how to check my website is www or non www for seo

Which is better for SEO www or non-www?

The short answer to the www vs non-www question is that there is no big difference, no matter which you use. However, if you deep dive a bit, you will realize that www domains have some slight technical benefits that improve a website’s performance.


Does www matter for SEO?

Is www or Non-www Better for SEO? It does not really matter which one you use from an SEO perspective, but there are a few pros and cons for each. If you have the non-www version as the preferred version of your site, you should not have the www domain indexed.


How do show www on my domain?

Adding or removing “www” in the panel
Navigate to the Manage Domains page.
Click the Edit button to the right of your domain under the Web Hosting column. The ‘Manage Domain’ page opens:
Select one of the three options next to ‘Do you want the www in your URL? ‘: .
Scroll down and click the Change settings button to save.


How do point www to non-www?

Access your cPanel, then navigate to Domains -> Redirects.
Under Type, select the Permanent (301) option.
In the Redirects to field, type in your website’s www URL.
Select Do Not Redirect www, and uncheck Wild Card Redirect.


Does removing www affect SEO?

Does it matter for SEO? In short, (directly) no. From an SEO perspective it doesn’t make a difference whether you use WWW or not in front of your domain name. What’s important is that you have a preferred version and redirect all others to that one.


Do need to add www to my domain?

Do Really Need WWW in My URL? Putting WWW in your URL”is it necessary? In short, no. But to maximize your website’s search performance and ease of access for users, you’ll want to set things up so it works with or without those three letters using a specific method.


What is the best URL structure for SEO?

URL Structure for SEO
Remove Extra Words
Relevant Keywords
Easily Readable
Utilize Hyphens and Underscores
Single Domain and Subdomain
Canonicalize When Possible
Exclude Dynamic Parameters
Match URLs and Titles.


Why is there no www in my URL?

In the case of Web sites that happen to work without the “www” prefix, it simply means that the administrator has decided that if there is no prefix, the IP address returned should be the IP address for the Web server. For more information, check out the links on the next page.


What is SEO friendly URL?

URLs that are simple, easy to read, and include keywords that describe the content on a web page are SEO-friendly. For example, if you’re searching for information about pancakes, a URL like


Should my website have www?

If you have a large website or anticipate your website to grow, you should opt for a www domain. It does not add that much complexity to the name and has some inherent technical advantages. If you have a small website, using a www domain is unnecessary.


How do force a website to use www?

Method 2: using wp-admin
Log into your wp-admin.
Browse to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’
Under ‘WordPress Address (URL)’ and ‘Site Address (URL)’ add www to the address as shown below.
Save the changes and try accessing your site from the non-www address.
The page should automatically redirect to the www address.


Do all websites have www?

Do You Need WWW in URLs? It’s actually not necessary to use WWW in URLs. It exists for just one purpose”to identify the web address. This is not the case with other important URL signifiers, such as a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server (ftp) or news server (news).


How do redirect a domain to a non-www domain?

Click on the Redirects icon under the Domains area of your cPanel home page. Select your domain name from the drop down menu on the next line. In the redirects to text box, type in the full URL of your domain, without the www (e.g.


How do redirect www to non-www in web config?

Use S rewrite rule to redirect (301) all www requests to non-www. Code first, talks later. Replace the yourdomain with your domain name and add it under the system. webServer section in the Web.


How do redirect www to non-www in DNS?

DNS cannot redirect your www site to non-www. The only purpose of DNS is to point both www and non-www to your server’s IP address using A , AAAA or CNAME records (it makes little difference). The nginx configuration is responsible for performing the redirect from www to non-www.


How do stop SEO duplicate content?

Redirects. Redirects are very useful for eliminating duplicate content. Pages duplicated from another can be redirected and fed back to the main version of the page.


Why does my website only work with www?

Generally this occurs when a site is pointing to a service using the “WWW” cname instead of the “” A Record or IP address. You may want to follow up with your store/site provider to see if they have another way to point your domain name to their service. Hi, My site won’t load without entering www.


Does domain name include www?

Simply put, a domain name (or just ‘domain’) is the name of a website. It’s what comes after in an email address, or after www. in a web address. If someone asks how to find you online, what you tell them is usually your domain name. The first step in creating an online presence is purchasing a domain name.


Is www just a subdomain?

The subdomain is what goes before the SLD. The most common subdomain is www, which stands for World Wide Web. This subdomain contains a website’s homepage and its most important pages.


Is www subdomain necessary?

This isn’t strictly necessary, but it is traditional to include an indication of the services offered by a server in the domain, and Tim Berners-Lee used www for the first web pages at CERN. There is nothing special about the www subdomain other than tradition. Any string of letters can be used in a subdomain.