how to best choose blog categories for seo

How do I choose a topic for my SEO blog?

Look at your past content and uncover topics that have generated the most interest and engagement. Consider the blog topics that your customers are most likely to ask you about when they reach out to a sales person. Establish thought leadership by writing about news and the latest developments in your industry.


Which category is best for blogging?

Best types of blogs to create:
Food blogs.
Travel blogs.
Health and fitness blogs.
Lifestyle blogs.
Fashion and beauty blogs.
Photography blogs.
Personal blogs.
DIY craft blogs.


Are categories good for SEO?

Category pages drive more traffic to e-commerce sites

The goal was to see if product or category pages performed better in SEO rankings. The results showed that category pages outperformed at 27 of the 30 sites examined. They received a whopping 413% more traffic and had 19% more ranking keywords than product pages.


How do I categorize my blog?

Click on the post you want to assign to a category. Under Document Settings on the right, expand the Category option. Click the checkbox next to the category you want the post to be assigned to and publish your changes.


How do I optimize content for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your article
Create a search engine friendly title. Include 1-2 keywords related to your topic
Optimize your abstract. Place essential findings and keywords in the first two sentences of your abstract
Use keywords throughout your article
Be consistent
Build links.


How do I find a blog niche?

Find your passion. Write about what you know. This is the great advice experts will give you when you’re searching for a niche to start a blog.
4 Tips for Finding Your Profitable Blogging Niche
Pick a topic you enjoy talking about
Do market research
Pick a smaller niche
Make sure it’s profitable.


Do blog categories help SEO?

Blog categories improve site SEO.

This helps search engines better understand what each page is about and rank accordingly. If you create a category page, for instance, and continue adding and linking posts that are relevant to that category, it will become increasingly optimized.


What are 4 common types of blogs?

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of blogs that exist:
Fashion Blogs. Fashion blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs on the internet
Food Blogs. Food blogs are another popular blog type
Travel Blogs
Music Blogs
Lifestyle Blogs
Fitness Blogs
DIY Blogs
Sports Blogs.


What are the 5 types of blog?

To help you identify the best type of blog for you, here are five of the most common types of blogs.
Personal Blog. As the name implies, a personal blog is about the person who runs the blog
Business Blog
Affiliate Blogs
Niche Blog
5. News Blog.


Do blog categories matter?

While you can select more than one category to classify your post under, that’s not a really great idea. Because if your post is filed under two different categories, this can lead to content duplication which is not good in the eyes of search engines.


Should I use categories or tags?

Categories are best used for broad groupings of topics. For example, if you’re creating a site that reviews media, you might use categories such as Books or Film or TV. Tags are much more specific topics that you want to use to associate related content.


Do categories and tags help SEO?

Category and tag archives help us structure content on our website, and they’re essential for SEO. Although they’re both taxonomies that WordPress uses to group content together, they should be used differently. Categories help you bring hierarchy to your pages, whereas tags help you group content on the same topic.


How do I choose a tag for my blog?

How To Pick Blog Tags. Tags, like categories, should make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. They should be short (one to three words), unique and self-explanatory. There is no magic number of tags you should try to keep within, but the smaller the number you can keep it down to the better.


How do I Categorise my WordPress blog?

Categorize your Posts
In your dashboard, click on Posts.
Click on the post you want to assign to a category.
Under Post Settings on the right, expand the Category option.
Click the checkbox next to the category you want the post to be assigned to.
Click Update or Publish to apply the changes to that post.


Can a blog have multiple topics?

A multi-niche blog simply covers multiple topics. The benefit of this is that you can write about all of your interests on the same blog. For example, you could write about photography one day then share your favorite recipe the next.


How do I get my blog noticed by Google?

To let search engines find your blog:
Sign in to Blogger.
In the top left, choose a blog to list.
From the menu on the left, click Settings.
Under “Privacy,” turn on Visible to search engines.


How do I find SEO keywords?

Step 1: Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business
Step 2: Fill in those topic buckets with keywords
Step 3: Understand How Intent Affects Keyword Research and Analyze Accordingly
Step 4: Research related search terms
Step 5: Use keyword research tools to your advantage.


How do you know if an article is SEO friendly?

Check if your webpage URLs are SEO friendly. In order for links to be SEO friendly, they should contain keywords relevant to the page’s topic, and contain no spaces, underscores or other characters. You should avoid the use of parameters when possible, as they make URLs less inviting for users to click or share.


What is the most profitable blog niche?

If you want to pick the perfect topic for a new blog to make money, these six great niches are the right place to start.
Digital marketing.
Blogging and making money online.
Health and fitness.
Personal finance and investing.
Recipes and food.
Personal development and self-care.


What is the most profitable niche?

13 Profitable Niches List That Makes A Ton Of Money in 2022
Make Money Online. Making money online is hands down, the most profitable niche
Finance. One of the hottest and evergreen niches in this list is undoubtedly the finance niche
Personal Development
Real Estate.