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how to create a separate seo meta description in squarespace

Typically, a page should only have one meta description. If there are multiples, it is usually an accident, and may confuse search engines or bring a bit of uncertainty in how you can expect the SERP snippet to look.

Can you have multiple meta descriptions?

Typically, a page should only have one meta description. If there are multiples, it is usually an accident, and may confuse search engines or bring a bit of uncertainty in how you can expect the SERP snippet to look.


How do you add meta title and description in squarespace?

Site-level Meta Description

Follow these steps to add site meta description for your home page on Squarespace: From home menu, click on Marketing > SEO. Scroll down to the bottom. Write meta description under SEO Site Description field.


Should meta description be different on each page?

each page on my website represents a different department, can program the header to show a different meta description on each page or should there only be 1 meta description tag per domain? Yes – each page CAN have different meta description with different text. This isn’t prohibited. This is REQUIRED!


Where do add meta description squarespace?

Website. So the thing about Squarespace. And the title tags is that it usually defaults to makingMore
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How to Update Squarespace SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions – YouTube


Why are duplicate meta descriptions bad for SEO?

Duplicate meta descriptions don’t penalise you, however, when you have the same meta description for hundreds of products, you can’t expect one key product to rank higher than another with the same meta description. Meta descriptions are a great way to sell your products or services and your brand as a whole.


Can have more than one meta tag?

One of the rules for the meta description element is that there should only be one meta description per page. This is a screenshot from the official W3C web page where it defines the proper use of the Meta Description element.


Can you have good SEO with squarespace?

The Verdict: Is Squarespace Good For SEO? Though there are some problems, Squarespace is a solid platform for SEO. If you’re a small business managing your website in-house, Squarespace can simplify your work while helping your site rank better.


How do write a meta description for SEO?

Best Practices When Writing Meta Descriptions
Attain 158 characters and no longer on desktop and 120 characters on mobile.
Use action-oriented language. It gets clicks!
Make it specific and relevant. Put that keyword in and don’t create duplicate meta descriptions!
Don’t deceive users
Provide a solution or benefit.


How do change my SEO Title on squarespace?

To add a page’s SEO title:
In the Home menu, click Pages.
In the pages panel, hover over the page and click next to the title.
Click the SEO tab and enter your SEO title in the SEO Title field.
Click Save.


Does changing meta description affect SEO?

Do Meta Descriptions Affect SEO? The short answer is no, they don’t technically impact SEO. However, they are an important part of your SEO strategy as they are one of the first things searchers see when they encounter one of your pages.


Do meta descriptions matter for SEO?

Do meta descriptions still matter in SEO? Yes. But maybe not for the reasons you initially think of. Because you still need meta descriptions, there are some best practices you need to follow when creating them.


How often should you update meta descriptions?

Revisit Frequency. According to Jonny Ross Consultancy and other industry experts, it’s recommended you revisit your keyword strategy on a quarterly basis and at least 3 – 6 months before any campaign or promotions.


How do add metadata to squarespace?

Click the “settings” button, and the menu that appears will let you edit the metadata. Picture metadata on Squarespace: The pictures on the blog can have metadata added to them like you would on any other page. Add Metadata to these like you would on a normal page.


How do change meta data in squarespace?

Depending on your settings, these types of metadata may or may not display on the page. In the Home menu, click Pages. Click on your blog page to open the blog panel, then hover over a blog post in the list and click Edit.


How do change my website SEO?

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content
Update Your Content Regularly
Have a link-worthy site
Use alt tags.


Do need to put meta tags on every page?

Not All Pages Matter Equally for SEO

Don’t let your consultant or toolset fool you; you don’t need a meta description on every page, or even close to every page. Remember that all content requires future maintenance. It would be far better to have no meta description than a poor or outdated one.


Can you have duplicate meta descriptions?

If more than two meta descriptions on your site are identical, or at least similar, they are considered a duplicate. This is most common on websites that have a range of similar products or services, and have perhaps had a “template” applied across their meta descriptions.


Is it bad to have duplicate meta descriptions?

Having duplicate meta descriptions might be incredibly harmful to your SEO. Although your pages won’t be penalised, you shouldn’t expect a particular page to rank better than another as they both have the same meta description.


How many meta tags should use?

Incorporating Meta Keywords in Your Content

As a general rule, don’t use more than about 10 meta keywords for a single page.


How do fix multiple meta descriptions?

If you have multiple unique URLs with the same meta tags, you may decide to: Change the title of pages to distinguish between the duplicate pages. Add a Canonical URL to indicate which page search engines should index. Set all but one page to noindex.