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How do you edit categories on Weebly?

To edit an existing category, open the Pages menu, scroll down to Category Pages and then click on the category you want to edit. Click on the category page to open the options. You can edit the category details and change the look of category pages, just as you can with item pages.


How do I change my blog categories on Weebly?

Add the ability to Edit / Delete Blog Categories
In the editor, click on the misspelled category in the blog sidebar.
Edit each post using that category, and in post options remove the misspelled category and add the correct one.
Once you’ve done that for all affected posts, re-publish your site.


How do I link a category page in Weebly?

Click on the Pages dropdown on the top left of the site editor, then click on the “Edit Navigation” link on the bottom. Once you’ve done that, click the link to add a new item and you should see category pages as an option for the type of link you want to add.


What is a category page on Weebly?

Once you create categories, you can display them on your Storefront (or any other page, for that matter). Be sure to have images for your categories so that they’ll display nicely on the page.


Can you create subcategories in square?

Create subcategories

If you have at least one other category, you can make the category a subcategory. Under Category organization, select the + icon next to an existing category. After saving your changes, the new subcategory will appear nested underneath the category you just selected.


How do you edit your inventory on Weebly?

Go to Items > Item Library from your Online Store Dashboard and click any item on the page to edit. Note: If you’re adding a brand new item, you’ll need to set up some details (title, description, price, etc.) and save before entering stock quantities. This allows the item to sync to your Square dashboard.


How do you use categories in Weebly?

From your dashboard, go to Items > Categories, then click Add Category. Add a name and upload an image. To add items to the category, click Choose Items. Click the checkbox for any items that you want in this category, then click Save.


What is blog categories on Weebly?

You can add tags to categorize your posts, which displays Categories on your sidebar. Categorizing a post in this way allows visitors to your blog to easily find posts that cover a specific topic.


How do I add tags to my Weebly blog?

You add a blog tag to a blog post the same way you would add a category to a blog post. Click on your blog post to edit it, then in the bottom-left, go to “Post Options>Categories” and add a new blog category.


How do I change my shop all on Weebly?

In the website editor, click the Page list on the upper left and scroll down to the Category pages. Any categories you’ve added are listed here along with the Shop All page, which displays all visible items from your store. Click on Shop All or any other category to edit the page.


How do I create a hyperlink?

Create a hyperlink to a location on the web

Select the text or picture that you want to display as a hyperlink. Press Ctrl+K. You can also right-click the text or picture and click Link on the shortcut menu. In the Insert Hyperlink box, type or paste your link in the Address box.


How do you add a website to Weebly?

To create a new website, click the site menu on the upper left of the dashboard, then click Add Site. You can also use this menu to switch to a different website if you have more than one. The currently selected website is highlighted in this menu.


How do I add size options on Weebly?

If you need to add more sizes or colors for this item, simply click on the + Add variation link at the bottom left and enter the information there. If you’re adding a whole new type of option, then you’ll use the Add options link instead and follow the same process you did when adding sizes and colors.


How do I delete a page on Weebly?

To delete a page from your website: From the navigation list of the Pages section, select the page you wish to delete. Click Delete. In the pop-up, click Delete to proceed.


How do I edit categories in square?

To edit an existing category, open the Page dropdown menu, scroll down to ‘Category pages’ and select the category you want to edit. Select the category page to open the options. You can edit the category details and customize your category pages just as you can with item pages.


How do I add a sub category in Weebly?

You can also create subcategories by dragging a category underneath and to the right of another category. Categories with subcategories have an arrow icon you can click to show and hide the list of subcategories.


How do I rearrange categories in square?

Click on any item to open the editing options. You can change the following settings: Category links – Turn the category navigation links on or off and change the font preset, color, and formatting. Click the button to rearrange the order of the links, edit category details, add new categories and subcategories.


How do I sell my Weebly website?

And click add a page. Then click store page just give your store page a name whether it’s store orMore


How do I sync my Weebly and square inventory?

Log in to your Weebly dashboard (on
At the top of your screen, click the Store tab.
On the left side, you’ll see a menu. Select Setup (at the bottom of the list) and then select Checkout.
Find Square and select Connect.
Log in with your Square username and password.


How do I create a store on Weebly?

Check out our How to Start an Ecommerce Store guide for ways to establish a successful ecommerce business.
Step 1: Sign up for Weebly
Step 2: Design Your Website
Step 3: Add Products to Your Store
Step 4: Add Products to the Website
Step 5: Update the Settings
Step 6: Publish Your Site.