how to crosspost on meduim without incurring an seo penalty

Can you cross post on Medium?

That’s right if you’re not doing it already, Medium is one of the best, if not the best place to cross-post your content!


Does posting on Medium help SEO?

In summary, posting on third-party networks such as can help B2B companies extend their overall reach. However, doing so will not add value from an SEO perspective, especially when syndicating content from your own site and republishing.


Can post my Medium articles elsewhere?

Medium (at the time of writing this) has no problem with you posting a story that has already been published elsewhere. You can post all of your Medium articles to your blog and vice versa with no issues. You own your Medium stories and all of the rights to them. Medium is a platform for writers ” like a blog.


Do own the content post on Medium?

Can you own the content that you publish on Medium? Yes. Everything you publish on Medium, that is rightfully yours, belongs to you and you can republish, delete or choose to convert it into other forms without worrying about anything because Medium gives you the ownership.


Can you publish the same data twice?

Answer: Usually publishing the result of the same dataset is considered as overlapping publication. Especially if the hypothesis, raw data, main study findings, and conclusion of both the publications are the same, the one published later might be regarded as duplicate publication.


Can republish articles on Medium?

If you have your own separate blog where you publish your content, may still republish it on Medium, as long as they the rights to do so. Medium also provides an import tool that lets you easily import your own content from other websites, as well as a way to manually set canonical links on your Medium posts.


Do Medium articles rank on Google?

If you get views on your Medium article, Google will rank it more highly. Publications on Medium mean that even if you’re a total beginner with 0 followers, you can still get some views on your article.


Can get backlink from Medium?

Medium is good for backlinks because you can add backlinks into the content and create canonical links that point back to the original source URL. Medium is also a good source for referral traffic rather than just building backlinks through it.


Is content syndication bad for SEO?

According to Search Engine Journal, While fear over duplicate content penalties is exaggerated in the case of syndication, it’s also not the best SEO strategy [because of the potential for one website to outrank another].


Can post the same article on Medium and LinkedIn?

Can put the same content on both platforms? Short answer: yes! Many people post the same articles to both their LinkedIn and Medium profiles.


Should publish on Medium or my own blog?

If you are starting to write online, writing on Medium is compared with publishing on your blog. Medium is a revolutionary writing platform. They have built a community of readers from diverse topics. Writing on your blog is more personalized, based on a certain topic and you have to build your own community.


Who owns content posted on Medium?

Medium (website)
Type of business Privately held company
Founder(s) Evan Williams
CEO Tony Stubblebine
Industry Internet
Products Blog online publication
11 more rows


Is WordPress better than Medium?

There’s no competition between Medium and WordPress in terms of design, WordPress wins. It gives you more options to design your content, and you can add as many additional features as you want. Whereas, with Medium, you are limited to the tools the platform provides.


Is Medium still popular?

Medium is great place for early writers to reach more people. was a nobody on the Internet. And Medium still boosted my articles, allowing me to reach hundreds of thousands of readers.


What does ghost authorship mean?

GHOST AUTHORSHIP. Ghost authors are those who participate in research, data analysis, and/or writing of a manuscript but are not named or disclosed in the author byline or acknowledgments.


What is considered a duplicate publication?

Duplicate (or redundant) publication occurs when an author reuses substantial parts of their own published work without providing the appropriate references.


What is overlapping publication?

Publication overlap”the presentation of redundant ideas or data in multiple papers by the same authors”is a practice that warrants serious discussion.


How do get traffic on my Medium?

How to get traffic from Medium?
Republishing your content on Medium
Engaging with Medium influencers
Commenting on articles on Medium
Posting content to Medium Publications
Engaging in Social Media Activities
Include Medium in your content binging strategy.


How many words should a Medium article be?

While there is no designated word count for any story on Medium, stories of 400 words and up have generally been the most popular.


How long should a Medium title be?

On Medium, you have 100 characters to convince a reader to read your story. Use them.