how to assess a competitors website for seo

Alexa is like having access to your competitor’s Google Analytics. You can view the analytics of your website as well as the competitor’s website.

How do you analyze competitors SEO strategy?

How To Do Competitor Analysis
Step 1: Identify Your True Competitors
Step 2: Conduct Page Analysis
Step 3: Focus on Keywords With High ROI
Step 4: Create and Execute a Content Plan
Step 5: Track Your Progress
Step 6: Cover All Bases With an SEO Competitor Analysis Template.


How can I check the traffic of a competitor’s website?

One such tool is their Traffic Analytics solution which can be used to check competitor website traffic.
Check Website Traffic For Any Site with SEMRush.
Analyze Website Traffic with SiteChecker Pro.
Analyze any website’s traffic with SERanking.
SimilarWeb Traffic Analysis Tools.
WebCEO Traffic Checker.


Can you run Google Analytics for a competitor’s website?

Alexa is like having access to your competitor’s Google Analytics. You can view the analytics of your website as well as the competitor’s website.


How do you audit a competitor website?

A good way to find out who your competitors are is to do reverse Google search based on your offerings. Type in relevant keywords people would use to find a business like yours (while in an incognito Google browser) to see who is outranking you. Remember to think outside of the box when identifying your competitors.


Why competitor analysis is important in SEO?

The first importance of competitor analysis in SEO is that it enables you to identify who your main competitors in the market are. With that, you can be able to do more analysis to gauge their standing in the market. In so doing, you should find both direct business competitors as well as online competitors.


How do you analyze competitors keywords?

How To Do Competitor Keyword Analysis
Use competitive analysis templates
Create a list of your top SERP competitors
Identify keyword gaps and content gaps
Understand your and your competitors’ audience
Create audience-centric and SEO-optimized content to fill content gaps
Track your competition’s performance.


How do I spy on competitors keywords?

How to Spy on the Competition – 10 Winning Techniques
Subscribe to Newsletter and Social Media. This is where you should start
Track Brands
Find out What Technologies They Use
Check Popularity
Check Paid Keywords
Check SEO
Check Display Ads
Check Backlinks.


How does Google Analytics use competitor analysis?

Many of us will rely on looking at weekly monthly and yearly metrics. Performance. We also need toMore


How do you Analyse a company website?

Almost every guide to website analysis will tell you that you can evaluate a site’s performance by doing any or all of these actions:
Run an SEO audit.
Test website speed.
Perform competitor analysis.
Analyze website traffic.


How do you perform a competitor backlink analysis?

How to Find Competitor Backlinks: A Step-by-Step Guide
Identify Your Main Keywords
Identify Your Main Competitors
Analyze Domain-Level Competitors with a Backlink Checker Tool
Investigate Page-Level Competitors with a Backlink Analysis Tool
Analyze Semantically Similar Keywords
Pinpoint the Top-Referring Sites.


How do online competitors analyze?

11 steps to effective competitive website analysis
Identify your competitors
Create a company overview
Examine your competitors’ websites
Analyze the go-to-market strategy
Identify buyer personas and map the buyer journey
Understand the two Ps “ product and pricing
Read customer reviews.


How do SEO competitors Analyse in WordPress?

How to perform an SEO competitor analysis in WordPress (in 4.
Step 1: Create a ManageWP account and connect your website
Step 2: Activate the SEO Ranking add-on
Step 3: View your SEO ranking and compare it with competitors
Step 4: Use competitor data to improve your SEO.


What is competition in SEO?

In the area of search engine optimization your competitors are any websites that can be found by using the same search terms as yours. For example, a hairdresser in Boston offers, among other things, advice on beauty products. Therefore their website will be found by typing in Boston beauty products.


How do I find my competitors in my niche?

Follow the steps below to find opportunities to outperform your competition using free analysis tools.
Define the nature and scope of your industry niche
Determine who your real competitors are
Define your customers and their expectations
Clear out internal “competitors.”


What is SERP in SEO?

A search engine results page (SERP) is the list of results that a search engine returns in response to a specific word or phrase query.


How do you steal keywords from competitors?

In most cases, all you have to do is hop on a site like SpyFu or iSpionage, enter the competitor’s domain, and you’ll get a list of all the keywords your competitors are using. From there, all you have to do is identify which keywords actually produce value for your business.


Which tools can you use to analyze both your and your competitors backlinks?

Let’s check them out!
Ubersuggest. When it comes to reaching page one of the Google search results, there aren’t many things more important than your backlink profile
Majestic SEO
Monitor Backlinks.


What is SEO backlink analysis?

What is backlink analysis? Backlink analysis is a comprehensive review of a website’s backlinks to analyze the site’s performance and identify issues that could affect its search engine ranking. Backlink analysis is like the SEO version of going to the doctor for a check-up.


How do competitors steal backlinks?

With guest blogging being one of the simplest and most effective ways to build high�quality backlinks, it’s highly likely that your competitors are using this strategy.To steal their backlinks and traffic gotten through guest blogging, what you’ll simply have to do is find their guest posts and then write for the same .


How do you evaluate a competitor in digital marketing?

Identify Competitors. First, decide which competitors you want to analyze
Investigate Competitors’ Social Media Ads Strategy
Benchmark Competitors’ Google Ads
SEO Tools to Track Competitors’ Organic Performance
Evaluate Competitors’ Content Marketing
Map Out Challenges and Opportunities With a SWOT Analysis.