying about anything because Medium gives you the ownership.


How do you rank on medium com?

You have to add the keyword in your tile head, subheadings, SEO description, and in the body of your Medium story to rank it on top of the Google search.


Who are mediums competitors?

Most Commonly Compared to Medium
Quora Blogs.